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PWL#036B - PWL Mid August Bulletin - Hardfacing Online Resource List
August 15, 2006

Mid August Bulletin

August 15, 2006


Following the previous Mid Month Bulletins that we sent to our subscribers these last three months, we present here a new one that will include notes likely to be of help to our readers, if not now then maybe at some later date.

May we suggest you to save or bookmark this page for future reference.

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We are glad and proud of having been authorized by the Author,
David J. Keats, of Speciality Welds Ltd., to publish in our Welding Advisers Website, three previews of the important Book on Underwater Welding titled
"A Welder's Mate".

As it is essential reading for anyone involved underwater and a perfect reference for all welders, we urge our interested readers to read the third excerpt from Chapter 1 by clicking on Basic Techniques.

Then you will find links to the other two previews and to the book itself.

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Online Resources (4)

Our fourth installment of pertinent Resources available online is presented here. This time the subject is Hardfacing.

First of all let us remind you of our Website Page on Hardfacing.
You will find there also references to Hardfacing Standards and Books.

An article on Selection of Hardfacing Filler Materials was published in section 4 of our Practical Welding Letter Issue 5 for January 2004. To read it click on PWL#005.

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(Note: the following book can be purchased from AWS)
The Practical Reference Guide for Hardfacing
20 pages, 4 figures, 12 tables, (2002).
Order Code: AWS PRGHF, available from
Nonmembers: $48, AWS Members: $36

From ESAB:
Lesson VIII: Hardsurfacing Electrodes (38 pages)
Note: pages must be turned one by one, using the arrows.

From Postle:
The Economics of Hardfacing (6 pages)
Click on What's New
Then Download the PDF File from the page.
Postle homepage is at

From Stoody:
Product Selection Guide (Stoody - Thermadyne) (40 pages)

An interactive Hardfacing Solutions cd-rom called Stoody Express 2
used in the past to be offered to the public at no cost by request.
We were unable to find how to obtain it now, although it is still
featured in the page

From Deloro Stellite:
Essential characteristics of alloys by Deloro Stellite including chemical
composition, properties, specifications and typical use, not only for
hardfacing, are found in the page:
They have to be searched one by one.
Another search can be done by printing "hardfacing" in the search window at

From WCC:
For a search based on hardfacing applications for specific industries, the
Wall Colmonoy Corporation presents a searchable page at

From HPAlloys:
Cobalt Hardfacing Alloys (HP Alloy)

From Polymet:
Industrial Hardfacing Wires (Polymet Corp.)

From PMA:
Hardsurfacing Products (Strong Welding Products - Protective Metal Alloys (PMA) Division)

From McKay:
Filler Metals from McKay at

From Lincoln Electric:
Product Comparison: Hardfacing Consumables|1847|

An Article on
Frequently asked questions about hardfacing

Articles from the Welding Journal, July 2006
Hardfacing Tips and Techniques, page 24
Exploring Trends in Hardfacing, page 35

Hardfacing Search: 24 articles are found from old issues of Welding Journal.

A search of Research Papers from AWS at
returns 74 results.


When you need information on subjects related to Welding, Brazing or Hardfacing we think our Website, Welding Advisers
( is a good place to start from.

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