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PWL#047B - Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys, Superalloys for Heat and Corrosion Resistance, Magnetic Alloys
July 15, 2007

PWL#047B - Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys, Superalloys for Heat and Corrosion Resistance, Magnetic Alloys, High Speed Steels, Cemented Carbides, Artificial Gamma-Ray Sources and more...

Mid July Bulletin

Resources on Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys

15 July 2007


Please find here our new Mid Month Bulletin that we offer with the purpose of providing useful online information easily accessible to our readers, either now or at some later date.

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Online Resources on Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys (15)

Basic information on welding of Nickel and Cobalt alloys is offered in our Website at Heat Resisting Alloys Welding.

This 15th Mid Month Bulletin deals with Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys. The Resources presented here provide thorough understanding and references. Cobalt is used not only as base metal for many alloys but also as an essential modifier of the properties of other important materials suitable for different applications.

Manufacturers tend to offer their products according to the main uses (High Temperature resisting or Corrosion resisting materials etc.), not according to the main ingredient. Therefore the reader is advised to check the composition of the alloys and their properties to determine their suitability.

Information on the chemical element Cobalt can be found in the following sources:


Element Cobalt

Element Cobalt Properties

Basic Data

Chemical Fact Sheet

Cobalt information

Chemical properties, Health effects, Environmental effects

Health Questions on Cobalt

Cobalt Compounds - Air Toxics

Human Health Fact Sheet - Cobalt

Radiation Information

Cobalt Mining Info

Minerals Information

Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys - A General Overview

A rich source of information is found in the following pages from the
Cobalt Development Institute.

Cobalt Development Institute.

About Cobalt


Cobalt Facts

Cobalt Facts - History

Cobalt Facts - Properties and Main Uses

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt in Metallurgical Uses

Cobalt Facts - Magnetic Alloys

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt in Chemicals

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt in Cemented Carbides

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt in Electronics

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt in Health and the Environment

Cobalt Facts - Cobalt Supply and Demand

As noted in the presentation of the main brochure hereafter, "the history of Haynes International, Inc. is one of innovation and continuous improvements in the processing and development of high performance alloys."

From its Website Home, at
a huge volume of pertinent information is offered online.

We recommend to our interested readers to browse through the
List of Haynes Literature, at
and to download the pages that may interest them.

In particular, an overview of the History of the Company can be obtained at

It is fascinating and instructive reading that sheds light on the slow and painful development of new materials, without which the technological progress we are used to take for granted would not have been possible.

Towards the end of this Brochure a few Tables present the main products by their common names together with their applicable Specifications. These pages can be used for quick reference.

Specifications are also listed in detail in the following brochure

The following pages list special alloys. Not all of them are Cobalt base alloys. Product Brochures are downloadable for most of the listed products.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys

High-Temperature Alloys

Fabrication and Welding Information

The following page
lists mainly Nickel alloys, but the last three ones are Cobalt base.

See also:
Products from SMC

Powders for Thermal Spray of Tungsten Carbide (WC) in a Cobalt matrix are offered by

A Table of common Cobalt Alloys can be found in the commercial site page

A Table of Cobalt Alloys for casting can be found in a commercial site page on Investment Castings.

Solids and Matrix Based Reference Materials (for Analysis)

Standards and Specifications

MAM 2261A
Tolerances, Metric, Nickel, Nickel Alloy, and Cobalt Alloy Bars, Rods, and Wire
SAE International, 1990-01-01

AMS 2262G
Tolerances Nickel, Nickel Alloy, and Cobalt Alloy Sheet, Strip, and Plate
SAE International, 2002-03-01
(see also MAM 2262B - metric)

AMS 2263E
Tolerances Nickel, Nickel Alloy, and Cobalt Alloy Tubing
SAE International, 2006-05-00

AMS 2773A
Heat Treatment Cast Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts
SAE International, 2005-03-01

AMS 2774A
Heat Treatment Wrought Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts
SAE International, 2005-03-01

AMS 5537 (Sheet, Strip and Plate).
AMS 5759 (Bar Rings and Forging).
AMS 5796 (Welding Wire).
AMS 5797 (Coated Welding Electrodes).

This alloy, also called L-605, is offered by the following Manufacturers:

Udimet Alloy L-605 Udimet%20alloy%20L-605.pdf

L-605 hitempHaynes25data.php

AMS 5608 (Sheet, Strip and Plate).
AMS 5772 (Bar Rings and Forgings).
AMS 5801 (Welding Wire).

This alloy is offered also by the following manufacturers:

Udimet Alloy 188 Udimet%20alloy%20188.pdf

Rolled Alloy 188 viewdoc.aspx?n1=hightemp&n2=RA188pg11&b=y

AMS 5894 (All Forms).

AMS 7490N
Rings, Flash Welded Corrosion and Heat Resistant Austenitic Steels, Austenitic-Type Iron, Nickel, or Cobalt Alloys, or Precipitation-Hardenable Alloys
SAE International, 1996-06-01

DSF/prEN 10302
Creep resisting steels, nickel and cobalt alloys,
DRFT (Draft) Dansk Standard, (September 16, 2002)

DIN EN 10302
Creep resisting steels, nickel and cobalt alloys
Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V., 2002-09-01
see also
BS EN 10302
British Standards Institution, 2002-07-04

SN EN 10302
Creep resisting steels, nickel and cobalt alloys
Schweizerische Normen-Vereinigung, 2005-09-00

DIN 65021
Aerospace; sheet, plate and strip of steel, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys; technical specification
Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V., 1986-11-01

DIN 65038-2
Aerospace; bars of steel, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys for aircraft; technical specification; sampling
Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V., 1983-08-01

ASTM Standards on Cobalt are included in the Table of Contents of Volume 02.04 at TOCS_2006/02.04.html

ASTM B 619
Standard Specification for Welded Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Pipe
ASTM International, 2005-02-01

ASTM B 622
Standard Specification for Seamless Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Pipe and Tube
ASTM International, 2000-05-10

ASTM B 626
Standard Specification for Welded Nickel and Nickel-Cobalt Alloy Tube ASTM International, 2001-05-10

ASTM B 880
Standard Specification for General Requirements for Chemical Check Analysis Limits for Nickel, Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Alloys
ASTM International, 2003-07-10

ASTM E 1019
Standard Test Methods for Determination of Carbon, Sulfur, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Steel and in Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt Alloys
ASTM International, 1993-07-15

ASTM F 1466
Standard Specification for Iron-Nickel-Cobalt Alloys for Metal-To-Ceramic Sealing Applications
ASTM International, 1999-01-10

ASTM F 1684
Standard Specification for Iron-Nickel and Iron-Nickel-Cobalt Alloys for Low Thermal Expansion Applications
ASTM International, 2006-06-01

BS ISO 16468
Investment castings (steel, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys) General technical requirements
British Standards Institution, 2005-10-03

BS ISO 19959
Visual examination of the surface condition of investment castings Steel, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys
British Standards Institution, 2005-05-19

LN 9216
Aerospace; bright round bars in nickel and cobalt alloys; dimensions, masses
Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E.V., 1989-06-01

Other Standards, if needed, may be found possibly in the link given in section 4, in issue 041 of our Practical Welding Letter for January 2007. Click on PWL#041 to find this reference.

Cobalt base alloys are used in Bone Surgery


Welding Rods and Coated Electrodes


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