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PWL#049B - Visual Inspection, Certified Welding Inspector, Visual Requirements for NDT, Duties
September 17, 2007

PWL#049B - Visual Inspection, Certified Welding Inspector, Visual Requirements for NDT, Inspector's Duties, VI Guide, Acceptance

Mid September Bulletin

Resources on Visual Inspection and Requirements

17 September 2007


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Resources on Visual Inspection and Requirements (17)

Basic information on Visual Inspection, can be found in our page Welding Inspection.

This 17th Mid Month Bulletin deals with Visual Inspection. The importance of this subject is due to its being the easiest and most economic of the Inspection Procedures.

As such it risks to be neglected as a low-tech and unimportant technique, as if it were advisable to supplant it by more sophisticated and advanced electronic or automated methods. It is not.

It would be a costly mistake to disregard Visual Inspection. It should be performed with integrity and thoroughness first of all by the welder, and then by properly trained and supervised Inspectors, conscious of the importance of their job and determined to fulfill their duties to the best of their capability.

Information on Visual Inspection can be found by copying and pasting the following links in your browser and ENTER to reach the following sources:

Visual Inspection (3 pages)

Fundamentals of Visual Inspection Course

Certification Scheme for Personnel (4 documents downloadable)

Certification: Certified Welding Inspector

Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors (24 pages)

Visual Inspection While Work Is In Progress

Ensuring Weld Quality in Structural Applications (16 pages) Part II

Revealing Welding Flaws through Visual Inspection

Vision Testing Requirements for Industry

Inspection Technical Procedure (20 pages)


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