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PWL#052B - Welding defects, discontinuities, defect types, visual defects, internal defects
December 17, 2007

PWL#052B - Welding Defects, Welding Discontinuities, Types of Defects, Visual and Dimensional Defects, Internal Defects, Finding and Repairing Defects and more...

Mid December Bulletin

17 December 2007 - Resources on Welding Defects - Bulletin 20


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Resources on Welding Defects (20)

We dealt with this subject in our page on Welding Defects.
An Article of ours on similar arguments can be found at
under the Title Arc Welding Discontinuities.

This 20th Mid Month Bulletin proposes a few links to documents connected with the main theme selected. Although not all imperfections can be called Defects, it is of the utmost importance to be able to recognize a Defect when one meets it.

Welders should be shown the defects of their production, should get explanations on the causes, and should be instructed on how to avoid them.

Inspectors carry most of the burden of interpreting requirements and of acknowledging the fine line between acceptable flaws and rejectable defects.

Designers should get acquainted with the realizations of their productions and should learn to establish sensible requirements easily achieved by the available equipment and workforce.

To reach the following sources, readers have only to click on the following links. Further links may then open additional pages.

Welding Defects
Engineering Structures.

Welding Defects (photo presentation)

Welding Defects (5 pages)

Welding Defects (18 pages)
ISF RWTH Aachen.

Creating High Quality Stick Welds: A User's Guide
Lincoln Electric

Weld defects/imperfections in welds - lack of sidewall and inter-run fusion
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