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PWL#042B - Copper Welding: Online Resources,Articles,Tables,Data,Properties,Specifications & more...
February 14, 2007

Mid February Bulletin

Copper and Copper Alloys Welding

14 February 2007


We present here our new Mid Month Bulletin with the purpose of making easily accessible to our readers, either now or at some later date, useful online information.

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Online Resources on Copper Welding (10)

Our tenth installment of pertinent Resources available Online, deals with the subject of Copper and Copper Alloys Welding.

Our Website displays a page dealing with an introduction to the subject, including ASW Standards:
Copper Welding

and two pages on Resistance Welding.
Note: the selection of suitable materials for electrodes depends on the material to Spot or Seam Resistance Weld:

Resistance Welding Processes
where Resistance Welding Electrodes Copper Alloys are briefly mentioned.

Resistance Welding Equipment


TWI - Weldability of Copper and Copper alloys

Welding of Copper Alloys

Copper Welding Procedures

Downloadable resources
Copper Brazing/Welding Alloys

The welding of Copper-Aluminum Alloys

Welding Copper-Nickel Alloys

Welding Copper-Beryllium

Resistance Welding of Copper-Beryllium

Publications from the Copper Development Association - UK
(scroll down the showing page and download)

Publications on Soldering/Brazing/Welding at

Welding Copper And High-Copper Alloys

DATA and Tables on Copper

Copper Alloy Table

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Copper Development Association

Slide presentation with voice comment
Copper-Nickel Alloys in Marine Environments

From the page:
Copper Standards and Properties
The following pages can be reached:

1) Properties/Uses
Properties of Wrought and Cast Copper Alloys
Basic Search
Advanced Search
Typical Uses of Copper
Microstructures of Copper Alloys
Corrosion Protection & Resistance
Fabrication Practices
Properties of Copper
Copper and Copper Alloy Powder Metallurgy
—Properties and Applications
Metallurgy of Copper-Base Alloys
Mechanical Properties of Copper
and Copper Alloys at Low Temperatures

2) Standards/Specifications
Standard Designations for Wrought and Cast
Copper and Copper Alloys
International Alloy Systems for Copper
European Standard Compositions for Copper
and Copper Alloys
Cross Specification Index
European Numbering System for Non-Ferrous Metals

Comparison of International Copper Standards

An Article on
High Copper Alloys - High Strength Coppers

Commercial Publications: RWMA Electrodes

RWMA Electrode Materials

TWI - What Electrode Material for RSW?

The Copper Tube Handbook (56 pages)
in pdf format, downloadable from page

Ultrasonic Energy Welds Copper to Aluminum


A fundamental Reference on Welding of Copper Alloys is available
at page 752 in the following Handbook that can be consulted in Libraries:
ASM Handbook : Welding, Brazing & Soldering
Olson, David L.
9th Ed. Vol. 6
ASM International, 01-Jan-1993
1299 pages
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Document#: ISO 9606-3:1999
Title: Approval testing of welders -- Fusion welding --
Part 3: Copper and copper alloys
Edition: 1
International Organization for Standardization
23 pages
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Note: From this Supplier Only Available in the United States.

BS EN 13347:2002
Copper and copper alloys. Rod and wire for welding and braze welding
British-Adopted European Standard
20 pages
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