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PWL#046B - Surface Treatments, Plating, Coating, Metal Finishing, Surface Modification
June 15, 2007

Mid June Bulletin

Resources on Metal Finishing

15 June 2007


Please find here our new Mid Month Bulletin that we offer with the purpose of providing useful online information easily accessible to our readers, either now or at some later date.

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Online Resources on Surface Treatments, Plating, Coating, Metal Finishing, Surface Modification and more... (14)

This 14th Mid Month Bulletin deals with different kinds of Metal Finishing. On this subject our Welding Advisers Site displays only the following page that can be seen by clicking on Thermal Spray


From TWI:
Surface Treatments and Coating Processes
(see pages with no cost registration)
Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering

What is Surface Engineering?

Vanadium Carbide Thermal Diffusion Coating

Surface Treatments (see linked pages)


Definition of Metal Plating

Metal Plating from Vikipedia

Metal Finishing (Journal)
Click on Metal Finishing.

The Institute of Metal Finishing

Pollution Control for Metal Finishing

Pollution Prevention for Metal Finishing

National Metal Finishing Resource Center

Surface Treatments for Molds

Surface Treatments for Magnesium Alloys

Kolsterising - Case hardening process for Stainless Steels

Chromate Conversion Coating for Aluminum Alloys

Health and Safety in Surface Engineering

Physical and Chemical Vapor Deposition (downloadable articles)

Guide to PVD Coatings

Ion Surface Engineering

International Symposium on Surface Hardening of Stainless Steels
October 22-23, 2007 - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio

Functional and Structural Ceramics

Nanotechnology-based Coatings

Nano coating makes for an awesome splash
Nano Coating.

How the Public makes Sense of Nanotechnology

Diamond Nanocoatings imf/pdfs/1798_uncdcoatings.pdf

Surface modification for bioimplants

Surface modification: cleaning, coating, adhesion enhancing

Engineering Surfaces

Parasitic Loss Control through Surface Modification

The Laboratory for Surface Modification

Surface and Interface Engineering surfaceEngineering/index.html

Surface Modification with AFM

Leibniz Institute - Leipzig

Surface Modification and Coatings - TMS (Article links)

Cleaning and Surface Modification Processes

Carbon Surface Modification

Surface Modification Technology (SMT)

Electron Beam Technology for Surface Modification

Plasma Surface Modification in Biomedical Applications

Laser Surface Modification

Coating from Vikipedia

Powder Coating from Vikipedia

Thermal Barrier Coating from Vikipedia

High Temperature Coating

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Lower-Conductivity Ceramic Materials for TBC

Nature of Thermal Spray Coatings

Plasma Spray Coating Microstructure Ceramic Coatings

Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology

International Journal of Surface Science and Engineering

Surface Finishes of Stainless Steel

Surface Finish

NASF (National Association for Surface Finishing) Publications

Shot Peening

International Conferences on Shot Peening

Shot Peening Article Library

Laser Peening

A fundamental Book of serious Reference on the subjects presented above is

ASM Handbook Volume 05: Surface Engineering
ASM International, 01-Jan-1994, 1056 pages
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