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PWL #034B - Careers, Certifications, Jobs - Online Resource List
June 15, 2006

Mid June Bulletin

June 15, 2006


Following the Bulletin we sent you a month ago, we present here a new one that includes notes likely to be of help to our readers, if not now then maybe at some later date. May we suggest you to save or bookmark this page for future reference.

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Online Resources (2)

Our second installment of pertinent Resources available online is presented here. This time our subjects are Careers, Certifications, Jobs.

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The American Welding Society (AWS) proposes to young people who never heard on Welding, to consider Welding as a rewarding career.
If you have youngsters around, show them this Welding Video,
now downloadable from AWS

For making up one's mind...

An Article from WITC on Welding Careers

An offer on Welding Programs

A Career in Welding Technology

Welding Technology Academy

From TWI: A Career in Welding
and, in pdf format,

Welding as a Career


Job Seekers should know that Certifications released by major associations, institutes or organizations are the passport to better jobs and a guarantee to better wages.

Therefore Welders should plan their career around the techniques they want to master, the industries they want to be involved in, and the places where they want to live.

We touched these subjects in two pages in our Website. The first on Welding Career, the second on Welding Education and Training. (Both open new pages).

We stress that a career in welding, as well as in many other field of human activity, should not just happen, it should be planned in advance with goals and timetable, all while working as necessary at the breadwinning job.

Although it may be comfortable to work for years in a single job, one should be alert to the fact that drastic changes are bound to happen, that industries and single companies rise and fall, especially in these troubled times of diffusing globalization, when jobs are exported overseas at short notice.

See the different AWS programs on Certifications at

Please note that additional enriching information is downloadable from the specific certification pages, reached from the above page links, that should be studied for orientation.

Seeking and obtaining additional Certifications, and maintaining them over the years according to requirements that often change, is like buying an insurance against sudden layoff. It adds job security because certified welders with skill and experience will always be needed.

A planned career should strive to reach progressively more important jobs and supervising responsibilities, which are better paid, by keeping up to date, by studying new techniques and new applications, by learning the trends that may become important.

A good welder may also try to become a good teacher and trainer for apprentices and junior welders. With proper learning and experience he/she can become a good supervisor and/or an educator.

AWS offers Certification for Welding Supervisors by providing additional expertise in most required disciplines. The companies employing a Certified Welding Supervisor (CWS) know they can count on individuals that will increase productivity and improve weld quality, and reward them accordingly.

The AWS Certified Welding Educator program is intended specifically to prepare welding professionals in the education field for industry and academy.

With additional reading, training, following professional courses and passing examinations, the welder can become first a Certified Associate Welding Inspector (CAWI), then a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) and finally a Senior Certified Welding Inspector (SCWI).


Job seekers:
From this AWS page:

  • Browse jobs
  • View all Jobs
  • Job Agent (establish search criteria and get weekly e-mail)
  • Manage Saved Jobs
  • Post your Resume
  • Customer Service/Help

From HIWT:

Hobart Institute of Welding Technologies
(preferential service to HIWT students/graduates)
presents Welding Job List
Tentative Hourly Wage ranges are indicated for some jobs.

For Engineers and qualified Individuals
Careers with:


For Employers

From this AWS page:

  • Post Jobs
  • Search Resumes
  • Resume Agent (get daily e-mail of qualified candidates)
  • Posting Rates
  • Hiring Contractors
  • Customer Service/Help

Welding Recruiters may find candidates also in:

Commercial advertisers are easily found with Internet Searches.
Searches should be made make more significant by limiting to location, weld specialty, certifications and specific requests. Some companies advertise postings for a fee, other firms publish lists of job openings.

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