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GENERAL Welding-topics

HOW to Do It WELL Welding-topics

FILLER METALS Welding-topics

SHORT ITEMS Welding-topics


How to select Your Welder (2)
Click on PWL#01.

How to select Your GMA Welder (2)
Click on PWL#02.

How to select Your Plasma Cutter (2)
Click on PWL#03.

How to select Your Submerged Arc Welder (2)
Click on PWL#04.

Welding-topics on Your Inverter Power Supply (2)
Click on PWL#05.

Your Mechanized or Robot Application (2)
Click on PWL#06.

Electro Slag Welding-topic (2)
Click on PWL#07.

Ultrasonic Welding-topic (2)
Click on PWL#08.

Explosive Welding-topic (2)
Click on PWL#09.

Diffusion Bonding (2)
Click on PWL#010.

Pipe Welding-topic (2)
Click on PWL#011.

Automatic Resistance Welding-topic (7)
Click on PWL#012.

Laser Beam Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#013.

Induction Brazing (7)
Click on PWL#014.

MIG/MAG Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#015.

Laser Hybrid Welding-topics (LHW) (7)
Click on PWL#016.

Robotic Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#017.

Plasma Arc Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#018.

Magnetic Pulse Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#018.

Wet-Spot Welding System (7)
Click on PWL#019.

High Frequency Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#020.

Comparing Processes (3)
Click on PWL#021.

How to select your Resistance Welder (2)
Click on PWL#022.

How to select your GMA Welding Parameters
for Short Circuit Mode (2)
Click on PWL#23.

How to select GMA Welding Parameters
for Spray Transfer Mode (2)
Click on PWL#024.

How to select GMAW Parameters for Robotic Welding (2)
Click on PWL#025.

Parameters for GMA Welding Pipes (2)
Click on PWL#026.

Air-Carbon Arc Cutting (7)
Click on PWL#027.

Developments in Underwater wet Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#029.

Process Extensions of GMAW (2)
Click on PWL#030.

ElectroGas Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#031.

Thermite Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#031.

Friction Stir Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#032.

Electrolysers (11)
Click on PWL#033.

Buried Gas Metal Arc (11)
Click on PWL#034.

Forge Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#035.

Gravity Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#036.

Advancements in Thermal Spray (11)
Click on PWL#037.

Fluidized Bed Furnaces (2)
Click on PWL#038.

Progress in Dry Hyperbaric Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#039.

Contribution: Interview with David J. Keats (11)
Click on PWL#039.

Fiber Optics Sensor Technology (7)
Click on PWL#040.

Contribution: Interview with Ed Craig (11)
Click on PWL#040.

Extending Life of Copper RSW Electrodes (2)
Click on PWL#041.

Contribution: Interview with Greg Metko (11)
Click on PWL#041.

MFDC Power Supplies for Resistance Spot Welders (2)
Click on PWL#042.

Contribution: Interview with Tony Anderson (11)
Click on PWL#042.

Joining incompatible Material Combinations (7)
Click on PWL#043.

Vacuum Plasma Spray (2)
Click on PWL#044.

Welding Effects of S Content on Stainless Steels (11)
Click on PWL#045.

Progress in Magnetic Pulse Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#046.

Alloy Pipe GTA Welding Tips (11)
Click on PWL#046.

Friction Stir Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#047.

Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (7)
Click on PWL#047.

Shielding Gases (7)
Click on PWL#048.

Welding Defects in Stainless Steels (11)
Click on PWL#048.

Friction Stir Surfacing (2)
Click on PWL#049.

High Energy Drilling (7)
Click on PWL#049.

Hot-Wire TIG Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#050.

Orbital Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#051.

Progress with Laser Hybrid Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#051.

Tandem GMA Welding and Surfacing (11)
Click on PWL#052.

AWS Welding Handbook New Volume 3 (2)
Click on PWL#053.

Validation (2)
The "R" Stamp (11)
Click on PWL#054.

Adhesive Joint Design (8)
Brazing Joint Design (8)
Low Porosity Laser Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#055

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (11)
Brazing Aluminum (8)
Brazing Copper (8)
Brazing Stainless Steel (8)
Brazing Cast Iron (8)
Click on PWL#056.

Cryogenic Processing (7)
Brazing Titanium (8)
Brazing Ceramic (8)
Brazing Steel (8)
Brazing Nickel (8)
Click on PWL#057.

Cryogenic Processing Part 2 (7)
Resistance Welding Tips, (8)
Creep Resistant Steels, (8)
Brazing Inspection (8)
Joining Galvanized Steels (8)
Click on PWL#058.

Pipe Welding Update (7)
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting (8)
Repair Welding (8)
Click on PWL#059.

Portable Polymer Powder Coating Technology (7)
Aluminum Finishing (8)
Click on PWL#060.

Cryogenic Nitrogen Cooling for HVOF Spraying (2)
FSW Equipment (8)
Click on PWL#061.

Acoustic Emission Inspection of Weldments (2)
Ultrasonic Welding (8)
Click on PWL#062.

Thruster Welding-topics (2)
How to weld Clad Steel (7)
Explosion Welding (8)
Click on PWL#063

Coating Removal by Abrasive Water Jet (11)
Magnetic Pulse Welding-topics (8)
Click on PWL#064

Welding Rotators (2)
Protective Clothing Care (11)
Hot Pressure Welding-topics (8)
Weld Cladding (8)
Click on PWL#065.

Welding Test Positions (7)
Medical Devices Materials & Processes (11)
Welding Nitinol (8)
Click on PWL#066.

Roll Welding-topics (8)
Low Pressure Cold Spray (11)
Click on PWL#067.

Integrated Laser Welding and Cutting (2)
Thermite Welding-topics (8)
Shock Induced Spraying (11)
Click on PWL#068.

Underwater Flash Butt Welding of Pipes (2)
Welding High Yield Steels (8)
Underwater Friction Stud Welding (11)
Click on PWL#069.

Centrifugal Casting (7)
Forge Welding-topics (8)
Brazing Beryllium (8)
Click on PWL#070.

Impact Test (7)
Electrical Discharge Cutting (8)
High Frequency Resistance Welding(8)
Click on PWL#071.

An Improved Welding Process (2)
Hybrid Welding-topics (8)
Click on PWL#072

Welding Gases (2)
Submerged Arc Welding Optimization (7)
Click on PWL#073

Importance of Welding Flux Composition and Particle Size
in Submerged Arc Welding (7)
Wave soldering (8)
Laser Drilling (8)
Click on PWL#074

Sinter Brazing and Resonant Acoustic Inspection(2)
Shot Peening (8)
Click on PWL#075.

Pulsed GMAW (GMAW-P) (2)
Electrochemical Machining (8)
Click on PWL#076.

Hermetic Seal Laser Welding-topics (2)
Production Failures (8)
Click on PWL#077.

Electroslag Welding-topics (8)
Click on PWL#078.

Gleeble Simulations (2)
Laser Beam Cutting (8)
Click on PWL#079.

Welding Chrome-Moly Tubing (7)
Acoustic Micro Imaging (11)
Welding Metallurgy (8)
Click on PWL#080.

Surface Treatments for Titanium (7)
Electron Beam Welding Tips (8)
Spot Welding Duplex Stainless (11)
Click on PWL#081.

Microhardness test (7)
Electrogas Welding-topics (8)
Click on PWL#082.

Bimetals (2)
Straightening a Pipe Distorted by Welding (11)
Click on PWL#083.

Relaxation of Shot Peen Induced Residual Stresses (7)
Creep Test (8)
Click on PWL#084.

How to become an AWS Certified Robotic Arc Welding Operator/Technician (2)
Tack Welds (8)
Click on PWL#085.

Change in Design (7)
Clinching (8)
Click on PWL#086.

Guidelines for Developing a Welding and Cutting Safety Program (7)
How to repair a Magnesium Saw Housing (11)
Click on PWL#087.

The Dangers of Hexavalent Chromium (7)
Stress Relieving (8)
Submerged Arc Welding Electrode Extension Nozzles (11)
Click on PWL#088.

Dispersion Strengthened Aluminum Alloys (7)
Welding-planning (8)
Click on PWL#089.

Forgeability and Welding (7)
Weld Preheating (8)
Heat Treating (8)
Click on PWL#090.

Digital Imaging: A Powerful Quality Tool (7)
Steel Finishing (8)
Advances in Thermal Spray (11)
Click on PWL#091.

Comparing Welding Processes (2)
EB Welding at Reduced Pressure (7)
Vapor Degreasing(8)
Click on PWL#092.

Testing of Thermal Sprayed Coatings (7)
Abrasive Blast Cleaning (8)
Problems with Alloy 20 Overlays (11)
Click on PWL#093.

Percussion Welding (11)
Automated tip dressing for robotic Resistance Spot Welding (7)
Flood-welding (8)
Click on PWL#094.

Advancements in Pipe and Tube Welding (2)
Resistance Welding Tips (8)
Comments on Complying with Welding Codes (11)
Click on PWL#095.

Virtual Reality (VR) Welding Training (2)
Weld Bonding (8)
Underwater Laser Cutting (11)
Click on PWL#096.

A new Hardcoating (2)
Pickling (8)
Laser Beam Welding (8)
Click on PWL#097.

Laser Engineered Net Shaping (2)
Weldability of Cast Nickel Superalloys (11)
Click on PWL#098.

Thermomechanical Processing (TMP) (2)
Alkaline Cleaning (8)
Click on PWL#099.

Weldability of High Performance Steels (2)
Composite Welding (7)
Click on PWL#100.

Friction Stir Welding Fundamentals (7)
Orbital Welding (8)
Brazing Joint Design (R) (8)
Click on PWL#101.

New Aluminum Solid State Welding (7)
Power Sources (8)
Welding Machines (R)(8)
Click on PWL#102.

Destructive Testing of Spot Welded Specimens (2)
Welding Unknown (8)
Welding Copper (R) (8)
Click on PWL#103.

Ultrasonic Force Assisted Metal Transfer in GMAW (7)
Stud Welding (R) (8)
Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) on Cr-Mo-Ni Steels (11)
Click on PWL#104.

Improving GMAW performance (2)
Beam Processing (8)
Invitation to a Titanium Welding Workshop (11)
Click on PWL#105.

Additive Manufacturing (2)
Keyhole GTAW (7)
Titanium Welding Workshop & Conference (11)
Click on PWL#106.

Progress in Orbital Welding (2)
Rail Welding Processes (7)
Click on PWL#107.

Heat Treatment of Low Alloy Steel(7)
Orbital Welding (R) (8)
Braze Welding (R) (8)
Click on PWL#108.

Clad Brazing Materials (7)
Brazing Graphite (R) (8)
Hardness Test (R) (8)
Click on PWL#109.

Friction Stir Spot Welding and Refill (7)
Oxyacetylene Welding Tips (R) (8)
Click on PWL#110.

NDE and Weld Repair of CSEF Steels (2)
Repair Welding (R) (8)
Click on PWL#111.

Welding Wrought Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels -
I - Martensitic PH Stainless Steels (2)
Productivity Improvements in GTAW (7)
Welding Plastics (R) (8)
Click on PWL#112.

Welding Wrought Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels -
II - Semiaustenitic PH Stainless Steels (2)
Double-Stage PAW Process (7)
Click on PWL#113.

Welding Wrought Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels -
III - Austenitic PH Stainless Steels (2)
Brazing Magnesium (R)
Brazing Steel (R) (8)
Click on PWL#114.

Laser Soldering (7)
Clinching (R) (8)
Cold Spray (R) (8)
Click on PWL#115.

Advances in Additive Manufacturing (7)
Cold Welding (R)(8)
Click on PWL#116.

Laser Roll Welding (2)
Resistance Welding Tips (R)(8)
Diffusion Welding (R)(8)
Click on PWL#117.

Progress with Laser Orbital Welding (2)
EB-welding-tips (R)(8)
Electrochemical Machining (R)(8)
Click on PWL#118.

Pipeline Welding Efficiency (11)
Explosion Welding (R)(8)
Click on PWL#119.

Update on Inverter Technology for GTAW (7)
A new Fusion Cladding Process (11)
Flood Welding (R) (8)
Forge Welding (R) (8)
Click on PWL#120.

Friction Surfacing (R) (8)
Nitrous Oxide doping of Shielding Gases (11)
Click on PWL#121.

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) (7)
Friction Welding Processes (R) (8)
Friction Stir Welding Equipment (R) (8)
Click on PWL#122.

Aerospace Materials Competition (2)
Heat Treating (R) (8)
Click on PWL#123.

Friction Welding for Joining Dissimilar Metals (2)
Hot Pressure Welding (R)(8)
Laser Surface Heat Treatment and Modification (11)
Click on PWL#124.

Robotic Laboratory (7)
Process Selection (8)
Process Optimization (8)
Click on PWL#125.

Submerged Arc Welding Fluxes - A Primer (Part 1) (2)
GE advances Cold Spray for Repair and Building of Parts (7)
Click on PWL#126.

Submerged Arc Welding Fluxes - A Primer (Part 2) (2)
Positioners (11)
Click on PWL#127.

Arc Welding and other Developments for Additive Manufacturing (7)
Advances in Industrial Heat Treating (11)
Click on PWL#128.

Welding Jigs and Fixtures (2)
Bulletin_95 Resources on Vacuum Brazing (8)
Click on PWL#129.

Welding Progress at NASA MSFC (2)
Bulletin_96 Resources on Molybdenum (8)
Click on PWL#130.

A reality check on Automation Myths (2)
Bulletin 97 -Resources on Welding Jigs and Fixtures (8)
The Heat Treating Professional (11)
Click on PWL#131.

Maintenance and Repair Welding(2)
Pulse Welding (7)
Click on PWL#132.

Welding Fume Mitigation (7)
Near-Net Manufacturing (11)
Click on PWL#133.

Submerged Arc Welding Optimization (2)
Development in Steels for Hi-Temp. Carburizing (7)
Click on PWL#134.

Nondestructive Acoustic Cross-Sectioning (7)
Activated TIG Welding (11)
Click on PWL#135.

Controlled-Atmosphere Induction Brazing (7)
Direct Write Technology (11)
Click on PWL#136.

New SAW Technology (7)
Relating NDT Data To Mechanical Performance Loss In
Impact-Damaged Composites (11)
Click on PWL#137.

Hybrid Induction Arc Welding (2)
Induction Heating Assisted Underwater Wet Welding (11)
Click on PWL#138.

Capacitor Discharge Welding (2)
Adaptive Controls for Resistance Seam Welders (7)
Click on PWL#139.

Precautions when welding Superferritic (2)
Welding-Automation (NEW) and its Resources (NEW)(8)
Click on PWL#140 to see it.

Modern Non Contact Extensometers (7)
Click on PWL#141 to see it.

Advanced Turbine Airfoil Development (2)
High Pressure Cold Spray (7)
Click on PWL#142 to see them.

A New, Rotating Arc Welding Technology (4)
Resources on Welding Inspection (8)
HTPro - June 2015 (11)
Click on PWL#143.

The Last Volume - WHB-5.9 (2)
ASM Thermal Spray Society Newsletter (11)
Click on PWL#144.

Optimizing Robotic Welding with the Right GMAW Gun (2)
Click on PWL#145.

Traceability in Automated Cutting (2)
Information from the Hardness Test (11)
Additive Manufacturing and Resources(8)
Click on PWL#146.

A new Variant of the GTAW process (2)
Weld-preparation and Resources (8)
HTPro - October 2015 (11)
Click on PWL#147.

Improved Visual Inspection (2)
Changing Materials Testing (7)
iTSSe November/December 2015 (11)
Click on PWL#148.

Experience with Virtual Welding Simulators (2)
VFAW - A new welding technique to watch (7)
Click on PWL#149.

Advancements in LFW (7)
Plasma-arc-cutting and related Resources (8)
Click on PWL#150.

Follow-up on VFAW (2)
A new method of brazing stainless steel parts (7)
Click on PWL#151.

A new way to measure Laser Power (7)
Minimizing Alpha Case (11)
Click on PWL#152.

Large Scale Additive Manufacturing (2)
Advances in Thermal Barrier Coatings (11)
Click on PWL#153.

Cold Spray Repairs (2)
Advances in GMAW Power Sources (7)
Click on PWL#154.

Induction Coupled Thermomagnetic Processing (2)
Field Assisted Sintering (7)
Click on PWL#155.

Cold Spray Characterization (7)
Worries (11)
Click on PWL#156.

From Lab to Production Line (2)
Question on AWS D1.2 (11)
Click on PWL#157.

Cross-Arc Welding (7)
Composite Dies (8)
Click on PWL#158.

Additive Manufacturing Equals Excitement (2)
Bulletin_123, Nickel (8)
Click on PWL#159.

Laser Welds in Vacuum (2)
Welding Thermoplastics (11)
Click on PWL#160.

Advanced Microwave Brazing (2)
Beware of Inadequate Welding Screens (11)
Click on PWL#161.

Tips on GMAW Guns (2)
MIG Welding Tips (8)
Low Impedance Resistance Welding (11)
Click on PWL#162.

Welding of Ultra-Thin Steel (2)
Click on PWL#163.

Updating on Resistance Welding (2)
Click on PWL#164.

New issue of iTSSe (2)
New issue of HTPro (7)
Click on PWL#165.

Welding Pipe Downhill (2)
Laser Shot Peening (8)
Click on PWL#166.

Orbital Welding of Tube Heat Exchangers (2)
Improvements in Vacuum Furnace Design (7)
Resistance Brazing (8)
Click on PWL#167.

Standards for Safe Robotic Welding(2)
Thermal Spray Success Story (7)
Click on PWL#168.

Aerospace Applications of Additive Manufacturing (2)
A Study on argon/hydrogen blend (11)
Click on PWL#169.

* * *

GENERAL Welding-topics

How to handle Manufacturing Problems (7)
Click on PWL#03.

Fatigue failures (7)
Click on PWL#04.

Receiving Inspection (7)
Click on PWL#05.

Heat Treatment of Carbon Steels (7)
Click on PWL#06.

Between Casting and Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#07.

Stress Relieving after Welding (7)
Click on PWL#08.

Furnace Brazing (7)
Click on PWL#09.

Post Weld Heat Treatment (11)
Click PWL#09.

Heat Input (7)
Click on PWL#010.

Preheat, Liability (11)
Click on PWL#010.

Failures from weld discontinuities (7)
Click on PWL#11.

The Electric Arc (2)
Click on PWL#012.

Bend Tests (7)
Click onPWL#013.

Heat Flow in Welding-topics (2)
Click on PWL#014.

Pickup, Dilution and Recovery (2)
Click on PWL#015.

Tack Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#015.

Thermal Fatigue (2)
Click on PWL#016.

Quality Assurance in Welding-topics (7)
Click on PWL#017.

Design for Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#017.

Business Plan (11)
Click on PWL#018.

Corrosion in Ferritic Stainless Steels (2)
Click on PWL#019.

Stainless and Magnetism (11)
Click on PWL#019.

Manganese and its Safety Issues (2)
Click on PWL#020.

Weld Maps (11)
Click on PWL#020.

Magnesium Corrosion (2)
Click on PWL#021.

Basic Facts on Steel (7)
Click on PWL#021.

Welding Fumes (11)
Click on PWL#021.

Titanium Microstructure (7)
Click on PWL#022.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing (7)
Click on PWL#23.

Titanium Clad Steel (11)
Click on PWL#23.

Welding in Space (7)
Click on PWL#024.

Dew Point Measurement (11)
Click on PWL#024.

Joining Composites to Metal (7)
Click on PWL#025.

Thermal Cutting Processes with secondary Water (11)
Click on PWL#025.

Cryogenic Materials (7)
Click on PWL#026.

Snapping Sounds from the Roof (11)
Click on PWL#026.

Weldability Test for Weld Repair (2)
Click on PWL#027.

Welding Defects (2)
Click on PWL#028.

High Performance Ceramics (7)
Click on PWL#028.

Aluminum Brazing to nodular Cast Iron (11)
Click on PWL#028.

Weld Deposition Rate (2)
Click on PWL#029.

Risk Assessment (7)
Click on PWL#029.

Damage Tolerance (7)
Click on PWL#030.

Fatigue Monitoring (11)
Click on PWL#030.

Safety Practices (7)
Click on PWL#031.

Welding Procedure Specifications (1)
Click on PWL#032.

Corrosion of Weldments (7)
Click on PWL#032.

Procedure Qualification Record (2)
Click on PWL#033.

Gas Turbines Welding-topics and other Processes (7)
Click on PWL#033.

Weld Quality (2)
Click on PWL#034.

Surface Engineering (7)
Click on PWL#034.

Click on PWL#035.

Fiber Laser Girth Welding (11)
Click on PWL#036.

Extensometers (7)
Click on PWL#036.

Preheating (2)
Click on PWL#037.

Low Temperature Carbon Supersaturation (7)
Click on PWL#038.

Resonant Acoustic Method (RAM)
and Stress-Strain Microprobe (SSM) with
Automated Ball Indentation (ABI) (11)
Click on PWL#038.

Heat Treating welded Aluminum (2)
Click on PWL#039.

Design for Error Proof Assembly (2)
Click on PWL#040.

Backing Bars (7)
Click on PWL#041.

Surface Impact Treatments to enhance Fatigue and Stress Corrosion Resistance (7)
Click on PWL#042.

Huge Savings in Repairing expensive Scrap Parts (2)
Click on PWL#043.

Welding Cost Reduction (7)
Click on PWL#044.

Phased Arrays of Ultrasonic Transducers (7)
Click on PWL#045.

Lamellar tearing (7)
Click on PWL#046.

Metal Matrix Composites (11)
Click on PWL#047.

Materials Selection for Product Design (2)
Click on PWL#048.

Applications of ESW (11)
Click on PWL#049.

Ultrasonic Consolidation (2)
Click on PWL#050

TRIP Steels (11)
Click on PWL#050.

t8/5: cooling down time from 800 0C to 500 0C after welding. (2)
Click on PWL#051.

Cleaning for Brazing (2)
Metallurgical Aspects of Abusive Grinding (7)
Click on PWL#052.

Ferrite in Austenitic Stainless Steels (7)
Beware of [welding] 317LMN Castings! (11)
Click on PWL#053.

Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (7)
Click on PWL#054.

Heat Resistance (2)
Type IV Cracking (7)
Click on PWL#055.

Oxidation Resistance (2)
Remaining Life Assessment (7)
Click on PWL#056.

Risk Based Inspection (2)
Competence in Welding-topics (11)
Click on PWL#057.

New Brazing Handbook (2)
Welder Certifications (11)
Click on PWL#058.

Inspection Duties (2)
Threaded Hole Repair (11)
Click on PWL#059.

Welding of Silicon Steel (2)
Testing Oil Storage Tanks Welding-topics (11)
Welding Management (8)
Click on PWL#060.

Stress Corrosion Cracking (7)
Welding Molybdenum (8)
Underwater Welders Pay (11)
Click on PWL#061.

Changes in AWS D1.1 (11)
Brazing Defects (7)
Welding Nickel (8)
Click on PWL#062.

Welding Ductile Iron (8)
Ceramic Coatings (11)
Click on PWL#063.

Welding Stainless Steel Castings (2)
Welding HY Steels (7)
Weldability Testing(8)
Click on PWL#064

AHSS (Advanced High Strength Steels) (7)
Click on PWL#065.

Welding Failure Investigation (2)
Visual-weld-inspection (8)
Click on PWL#066.

New Welding Resource (2)
California Welding Fume Trial (7)
Welding Cobalt (8)
Click on PWL#067.

Cracks in Welds (7)
Brazing Magnesium (8)
Click on PWL#068.

Brazing Carbon Steel to Stainless (7)
Validation (8)
Click on PWL#069.

Seismic Welding Procedures (2)
Issues with 2.25Cr-1Mo Filler Metals (11)
Click on PWL#070.

Comparing Standards (2)
Residual Stress Measurement (11)
Click on PWL#071.

More on Brittle Fractures (7)
Stress Corrosion Cracking (8)
WeldCraft Pro (11)
Click on PWL#072

Friction Surfacing (8)
Brazing Graphite (8)
Interview with William Reid (11)
Click on PWL#073

Welding Supervisors Duties (2)
Interview with Anthony Rangus (11)
Click on PWL#074

Submerged Arc Welding Case History (7)
Joining Aluminum Metal Matrix Components (8)
Interview with Charles Hyatt (11)
Click on PWL#075.

Delayed Failure (7)
Hydrogen Embrittlement (8)
Interview with Marcel Bauer (11)
Click on PWL#076.

Manufacturing Process with EBW(7)
Monitoring Structures (8)
Interview with Leonard Mills(11)
Click on PWL#077.

Welding Education vs. Training (2)
Computational Weld Mechanics (7)
Managing Welding (8)
Interview with Paul Ipolito (11)
Click on PWL#078.

Welding Career: A View from the UK (7)
Welding Duplex Stainless Steel (8)
Interview with Jon Cookson (11)
Click on PWL#079.

Five Goals for Improving Productivity (2)
Residual Stresses (8)
Click on PWL#080.

Transition to Robotics (2)
Outsource Welding (8)
Click on PWL#081.

Superplasticity (2)
Metallurgical Expertise (8)
Biocompatible Materials (11)
Click on PWL#082.

Field Heat Treatment of Pipe Steels (7)
Cold Spray (8)
Resistance Brazing (8)
Click on PWL#083.

Numerical Welding Simulations (2)
Fume Hazards (8)
How to become an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (11)
Click on PWL#084.

Improved Biomaterials (7)
Metals Information Database MI-21 (11)
Hardness Test (8)
Click on PWL#085.

Welding Management Duties (2)
Hardenability (8)
Click on PWL#086.

How to pick up Welding Information (2)
Abradable Coatings (8)
Index Page (8)
Click on PWL#087.

Best Practice in a Fabrication Environment (2)
Acoustic Emission (8)
Click on PWL#088.

European Welding Fabrication Standards (2)
Fractographic Examination (8)
Applying Lean Principles to Combat Waste (11)
Click on PWL#089.

Wear Resistant Coatings (2)
Weld Bevel Angle of Preparation for Pipe Welding (11)
Click on PWL#090.

Intelligent Process Controls (2)
Weld Porosity (8)
Click on PWL#091.

Welding Helmet Protection (11)
Fire Prevention (8)
Click on PWL#092.

Virtual Welding Training (2)
Bend Testing (8)
Click on PWL#093.

AWS Welding Handbook - Volume 4 (2)
Solvent Cleaning (8)
Click on PWL#094.

Metallography of Welds (7)
Weld FAQ (8)
Click on PWL#095.

Highway Bridge Fabrication (7)
Ultrasonic Cleaning (8)
Click on PWL#096.

Welding Dissimilar Metals (7)
Friction Taper Plug Welding (11)
Click on PWL#097.

Leak Testing (8)
Jewelry Artwork (8)
Managing Welding Costs (7)
Click on PWL#098.

Welding Galvanized Steel (7)
Welding Guide (8)
Click on PWL#099.

Welding Teacher (8)
MIG/MAG Welding (11)
Click on PWL#100.

New ASM Handbook Volume 6A (2)
Microfocus Radiography (11)
Click on PWL#101.

Process Optimization and Innovation (2)
Large Power Generation Components (11)
Click on PWL#102.

Plasma Spray Nano structured Coatings (7)
Automated Plasma Cutting Retrofit (11)
Click on PWL#103.

Spot Weld Lobes (2)
Material Identification (R) (8)
Click on PWL#104.

Low Load Hardness Testing (7)
New Contact Us (R) Form (8)
Click on PWL#105.

Arc Welding (8)
Resistance Welding Equipment (R) (8)
Click on PWL#106.

Electroslag Welding (R) (8)
Underwater Welding (R) (8)
Online Welding Education (11)
Click on PWL#107.

Grinding Safety (2)
Constitution Diagrams (11)
Click on PWL#108.

Safety with Oxy-acetylene flames (2)
Corrosion Protection in Petrochemical Industry (11)
Click on PWL#109.

Early Inspection for Higher Productivity (2)
Welding Qualification (R) (8)
ASME IX Code Changes of Heat Input Calculation (11)
Click on PWL#110.

Welder Qualification (7)
Material Identification (R) (8)
Promising Innovations for useful Applications (11)
Click on PWL#111

Welding Machines (R)(8)
Strength of Stainless Spot Welds(11)
Click on PWL#112.

Advancements in Spray Coatings (11)
Bend Testing (R)(8)
Creep Test (R)(8)
Click on PWL#113.

New Materials for Steam Turbines (7)
Steam-Side Oxidation and Exfoliation in Boiler Tubes (11)
Click on PWL#114.

Superferritic Stainless Steels (2)
Low Hydrogen Filler Metals (11)
Click on PWL#115.

Welding Cast Stainless Steels (2)
Spot Weld Quality for Autos (11)
Creep Resistant Steels(R)(8)
Click on PWL#116.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME Section IX (7)
Advancements in Assisted Visual Inspection (11)
Click on PWL#117.

More on ASME Section IX (7)
Basic Metalworking Processes Videos (11)
Click on PWL#118.

Ceramic Extension Nozzle Tips (2)
Where to look at first? (7)
Fire Prevention (R)(8)
Click on PWL#119.

The Importance of Optimizing Material Specifications and Welding Protocols (2)
Click on PWL#120.

Duplex Stainless Steels -
Best Practices for Selection and Welding (2)
The Art of Asking Questions (7)
Fractographic Examination (R) (8)
Click on PWL#121.

More on Duplex Stainless Steels (2)
Welding Remote Control for Improved Safety (11)
Click on PWL#122.

Computer Modeling (2)
Changes in the 2013 Edition of ASME BPVC, Section IX (7)
Fume Hazards (R)(8)
Click on PWL#123.

Fracture Mechanics and Material Characterization(7)
Hydrogen Embrittlement (R)(8)
Click on PWL#124.

FSW and Microstructure (2)
The Future of Engineering Materials (11)
Welding Overview (8)
Click on PWL#125.

Understanding Advancements in GMAW control (11)
Weld Preheating (R) (8)
Bulletin_92 (8)
Click on PWL#126.

Scarce Material Supplies (7)
Service-failures (8)
Accident-investigation (8)
Bulletin_93 (8)
Click on PWL#127.

Advances in Ultrasonics Nondestructive Tests for Resistance Spot Welds (2)
Joining Galvanized Steels (R)(8)
Lead Tin Zinc (R)(8)
Bulletin_94 Resources on Submerged Arc Welding Electrode Extension
Click on PWL#128.

Mobile Welding Service (7)
A new Handheld Material Analyzer (11)
Welding Molybdenum (R)(8)
Welding Cobalt (R)(8)
Click on PWL#129.

Helpful Information on Welding Stainless Steels Standards (7)
Trailing Shields for Welding Titanium (11)
Laser Beam Welding (R)(8)
Laser Beam Cutting (R)(8)
Click on PWL#130.

Modern Testing for Advanced Requirements (7)
Laser Drilling (R)(8)
Leak Testing (R)(8)
Click on PWL#131.

Distant Learning (8)
Safety in the Workplace (11)
Click on PWL#132.

Business Software Benefits (2)
Architectural Metalwork (8)
Bulletin_99 - Resources on Welding Maintenance and Repair
Click on PWL#133.

Remotely Operated Underwater Friction Welding Technology (11)
Welding Problems (NEW) (8)
Bulletin_100 - Resources on Welding Optimization (NEW) (8)
Click on PWL#134.

Learning from Experience (2)
Welding Applications (NEW)(8)
Bulletin_101 (8), Resources on Welding Productivity (NEW)
Click on PWL#135.

ASM Handbook Volume 4C (2)
Weld-design-review (NEW)(8)
Bulletin_102 (8), Resources on Weld Design and Review (NEW)
Click on PWL#136.

Improving GMAW Efficiency (2)
Maintenance-Welding-Tips (NEW), (8)
Updated Resources (NEW) on Hybrid Laser Arc Welding (8)
Click on PWL#137.

Bridge Repair (8)
Resources on Bridge Repair (8)
Underwater Laser Cutting for Nuclear Decommissioning (7)
Click on PWL#138.

Casting Repair (NEW) (8)
Bulletin_105 (NEW) (8) Resources on Casting Repair
Contributions on Virtual Welding Trainer (11)
Click on PWL#139.

New Materials for Future Demanding Applications (7)
Asset Integrity Management (11)
Click on PWL#140.

Welding Engineering as a Career (2)
High Entropy Alloys (NEW) and Resources (NEW) (8)
Learning through Games (11)
Click on PWL#141 to see it.

Mechanical Properties (NEW) and Bulletin 108 (8)
Nanocomposite Coatings (11)
Click on PWL#142 to see them.

Advice to the New Welding Engineer (2)
Metallurgical call up (7)
Welding Materials (8)
Click on PWL#143.

Additive Manufacturing (7)
Welding Engineering and Resources (8)
Click on PWL#144.

The welding of Nickel and Cobalt alloys (7)
Contract Welding and Resources on the same subject (8)
Nuclear grade amendment (11)
Click on PWL#145.

Filling the Welders Workforce Gap(7)
Click on PWL#146.

Example of a Failure Analysis (7)
Click on PWL#147.

Welding-certification and Resources on Welding Sheet Metal(8)
Click on PWL#148.

Weld-quality and Resources on Weld-quality (8)
Tips for Small Businesses (11)
Click on PWL#149.

Changes in AWS D1.1:2015, Structural Welding Code — Steel (2)
A new metallic glue (11)
Click on PWL#150.

Metals Knowledge (8)
Laser Surface Patterning Pre-Treatment (11)
Click on PWL#151.

AWS D1.5, Bridge Welding Code new edition (2)
Bulletin_117 on Resources on Metals, Part 1 (8)
Click on PWL#152.

Overview of modern Materials Testing Systems (7)
Bulletin_118 Resources on Metals Part 2 (8)
Click on PWL#153.

Bulletin_119 on Stainless Steels (8)
Inadequate Remedies may fail Fume Control Requirements (11)
Click on PWL#154.

Bulletin_120, Resources on Cast Iron (8)
Modern High Temperature Testing (11)
Click on PWL#155.

Third generation Advanced High-Strength Steel (2)
Bulletin_121 - Resources on Aluminum (8)
Click on PWL#156.

AWS Member Network (7)
Bulletin_122 - Resources on Metals Part 6 Magnesium (8)
Click on PWL#157.

Advances in High Entropy Alloys (2)
Issues that will disrupt the industry (11)
Click on PWL#158.

Update on VFAW (7)
Welding Management (11)
Click on PWL#159.

Raising a half sunken ship (7)
Refractory Metals (8)
Click on PWL#160.

AWS Roadmap on Global Engagement (7)
Plasma Gouging (8)
Click on PWL#161.

Nanostructured Metal (7)
Click on PWL#162.

Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (7)
AWS Certification Program Update (11)
Click on PWL#163.

A Career as Welding Inspector (7)
Welding Log Book (11)
Click on PWL#164.

Welding Certification (8)
Monitoring GMAW (11)
Click on PWL#165.

How to Prevent Defects in arc welded Aluminum (7)
Putting Welds to the Test (11)
Click on PWL#166.

The Future of Thermal Spray (11)
Click on PWL#167.

Reducing risk when implementing automation (3)
How 80/20 rules metal fabrication (11)
Click on PWL#168.

New ASME BPVC Section IX (7)
Site Updating: Welding Aluminum (8)
Click on PWL#169.

* * *

HOW to Do It WELL (Welding-topics):

Brazing Fittings (3)
Click on PWL#01.

Welding Thin to Thick Sections (3)
Click on PWL#02.

Grinding and Distortion (3)
Click on PWL#03.

Sorting Unweldable Stainless (3)
Click on PWL#04.

Fillet Welding of Rimmed Steels (3)
Click on PWL#05.

Furnace Hardening of Steels (3)
Click on PWL#06.

Stainless to Mild Steel Welding (3)
Click on PWL#07.

Use of Low Hydrogen Electrodes (3)
Click on PWL#08.

Hardening Heavy Sections (3)
Click on PWL#09.

EBW Repair of a Rejected Casting. (3)
Click on PWL#010.

Strength of Stainless Spot Welds (3)
Click on PWL#11.

Keeping Flux in Place (3)
Click on PWL#012.

Double V-Groove Welding of Thick Pipe (3)
Click on PWL#013.

Heat Treating in a Bag (3)
Click on PWL#014.

Manufacturing a Spherical Vessel (3)
Click on PWL#015.

Repairing Holes in Aluminum Panels (3)
Click on PWL#016.

Improving Quality of Spot Welds (3)
Click on PWL#017.

Brazing in Steps (3)
Click on PWL#018.

Carburize with Oxyacetylene Torch? (3)
Click on PWL#019.

Straightening with an Oxyacetylene Torch Flame (3)
Click on PWL#020.

Process Comparison (3)
Click on PWL#021.

Spot Welding Dissimilar Materials (3)
Click on PWL#022.

Welding Titanium Clad Steel (3)
Click on PWL#23.

Alternatives to Welding (3)
Click on PWL#024.

Welding Cast Iron to Mild Steel (3)
Click on PWL#025.

Welding Aluminum to Stainless (3)
Click on PWL#026.

Welding Copper to Stainless (3)
Click on PWL#027.

Joining Silicon Bronze (3)
Click on PWL#028.

Preventing Distortion (3)
Click on PWL#029.

Welding in cold Weather (3)
Click on PWL#030.

Ultrasonic Inspection for all (3)
Click on PWL#031.

Welding thin Stainless Steel Sheets (3)
Click on PWL#032.

Welding Titanium to Stainless Steel (3)
Click on PWL#033.

Stainless to Cast Iron Welding (update) (3)
Click on PWL#034.

How to weld Stainless Steel(3)
Click on PWL#035.

Welding Titanium to Cobalt base Alloy (3)
Click on PWL#036.

Welding Hardened 440C (3)
Click on PWL#037.

Furnace Brazing of Tubular Joints (3)
Click on PWL#038.

Out of Position Welding (3)
Click on PWL#039.

Joining Steel to Aluminum (3)
Click on PWL#040.

Welding Aluminum Bronze to Mild Steel (3)
Click on PWL#041.

Weld repairing of Aluminum Castings (3)
Click on PWL#042.

Thickness Range of a Plasma Cutter(3)
Click on PWL#043.

Welding Effects on Aluminum Structures (3)
Click on PWL#044.

Welding together different Carbon Steels (3)
Click on PWL#045.

Welding Tin to Stainless Steel (3)
Click on PWL#046.

Reducing Spatter in FCAW (3)
Click on PWL#047.

Welding with Robots (3)
Click on PWL#048.

Joining Copper to Steel (3)
Click on PWL#049.

Weld Crack Repair in a Transition Part (3)
Click on PWL#050.

Welding Parameters for 1/2 inch Plates (3)
Click on PWL#051.

Welding a Shaft (3)
Click on PWL#052.

Welding leaded Brass (3)
Click on PWL#053.

Cut Pie Welding (3)
Click on PWL#054.

How dangerous are Zinc Fumes? (3)
Click on PWL#055.

Welding Stainless to Copper (3)
Click on PWL#056.

Normalizing welded Mild Steel (3)
Click on PWL#057.

GMAW of Titanium (3)
Click on PWL#058.

Welder Qualification (3)
Click on PWL#059.

How to Attach Nuts to a Zinc Alloy Hub (3)
Click on PWL#060.

Welding of 1018 to 4140 (3)
Click on PWL#061.

Designing a Hinge (3)
Click on PWL#062.

Welding High Tensile Strength Bolts (3)
Click on PWL#063.

Welding Copper to Aluminum (3)
Click on PWL#064

Cutting Pipes and MPI (3)
Click on PWL#065.

Distortion (3)
Click on PWL#066.

Joining Hybrix (3)
Click on PWL#067.

Oxyfuel Gas Bevel Cutting (3)
Click on PWL#068.

Cold Weld Steel and Nodular Iron (3)
Click on PWL#069.

Mig or Stick? (3)
Click on PWL#070.

What Tungsten is used for Titanium Tig? (3)
Click on PWL#071.

Autogenous Dissimilar Lap Welds? (3)
Click on PWL#072

Welding Lead (3)
Click on PWL#073

Welding Stainless Handrails (3)
Click on PWL#074

Brazing Flux Removal (3)
Click on PWL#075.

GMAW with straight CO2 (3)
Click on PWL#076.

Selecting Carbide for Hardfacing (3)
Click on PWL#077.

Braze-Welding of steel (3)
Click on PWL#078.

Stainless Steel Tanks for Water (3)
Click on PWL#079.

Welding Copper to Stainless (C) (3)
Click on PWL#080.

Welding Stainless to Nickel alloy 600 (3)
Click on PWL#081.

Inside tube inspection (3)
Click on PWL#082.

Safety in Hydrogen Furnaces (3)
Click on PWL#083.

Disposing of Arc Strikes (3)
Click on PWL#084.

Change of material (3)
Click on PWL#085.

Projection welding of steel nuts (3)
Click on PWL#086.

Proper Water Cooling of Spot Welding Electrodes (3)
Click on PWL#087.

Increasing the Weld Deposition Rate (3)
Click on PWL#088.

How to find if an aluminum alloy is weldable or not (3)
Click on PWL#089.

Grinding the root pass of welded pipes (3)
Click on PWL#090.

Welding Unknown Metals (3)
Click on PWL#091.

Hard Facing of Austenitic Manganese Steel (3)
Click on PWL#092.

Stress Relieving Test (3)
Click on PWL#093.

Complying with Welding Codes (3)
Click on PWL#094.

Avoiding Porosity in Aluminum Welding (3)
Click on PWL#095.

Fillets on Beam Reinforcements (3)
Click on PWL#096.

Failure of Stainless Welded Studs (3)
Click on PWL#097.

Wailing Structures (3)
Click on PWL#098.

Furnace Brazing Copper (3)
Click on PWL#099.

Automatic Radiographic Evaluation (3)
Click on PWL#100.

Substitution of lead based solders (3)
Click on PWL#101.

Establishing Squeeze Time (3)
Click on PWL#102.

How many weld repairs are allowed? (3)
Click on PWL#103.

Controlling Distortion (3)
Click on PWL#104.

Brazing with Nickel AWS BNi-2/AMS 4777 (3)
Click on PWL#105.

SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) of AL6XN (3)
Click on PWL#106.

Microfissures in Stainless Steel (3)
Click on PWL#107.

Purging Innovations (3)
Click on PWL#108.

How to develop a laser welding procedure (3)
Click on PWL#109.

Welding bolts of ASTM A320L7 (3)
Click on PWL#110.

Guided Bend Test for welded Aluminum (3)
Click on PWL#111.

Aligning a Long Shaft (3)
Click on PWL#112.

Manual Torch Brazing. (3)
Click on PWL#113.

Friction Stud Welding Dissimilar Metals.(3)
Click on PWL#114.

Braze Welding Galvanized Steel (3)
Click on PWL#115.

Underwater Inspection and Welding (3)
Click on PWL#116.

Selecting and Maintaining GMAW Torches (3)
Click on PWL#117.

Welding Apps for Mobile Devices (3)
Click on PWL#118.

Reporting Ferrite Number (3)
Click on PWL#119.

Welding 1018 to 4140 (3)
Click on PWL#120.

New Rules for Storing Thorium Containing Materials (3)
Click on PWL#121.

Aluminum Safety Tips (3)
Click on PWL#122.

Aluminum brazing overlap (3)
Click on PWL#123.

Predicting Ferrite Numbers (3)
Click on PWL#124.

Tips for Job Shops (3)
Click on PWL#125.

Fitting Alignment (3)
Click on PWL#126.

Etching Sections of Brazed Joints (3)
Click on PWL#127.

Weld together different stainless steels (3)
Click on PWL#128.

Vacuum Furnace Brazing (3)
Click on PWL#129.

Jig Improvement (3)
Click on PWL#130

Cooling a Group of Resistance Spot Welders (3)
Click on PWL#131.

Vacuum Aluminum Brazing (3)
Click on PWL#132.

Plasma Transferred Wire Arc Process (3)
Click on PWL#133.

Buttering on High Carbon-Equivalent Steel (3)
Click on PWL#134.

Brazing in an uncleaned vacuum furnace (3)
Click on PWL#135.

Inserted strips in Resistance Spot Welding (3)
Click on PWL#136.

Weld Quality Monitoring (3)
Click on PWL#137.

Improving Running Welding Operations (3)
Click on PWL#138.

Measuring Depth of Decarburization (3)
Click on PWL#139.

Measuring Heating Rates in Vacuum Furnaces (3)
Click on PWL#140.

How to get dry Gas at the Brazing Furnace (3)
Click on PWL#141 to see it.

Back to Basics (3)
Click on PWL#142 to see it.

Acoustic Imaging for process quality control (3)
Click on PWL#143.

Changes to ASME Section IX (3)
Click on PWL#144.

GMAW Gun Troubleshooting (3)
Click on PWL#145.

Economic Automatic Deburring (3)
Click on PWL#146.

Furnace Brazing Carbon Steel (3)
Click on PWL#147.

Aim for Small, Concave Braze Fillets (3)
Click on PWL#148.

Remote Control Welding Technologies (3)
Click on PWL#149.

Resistance Projection Welding Revisited(3)
Click on PWL#150.

Brazing Titanium (3)
Click on PWL#151.

Testing Automotive Composites (3)
Click on PWL#152.

Hand Grinding (3)
Click on PWL#153.

Certified Resistance Welding Technician (3)
Click on PWL#154.

Feedability of Aluminum Filler Metal in GMAW (3)
Click on PWL#155.

Resistance Welding Tips (3)
Click on PWL#156.

Extend Consumable Life (3)
Click on PWL#157.

Spatter Reduction (3)
Click on PWL#158.

Avoiding Overwelding (3)
Click on PWL#159.

Using Lasers for Welding (3)
Click on PWL#160.

Computer Modeling for Induction Hardening (3)
Click on PWL#161.

Distortion Control (3)
Click on PWL#162.

Pulsed GMAW (3)
Click on PWL#163.

Using flame to redress distortions in stainless (3)
Click on PWL#164.

Smart Plasma Arc Cutter (3)
Click on PWL#165.

Sinter Brazing (3)
Click on PWL#166.

Programming for Robotic Welding (3)
Click on PWL#167.

Reducing risk when implementing automation (3)
Click on PWL#168.

Selecting Wire Brushes for Weld Cleaning (3)
Click on PWL#169.

* * *

FILLER METALS Welding-topics

Understanding AWS Classification of Welding Electrodes (4)
Click on PWL#01.

Selection of Stainless Consumables (4)
Click on PWL#02.

Silver Alloy Brazing Filler Selection (4)
Click on PWL#03.

Selection of Aluminum Alloy Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#04.

Selection of Hardfacing Filler Materials (4)
Click on PWL#05.

Selection of Electrodes for GMAW and FCAW (4)
Click on PWL#06.

Selection of Titanium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#07.

Selection for Cast Iron (4)
Click on PWL#08.

Filler Metal Comparison Tables (4)
Click on PWL#09.

Heat Resisting Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#010.

Copper Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#11.

Filler metal for Electron Beam Welding (4)
Click on PWL#012.

Filler Metal for High Temperature Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#013.

Filler Metal for Precious Metals (4)
Click on PWL#014.

Joining Niobium to Titanium (4)
Click on PWL#015.

Filler Metals for welding Alloy Steels (4)
Click on PWL#016.

Filler Metals for Duplex Stainless Steel (4)
Click on PWL#017.

Flux Cored Wires (4)
Click on PWL#018.

Filler Metals for Soldering of Aluminum (4)
Click on PWL#019.

Filler Metals for Stainless clad Carbon Steels (4)
Click on PWL#020.

Filler Metals for Aluminum-Lithium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#021.

Filler metals for Thermal Spray (4)
Click on PWL#022.

Filler metals for brazing Ceramic Materials (4)
Click on PWL#23.

Filler metals for Brazing Heat Resisting Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#024.

Filler Metals for Magnesium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#025.

Filler Metals for Zirconium Welding (4)
Click on PWL#026.

Filler Metals for Beryllium Copper (4)
Click on PWL#027.

Filler Metal for Brazing in Space (4)
Click on PWL#028.

Filler Metals for Submerged Arc Welding (4)
Click on PWL#029.

Filler Metal for Braze Welding (4)
Click on PWL#030.

Filler Metal Resources (4)
Click on PWL#031.

FCAW Commercial Supplier Resources (4)
Click on PWL#032.

Filler Metal for new Creep Resistant Steels (4)
Click on PWL#033.

Filler Metal for brazing Copper (4)
Click on PWL#034.

Nanofoil Bonding (4)
Click on PWL#035.

Filler Metal for welding Tool Steels (4)
Click on PWL#036.

Filler Metal for Oxyacetylene Welding (4)
Click on PWL#037.

Filler Metal for Soldering Magnesium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#038.

Filler Metal for Repairing Aluminum Alloy Castings (4)
Click on PWL#039.

Filler Metal for limiting Weld Cracking in Low Carbon Steel (4)
Click on PWL#040.

Filler Metal for Aerospace Applications (4)
Click on PWL#041.

A New Lead-free Solder (4)
Click on PWL#042.

Filler Metal for brazing Aluminum to Steel (4)
Click on PWL#043.

Filler Metal for controlling Hydrogen Induced Cracking (4)
Click on PWL#044.

Filler Metal Specifications (4)
Click on PWL#045.

Filler Metal for brazing Titanium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#046.

Testing Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#047.

Filler Metal for Underwater Welding (4)
Click on PWL#048.

Non Standard Welding Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#049.

Filler Metal for welding High Strength Steels (4)
Click on PWL#050.

Filler Metals with Exothermal Additions (4)
Click on PWL#051.

Filler Metals Trends and Developments (4)
Click on PWL#052.

Filler Metals for Diffusion Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#053.

Filler Metals for Wear and Corrosion (4)
Click on PWL#054.

Filler Metals for Honeycomb Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#055.

Gaseous Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#056.

Filler Metals for Magnesium Joining (4)
Click on PWL#057.

Filler Metal Resources on Aluminum Welding (4)
Click on PWL#058.

Brazing Filler Metals Characteristics (4)
Click on PWL#059.

Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Brazing Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#060.

Electrodes for Underwater Welding (4)
Click on PWL#061.

Filler Metals for Welding Nickel (4)
Click on PWL#062.

Cleaning Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#063

Electrode Development to reduce Mn fumes (4)
Click on PWL#064

Fluxed Filler Metals for GTAW (4)
Click on PWL#065.

Filler Metals for GMA Welding of AHSS (4)
Click on PWL#066.

Filler Metals for Welding Cobalt (4)
Click on PWL#067.

Filler Metals for Thermite Welding(4)
Click on PWL#068.

Welding Filler Metals Selection (4)
Click on PWL#069.

Filler Metals for Seismic Resistant Structures (4)
Click on PWL#070.

Filler Metals for protecting Steel Structures from Corrosion (4)
Click on PWL#071.

Filler Metals for Nanostructured Coatings (4)
Click on PWL#072

Filler Metals for Brazing Graphite and Carbon/Carbon Composites (4)
Click on PWL#073

Lead Free Solder Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#074

Filler Metals for Active Solder Joining (4)
Click on PWL#075.

Filler Metal for Nickel-Molybdenum Steels
(Press Release) (4)
Click on PWL#076.

Consumable Process Tape for Spot Welding (4)
Click on PWL#077.

Preventing Consumables from being Hydrogen Sources (4)
Click on PWL#078.

Filler Metal mix-up and Weld Failures (4)
Click on PWL#079.

Nanotechnology based Material for Hardfacing (4)
Click on PWL#080.

Filler Metal for Spot Brazing Titanium to Nickel (4)
Click on PWL#081.

How to Keep Filler Metal on the Job Site (4)
Click on PWL#082.

Filler Metals for Power Plant Equipment (4)
Click on PWL#083.

Improved Filler Metals for High Temperature Dissimilar Metal Welds (4)
Click on PWL#084.

Aluminum Design Manual 2010 (4)
Click on PWL#085.

What is new in Welding Consumables? (4)
Click on PWL#086.

Stick Electrodes for Welding Aluminum? (4)
Click on PWL#087.

Low Hydrogen Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#088.

Consumables for welding cast iron to alloy steel (4)
Click on PWL#089.

Inconel 625 Overlay on Steel Castings (4)
Click on PWL#090.

Undermatched Weld Metal (4)
Click on PWL#091.

Advancements in Flux Cored Filled Metals (4)
Click on PWL#092.

New Chromium Free Filler Metal for Joining Austenitic Stainless.(4)
Click on PWL#093.

Filler Metal for Corrosion Avoidance in Dissimilar Metal Weldments (4)
Click on PWL#094.

Filler Metal for Welding Dissimilar Metals used at High Temperatures (4)
Click on PWL#095.

Advancement: Low Hydrogen FCAW Wire (4)
Click on PWL#096.

Selecting Active Brazing Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#097.

Filler Metal Pyromet® X-23 (4)
Click on PWL#098.

Filler Metal for Welding Copper to Nickel (4)
Click on PWL#099.

Filler Metal for Shipbuilding (4)
Click on PWL#100.

Filler Metals for Aluminum Magnesium Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#101.

Filler Metals for Joining SiC:
Multiphase Braze Alloy Interlayer (4)
Click on PWL#102.

Low Temperature Brazing Filler Metals for Joining Titanium (4)
Click on PWL#103.

Filler Metals for Stainless Steel 316H for high temperature service (4)
Click on PWL#104.

A new Open Specification for FCAW Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#105.

Aluminum Filler Metals for Resistance to SCC (4)
Click on PWL#106.

Filler Metal for Sour Gas Pipeline Applications (4)
Click on PWL#107.

Innovative Composite Solder Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#108.

Filler Metals for Active Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#109.

Filler Metals for SAW cladding with 309LMo (4)
Click on PWL#110.

Filler Metals for welding Aluminum Alloy 6005-T6 (4)
Click on PWL#111.

Filler Metal for 17-4PH stainless steel (4)
Click on PWL#112.

Filler Metal - New Specification AWS A5.10 (4)
Click on PWL#113.

Filler Metal for Austenitic PH Stainless Steels (4)
Click on PWL#114.

Filler Metal for brazing Titanium to Steel (4)
Click on PWL#115.

Filler Metal for repair welding 304H (4)
Click on PWL#116.

Filler Metal for Electron Beam Welding (4)
Click on PWL#117.

Filler Metal for for Gas Shielded FCAW (4)
Click on PWL#118.

Filler Metal for Cladding Equipment for Oil and Gas Recovery (4)
Click on PWL#119.

Stronger Filler Metal 4943 for Aluminum Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#120.

Filler Metals for Extreme Thermal Spray Coatings (4)
Click on PWL#121.

Filler Metals Care for Hydrogen Control (4)
Click on PWL#122.

Advancements in Filler Metal for Brazing and Soldering (4)
Click on PWL#123.

Filler Metal for manufacture of Nuclear Components(4)
Click on PWL#124.

Filler Metals for Aluminum Welding (4)
Click on PWL#125.

Filler Metals Alternatives to Welding Hardfacing (4)
Click on PWL#126.

A Filler Metal used for Resistance Spot Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#127.

Filler Metals Specifications (4)
Click on PWL#128.

Filler Metals Catalogs (4)
Click on PWL#129.

Filler Metal for a Combustion Chamber (4)
Click on PWL#130

Filler Metal for Dissimilar Resistance Spot Welding (4)
Click on PWL#131.

Filler Metal for Controlling Welding Distortion (4)
Click on PWL#132.

Filler Metal for brazing copper or steel to titanium (4)
Click on PWL#133.

New Issue of AWS D1.2/D1.2M:2014
- Structural Welding Code - Aluminum (4)
Click on PWL#134.

Cored wire Filler Metal for welding galvanized steel (4)
Click on PWL#135.

Amorphous Filler Metal for Vacuum Brazing Ceramics to Titanium (4)
Click on PWL#136.

Filler Metal for brazing a copper cable to a copper rivet (4)
Click on PWL#137.

Low-Hydrogen Covered Electrodes Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#138.

Filler Metal for Aluminum Brazing (4)
Click on PWL#139.

New Silver-Free Brazing Filler Metals (4)
Click on PWL#140.

Benefits of Low Hydrogen Filler Metal Electrodes (4)
Click on PWL#141 to see it.

How to use Submerged Arc to weld Creep Resistant Steels (4)
Click on PWL#142 to see it.

A New, Rotating Arc Welding Technology (4)
Click on PWL#143 to see it.

Filler Metal Spec. Changes (4)
Click on PWL#144.

Filler Metal for superconducting radiofrequency cavities (4)
Click on PWL#145.

Filler Metal for GTA Welding 304L to 904L
Click on PWL#146.

Filler Metals and shielding gas influence to avoid cracking in welds (4)
Click on PWL#147.

Silver- Free Brazing Filler Metals Meet Strength Requirements (4)
Click on PWL#148.

Choosing a Steel Filler Metal appropriate for the Base Metal (4)
Click on PWL#149.

Filler Metal 312 failing transverse side bend tests(4)
Click on PWL#150.

Aluminum Filler Metal for High Pressure Cold Spray of Magnesium Castings(4)
Click on PWL#151.

Duplex Stainless Filler Metals and Procedure Qualification Problems (4)
Click on PWL#152.

Metal Cored Filler Wire (4)
Click on PWL#153.

An Update on AWS Classification Requirements (4)
Click on PWL#154.

Welding Austenitic SMO 254 Stainless Steel (4)
Click on PWL#155.

Filler Metal for Stainless Steels (4)
Click on PWL#156.

Non-consumable thoriated tungsten electrodes (4)
Click on PWL#157.

Comparing measured and calculated Ferrite content (4)
Click on PWL#158.

Welding Articles from the Forging Magazine (4)
Click on PWL#159.

Filler Metal for welding super duplex stainless (4)
Click on PWL#160.

Filler Metal for Ni-WC Hardfacing (4)
Click on PWL#161.

Nanoparticles Doping of a Mo­Ni Brazing Filler (4)
Click on PWL#162.

Filler Metals for welding aluminum alloys (4)
Click on PWL#163.

Reliability of Solder Joints (4)
Click on PWL#164.

Aluminum Filler Metal Questions (4)
Click on PWL#165.

Brazing Filler Metal Alloys (4)
Click on PWL#166.

Resistance Brazing Filler Metal (4)
Click on PWL#167.

Resistance Welding Nuts to High-Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel (4)
Click on PWL#168.

Advances for Filler Metal fusing in Aluminum Robotic Welding (4)
Click on PWL#169.

* * *

Welding-topics SHORT ITEMS

ASME SA335 P22
Carbon Manganese Steel Plate
Spatter in CO2
Hot Wire GTAW Process
Welding together Dissimilar Metals
Passivation of Stainless Steel
Welding Magnesium Castings
Strength of Welded Aluminum Joints
(9) - Click on PWL#04.

Electrodes for GTAW
Orbital Tube Welding (OTW)
Heat Affected Zone Cracking
Tests for Tubular Welding
Ferrite Limitations in 316L
Grade x60 Pipe
Thin Sheet Welding
Welding Procedures
Metal Transfer Modes
(9) - Click on PWL#05.

Welding of Magnesium Castings
Spot Welding
Laser Beams
Electron Beam
Cryogenic Stainless Steel
Welding Generators
Welding Defects
Carbon Equivalent
GMAW and FCAW for Pipes
(9) - Click on PWL#06.

Welding Duplex Stainless Steel
Shot Peening
Root pass
AWS E7010
AWS E7018
API 5L grade X65
Ultrasonic Testing
Flash welding
Resistance Brazing
Stud welding
(9) - Click on PWL#07.

Cryogenic Cutting
Copper welding
Lap Joints
(9) - Click on PWL#08.

Boron Steels
Ion Nitriding
Laser Peening
Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys
Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)
(9) - Click on PWL#09.

Bearing Failures
Beryllium Copper
High Speed Steels
Joint Tracking
Powder Metallurgy
(9) - Click on PWL#010.

Ion Bombardment
Industrial Computed Tomography
Isothermal Forging
Molybdenum Metal Heating Elements
Neutron Radiography
Rheocasting and Thixocasting
(9) - Click on PWL#11.

Acoustic Emission Inspection
Electrogas Welding
Induction Brazing
Investment Casting
Thermite Welding
Welders Qualification
(9) - Click on PWL#012.

Physical Vapor Deposition
Welding of Plastics
HVOF - High Velocity Oxygen Fuel
Infrared Temperature Sensors
High Pressure Gas Quenching
Materials Characterization
(9) - Click on PWL#013.

Superaustenitic Stainless Steels
Superferritic Stainless Steels
Preheat Temperature Indicators
Gamma Radiography
Neutron Radiography
Varestraint (variable restraint) Test
(9) - Click on PWL#014.

Roll cladding and welding
Temper bead procedures
Gleeble Testing
Vibrational Stress Relief
Proof testing
(9) - Click on PWL#015.

From Welding to Casting
Leak Testing
Low Melting Point Metals
Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
Hump Furnace
Safety with Machining Magnesium
(9) - Click on PWL#016.

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets
Advantage of Fillet Welds
Shielding Gases for Metal Arc Welding
Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
Electrode Extension (Stickout)
Weld Process Control Program
(9) - Click on PWL#017.

Electrochemical Machining (ECM)
Electromagnetic Forming
Microalloyed steels
Thread rolling
(9) - Click on PWL#018.

Plasma Window for EBW in air
Vacuum Carburizing
Fuel cells
Inductors for Hardening
Ultrasonic soldering
Fire resistant liquid quenchants
(9) - Click on PWL#019.

Electro discharge Machining (EDM)
Load cells
Optical Pyrometry
(9) - Click on PWL#020.

Metal Matrix Composites
Metal Mould Injection
Tellurium Copper
(9) - Click on PWL#021.

Atomic Force Microscope
Barkhausen Noise Analysis
Cold Spray
Engine Endurance Test
Silicon Carbide
Spin Test
(9) Click on PWL#022.

Abradable Coatings
Ceramic Cores
Laser Pyrometer
Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Crack Sensor
(9) Click on PWL#23.

Arc Spot weld
Atom Probe Microscope
Nickel Aluminide
Tungsten Carbide - Cobalt
Temper Bead Welding
(9) - Click on PWL#024.

Quantitative metallography
Scanning Electron Microscope
Stress Corrosion Cracking
(9) - Click on PWL#025.

Automated Welding
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ductile to Brittle Transition Temperature
Heating with Microwaves
Material Characterization
Vacuum Plasma Spraying (VPS) process
(9) - Click on PWL#026.

Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Radiant Tubes
TRIP Steels
(9) - Click on PWL#027.

Beryllium Mirrors
Damage Tolerance
Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
Holographic Inspection
Thermal Analysis
X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
(9) - Click on PWL#028.

Beta Transus
Laser Drilling
Metallic Bond
Single Crystal Castings
(9) - Click on PWL#029.

Covalent Bond
Finite Element Modeling
Hot Tap
Physical Metallurgy
(9) - Click on PWL#030.

Amorphous metals
Pulse Puddle Arc Welding
Seebeck coefficient
Thermal Barrier Coatings
(9) - Click on PWL#031.

Confocal Microscope
Indentation Hardness
Net Shape
Mechanical Metallurgy
Peltier Effect
Spheroidal Graphite
(9) - Click on PWL#032.

Case hardening
Grain refinement
Wetting Agent
(9) - Click on PWL#033.

All-weld-metal test specimen
Ball Mill
(9) - Click on PWL#034.

Dry Hyperbaric Welding
Failure Analysis
Hybrid Laser-GMAW Process
Mold Cavity
Pry Checking Test
Rapid Prototyping
(9) - Click on PWL#035.

Banded Structure
Cemented Carbides
Creep Test
Dispersion Strengthening
(9) - Click on PWL#036.

Cup and Cone Fracture
Plastic Flow
(9) - Click on PWL#037.

Stress Relaxation
Thermal Shock
White Iron
Work Lead
Zone Melting
(9) - Click on PWL#038.

Eutectic Melting
Mechanical Properties
Physical Properties
Sigmajig Test
Sigma Phase
(9) - Click on PWL#039.

Acicular Ferrite
Fiber Optic Sensors
Grain Growth
Low-cycle Fatigue
(9) - Click on PWL#040.

Accelerated Corrosion Test
Austenitic Manganese Steel
Flake Graphite
(9) - Click on PWL#041.

Barrel Plating
Firecracker Welding
(9) - Click on PWL#042.

Contact Fatigue
Controlled Atmosphere
Heat Sink
Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Permanent Set
(9) - Click on PWL#043.

Duplex Stainless Steels
Equicohesive Temperature
Notch Sensitivity
Rimmed steel
(9) - Click on PWL#044.

Bulk Forming
Multi-Alloy Aluminum
Modulus of Elasticity
(9) - Click on PWL#045.

Charpy test
Fretting Corrosion
High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) Steels
Izod Test
(9) - Click on PWL#046.

Checks or Crazing
Compressive Strength
Die Insert
Expendable Pattern
(9) - Click on PWL#047.

Intermetallic Compound
McQuaid-Ehn grain size
Notch Ductility Press
Press Quenching
(9) - Click on PWL#048.

Alkali Metal
Bend Test
Metal-Matrix Composite (MMC)
(9) - Click on PWL#049.

Continuous Casting
Holding Time
Pack Carburizing
Proportional Limit
(9) - Click on PWL#050.

Ceramic Armor
Exothermic Reactions
Fusion Welding
Sonic Shape
(9) - Click on PWL#051.

Grit Size
Hooke's Law
Nital Etching
(9) - Click on PWL#052.

Electrolytic Grinding
Epitaxial Growth
Equiaxed Grain Structure
Fatigue Strength
Microwave Processing
(9) - Click on PWL#053.

Composite Material
Endurance Limit
Quarter Hard
Rapid Solidification
(9) - Click on PWL#054.

Galvanized Steel
Interdendritic Corrosion
Killed Steel
Scale, Scaling
Shear Stress
(9) - Click on PWL#055.

Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
S-N Curve or Diagram
Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA)
Vacuum Induction Melting
X-Ray Diffraction
(9) - Click on PWL#056.

Density Ratio
Hot Shortness
Transgranular Cracking
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Vacuum Arc Remelting
(9) - Click on PWL#057.

(9) - Click on PWL#058.

Leidenfrost phenomenon
Stretch Forming
Tint Etching
Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
Yield Strength
(9) - Click on PWL#059.

Dimple Rupture
Hydrogen Embrittlement
Hydrogen Storage
Mechanical Alloying (MA)
(9) - Click on PWL#060.

Coefficient of Friction
Corrosion Resistance
Ductile Fracture
Permanent Mold
Poisson's Ratio
(9) - Click on PWL#061.

Tool steel
(9) - Click on PWL#062.

Cathodic Protection
Cleavage Fracture
Electroless Plating
(9) - Click on PWL#063.

Master Alloy
Pack Carburizing
(9) - Click on PWL#064

Controlled Rolling
Corrosion Fatigue
Notch Rupture Strength
Process Annealing
(9) - Click on PWL#065.

Principal Stress
Temper Embrittlement
Thermomechanical Working
(9) - Click on PWL#066.

Induction Welding
Rolling Mills
Yield Point
(9) - Click on PWL#067.

Adhesive Wear
Dual-Phase Steels
Quench Cracking
(9) - Click on PWL#068.

Equilibrium Diagram
Melting Point
Stress-Intensity Factor
Ultrasonic Welding
(9) - Click on PWL#069.

(9) - Click on PWL#070.

Cold Rolling
Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)
Lost Foam Casting
Permanent Magnet Material
Thermal Fatigue
(9) - Click on PWL#071.

Basic Oxygen Furnace
Dip Coat
Fibrous Fracture
(9) - Click on PWL#072

Continuous Casting
Interstitial Solid Solution
Piezoelectric Effect
Refractory Metal
(9) - Click on PWL#073

Discontinuous Yielding
End-Quench Hardenability Test
Interrupted Quenching
Isostatic Pressing
Stabilizing Treatment
(9) - Click on PWL#074

Binary System
Mechanical Working
Transverse Rupture Strength
(9) - Click on PWL#075.

Magnetic Particle Inspection
Plane Stress
Ultrasonic Inspection
Vapor Degreasing
Weathering Steels
X-Ray Diffraction
(9) - Click on PWL#076.

Solution Heat Treatment
True Stress
Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)
Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
(9) - Click on PWL#077.

Surface Hardening
Wire Drawing
Yield Strength
(9) - Click on PWL#078.

Soft Magnetic Material
Torque wrench
(9) - Click on PWL#079.

Pin Expansion Test
Stretch Forming
Transformation Ranges
Triple Point
Ultrahard Tool Materials
Wax Pattern
(9) - Click on PWL#080.

Electrolytic Cell
Grain Flow
Microhardness Test
Necking Down
(9) - Click on PWL#081.

Fluidized Bed
Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics
(9) - Click on PWL#082.

Melting Range
Metallic glass
protective atmosphere
Sieve Analysis
(9) - Click on PWL#083.

Intergranular Fracture
Light Metal
Noble Metal
(9) - Click on PWL#084.

Gas Classification
Plastic Deformation
(9) - Click on PWL#085.

Lüders Lines
Prealloyed Powder
Rolling-Contact Fatigue
(9) - Click on PWL#086.

Acid Rain
Brine Quenching
Centrifugal Casting
Mild Steel
Radiation Damage
Reverse Engineering
(9) - Click on PWL#087.

Centrifugal Casting
Damping Capacity
Free Machining
Grain Size
Heat-Resistant Alloy
(9) - Click on PWL#088.

Surface Texture
Triaxial Stress
Unit Cell
Work Hardening
Young's Modulus
(9) - Click on PWL#089.

Transition Temperature
(9) - Click on PWL#090.

Low Alloy Steels
Roll Forging
Shrinkage Cracks
Thermal Inspection
Ultrasonic Beam
(9) - Click on PWL#091.

Precipitation Hardening
Quench Hardening
Roll Forming
Sulfur Print
Vacuum Furnace
(9) - Click on PWL#092.

Grain Boundary
High-Cycle Fatigue
Intercept Method
Low-Cycle Fatigue
(9) - Click on PWL#093.

Transmission Electron Microscope
Ultrahigh Strength Steels
(9) - Click on PWL#094.

Natural Aging
Optical Microscopy
Rupture Stress
(9) - Click on PWL#095.

Carbide tools
Electrical discharge wire cutting
(9) - Click on PWL#096.

Atmospheric Corrosion
Hot Working
(9) - Click on PWL#097.

Alpha Case
Kroll Process
Liquid Nitriding
Oxygen Lance
X-Ray Maps
(9) - Click on PWL#098.

Dynamic Recrystallization (DRX)
Environmental Chamber
Processing Map
Universal Testing Machine
(9) - Click on PWL#099.

Box Annealing
Centerless Grinding
Diamond Wheel
(9) - Click on PWL#100.

Air-hardening Steel
Blasting or Blast Cleaning
Consumable Electrode Remelting
Reactive Metals
(9) - Click on PWL#101.

Press Brake
Ring Rolling
(9) - Click on PWL#102.

Full Hard Temper
High Energy Rate Forging
Nanohardness test
(9) - Click on PWL#103.

Arc Gouging
Barrel Finishing
Differential Heating or Cooling
(9) - Click on PWL#104.

Electromagnetic Radiation
Freezing Range
Grinding Sensitivity
Isothermal Transformation
Parting Line
(9) - Click on PWL#105.

Instrumented Impact Test
Laser Surface Processing
Magnetizing Force
Pancake Forging
(9) - Click on PWL#106.

Closed Dies
Double Aging
(9) - Click on PWL#107.

Reduction of Area
Subcritical Annealing
Uniaxial Stress
Vacuum Deposition
Wrought Iron
(9) - Click on PWL#108.

Strain Aging
Tolerance Limits
Ultra High Strength Steels
Vibratory Finishing
(9) - Click on PWL#109.

Uniform Strain
Vapor Plating
Wet Blasting
X-ray Spectroscopy
Zinc Worms
(9) - Click on PWL#110.

Electroslag welding
Free Ferrite
Granular Fracture
Uniform Strain
(9) - Click on PWL#111.

Press-brake Forming
River pattern
Surface Alterations
Twin Bands
Vacuum Degassing
(9) - Click on PWL#112.

Olsen ductility test
Trace or tramp elements
Vickers Hardness Test
(9) - Click on PWL#113.

Neutron Embrittlement
Rockwell hardness
Salt Fog (or Spray) Test
(9) - Click on PWL#114.

Nominal Stress
Satin Finish
(9) - Click on PWL#115.

Binary Alloy
Dead Soft
Fiber Metallurgy
(9) - Click on PWL#116.

Reverberatory Furnace
Tempered Martensite
Ultrasonic Frequency
Vacuum Casting
Woody Structure
(9) - Click on PWL#117.

Elastic Strain Energy
Flame Straightening
Grinding Wheel
Heat Treatment
(9) - Click on PWL#118.

Latent Heat
Particle Size
Ratchet Marks
Transformation Hardening
(9) - Click on PWL#119.

Direct Chill Casting
Electrolytic Copper
Guinier-Preston zone
Hot Corrosion
Internal Shrinkage
(9) - Click on PWL#120.

Ordered Crystal Structure
Process Metallurgy
Rotary (Hearth) Furnace
Tough Pitch Copper
(9) - Click on PWL#121.

Abrasive Wear
Ball Milling
Deep Drawing
Electrochemical Reaction
File Hardness
(9) - Click on PWL#122.

Abrasive Jet Machining
Back Draft
Carbon Steel
Deep Etching
Emission Spectroscopy
(9) - Click on PWL#123.

Acid Steel
Cold Shut
Flux Lines
Gathering Stock
Hard Chromium
(9) - Click on PWL#124.

Electromotive Force Series
Flow Lines
Green Rot
Hole Expansion Test
(9) - Click on PWL#125.

Domain, magnetic
Grinding Fluid
(9) - Click on PWL#126.

Pusher Furnace
Superplastic Forming (SPF)
Uniform Elongation
(9) - Click on PWL#127.

Ideal Critical Diameter
Jaw crusher
Longitudinal magnetic field
Magnetic Pole
(9) - Click on PWL#128.

Oil quenching
Plane strain
Tin Pest
Widmanstätten Structure
(9) - Click on PWL#129.

Bearing Stress
Corrosion Rate
(9) - Click on PWL#130.

Preferred Orientation
Stress Raisers
Thermochemical Treatment
White Rust
Yellow Brass
(9) - Click on PWL#131.

Hot Upset Forging
Levitation melting
Mechanical Hysteresis
Notch Acuity
(9) - Click on PWL#132.

Activated Rosin Flux
Backhand Welding
Composite Electrode
Exothermic Braze Welding
Full Fillet Weld
Governing Metal Thickness
Heating Torch
Plasma Arc Welding Torch
(9) - Click on PWL#133.

Basic Refractories
Decohesive Rupture
Electrochemical Potential
Hypereutectic Alloy
(9) - Click on PWL#134.

Carbon Potential
Dichromate Treatment
Electrolytic Cleaning
Forced-Air Quench
Grain Size Distribution
Hot Dip Coating
(9) - Click on PWL#135.

Proof Load
Rotary Swaging
True strain
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS)
(9) - Click on PWL#136.

Alloy Steel
Bearing Test
Extractive Metallurgy
(9) - Click on PWL#137.

Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD)
Binder Metal
Casting Shrinkage
(9) - Click on PWL#138.

Green Strength
Hand Forge
Impact Energy
Knoop Hardness Test
Lattice Parameter
(9) - Click on PWL#139.

Galvanic Series
Hot Pressure Welding
Impact Test
Milling Cutter
(9) - Click on PWL#140.

Surface Damage
Triple-Action Press
Uniform Corrosion
Vacuum Sintering
Wire Rod
x-ray spectrum
(9) - Click on PWL#141.

Open Hearth Furnace
Press Forming
Roller Leveling
Surface Modification
Total Elongation
(9) - Click on PWL#142.

Electron Bands
Ferrite Banding
Grit Blasting
Heat Tinting
Intergranular Stress-Corrosion Cracking
(9) - Click on PWL#143 to see it.

Mineral dressing
Nuclear grade
Quench-age Embrittlement
Roughing Stand
(9) - Click on PWL#144.

Elastic limit
Fatigue limit
Gas atomization
Heat check
Impression-die forging
Jig boring
(9) - Click on PWL#145.

Notch Brittleness
Oxidizing atmosphere
Quasi-clivage fracture
Resistance Seam Welding
(9) - Click on PWL#146.

Accelerated Testing
Bauschinger effect
Cast Iron
Double Tempering
Environmental Cracking
(9) - Click on PWL#147.

Cast structure
Exogenous Inclusion
(9) - Click on PWL#148.

Green Sand
Hall Process
Impact Extrusion
Linear Strain
Minimum Bend Radius
Notch Depth
(9) - Click on PWL#149.

Normal Stress
Oxidative Wear
Progressive Forming
Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC)
Tube Sinking
(9) - Click on PWL#150.

Basic Steel
Elastic Deformation
Ferromagnetic Material
Grain Coarsening
(9) - Click on PWL#151.

Mechanical Testing
Open-die Forging
Proof Testing
Surfacing Weld
(9) - Click on PWL#152.

Active Metal
Band Mark
Disordered Structure
Electrode Potential
Fibrous Structure
(9) - Click on PWL#153.

Fatigue Striation
Grindability Index
Hydrogen-Induced Delayed Cracking
Intercritical Annealing
(9) - Click on PWL#154.

Local Action
Normal Segregation
Oxygen Probe
Radial Marks
(9) - Click on PWL#155.

Abrasive Wheel
Deformation limit
False Brinelling
(9) - Click on PWL#156.

Graphitic Corrosion
Hindered contraction
Impact Load
(9) - Click on PWL#157.

Mill Scale
(9) - Click on PWL#158.

(9) - Click on PWL#159.

Gage Length
Half Hard
Induction Hardening
(9) - Click on PWL#160.

Materials Characterization
Orbital tube welding
Quantitative Metallography
Radiant Tubes
(9) - Click on PWL#161.

Ultimate Strength
Vibratory Stress Relief
Waterjet Abrasive Machining
X-Ray Fluorescence
Yield Strength
(9) - Click on PWL#162.

Acoustic Emission
Banded Structure
Cam Press
(9) - Click on PWL#163.

Hard Drawn
Immersed-electrode Furnace
Joint Clearance
Lath Martensite
(9) - Click on PWL#164.

Magnetic-particle inspection
Nodular Graphite
Quench annealing
Rate of Strain Hardening
(9) - Click on PWL#165.

Salt Bath Heat Treatment
Ultimate Elongation
Water Quenching
X-ray Spectrometry
(9) - Click on PWL#166.

Babbitt metal
Carbon Electrode
Damage tolerance
Effective Crack Size
(9) - Click on PWL#167.

Heat-affected zone (HAZ) craking
Ion Implantation
Jominy test
Leak Testing
(9) - Click on PWL#168.

Native metal
Offhand Grinding
Pack Nitriding
Quench Aging
Radioactive Element
(9) - Click on PWL#169.

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