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Note: This Contact-Us page was used to send us your Questions, Feedback and Comments. From Nov. 20, 2017, this website is frozen.
It is available for reading only, to provide information that could still be useful to interested people. No follow up contact is given from now on. The page is left here for documentation only. It shows how the information was collected when the website was active.

There is now no real need to contact us. However...
We open a channel for leaving one-way messages to us.
Normally this mail will not be answered.


This website is ready to provide professional answers to inquirers who write us. Feel free to ask serious questions, after a preliminary search as follows:

  • Check the Site Map
  • Check the FAQ Page
  • Check the Welding Topics Page
  • Perform a Search further down this page
  • Then contact-us with your query, but focus on details, sketches or drawings if applicable.

Visit the NEW Page on Welding Overview, for a thorough Introduction to Welding.
Visit also the NEW Page on Process-selection, for Understanding the Selection procedure and
the NEW Page on Process-optimization for improved productivity.

Note that rude queries will not be answered at all.

Please Read the following Note before sending your Question

Note: I found in a different forum some general recommendations to inquirers, I would like to share here.

"We like answering questions for people who have demonstrated they can learn from the answers.

Prepare your question. Think it through. Hasty-sounding questions get hasty answers or none at all. The more you do to demonstrate that having put thought and effort into solving your problem before seeking help, the more likely you are to actually get help.

Never assume you are entitled to an answer. You are not; you aren't, after all, paying for the service. You will earn an answer, if you earn it, by asking a substantial, interesting, and thought-provoking question — one that implicitly contributes to the experience of the community rather than merely passively demanding knowledge from others."

I would appreciate getting a sign of acknowledgment from those that get my answers to your Contact Us forms.

Please see our Disclaimer further down this page.

NOTE: In this space a Form appeared requesting essential details. As this service is now discontinued, the old Form has no use and was removed.


The information provided by this Site, including Practical Welding Letter (free of charge to interested subscribers) and answers to "Contact Us" questions by e-mail, is being built and maintained by expert professional welding and metallurgical consultants and represents what is believed to be common knowledge and accepted practice.

The purpose is to provide to anyone interested, a first look at the matter at hand, and to encourage further study of arguments of vital importance to the reader.

No claims are made however, explicit or implied, of accuracy, thoroughness or completeness. While it is believed that no gross errors slipped through, no responsibility can be accepted for any interpretation of the given information conducive to faulty treatment of any problem.

It should be understood that the exposition is kept to the bare minimum in order not to stress the patience of hurried readers, and that exceptions or lengthy clarifications are omitted for easing the comprehension of the most important facts.

The reader should always verify on his/her own initiative and responsibility, through independent query and study that any particular explanation or suggestion found throughout this Site (and in any additional information provided) has indeed practical bearing upon the problem the reader has on hand.

It must be understood that the advice hereby given in good faith, can be biased or faulty because of facts or circumstances not know to the writers at the time of their assistance.

In choosing to accept a possible explanation for a certain behavior of materials or processes, as may be presented in a specific text of this Site, and a suggestion of a possible cure to a problem, the reader makes a willful autonomous decision.

The reader adopts an action which is beyond control of the writers of this information, who are therefore relieved of any liability for a possible negative outcome involving material loss or damage to persons.

In particular anything written or omitted here does not relieve the person using this information from the requirements and the responsibility of applying the Law or any pertinent mandatory safety or environmental Codes valid in the place.

Welding Advisers reserves at any time the right to modify, to add or to delete the information presented in this Site, without being bound to any particular version.

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