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PWL#171, Update after FAREWELL
November 01, 2017

Practical Welding Letter No. 171
November 2017

PWL#171, Update after FAREWELL

November 2017 - Practical Welding Letter - Issue No.171

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Beyond the Last Issue
Update after FAREWELL

Without answering personally to every one, I would like to thank heartily all readers who were so kind to respond to my last month Farewell message by writing me warm words of thanks and good wishes for the future.

[Note: Notwithstanding the recommendation not to use the Reply feature (which sends me back my own message) most of the readers ignored it and clicked on Reply...]

I learnt recently that the SiteSell company, also known as SBI (for Site Build It!), hosting my website, opened to its members the possibility to keep the website online at no subscription costs, in frozen form, for reading only.

I adhered to this offer as some of the information available on the website could still be useful to readers as long as it is correct.

Therefore I am publishing here, and possibly in other venues too, the following information:

The website ( ceases to be live and updated in less than one month from now.

This follows from the announcement of ceasing activities, in the last issue of Practical Welding Letter (PWL#170).

The website however, in a frozen state, will still be searcheable online for providing the published information to readers interested in the subjects treated.

Nevertheless no more consultation services nor correspondence are available.

As briefly outlined in my farewell message, upon retirement from active management of the website ( and from issuing the monthly newsletter (PWL), I am still working however, with the help of a few dedicated expert friends, on an ambitious project which might grow to a real important innovation... if all goes well.

Based on old and well known processes combined in a synergic action, it should supersede profitably (less time and less energy) the old Linear Submerged Arc Welding of thick steel plates.

The details on the new process will not be disclosed before it is protected by Patents. It might require also some preliminary development testing.

Whoever might be interested in keeping updated on the developments of the new process, will be able to leave his/her name with the author, Elia Levi, at the e-mail:

The list of interested people will then be used to send notification of availability to those who asked to be updated, soon after the new process is duly protected and tested.

Best regards,
Elia Levi

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