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PWL#059B - weldments fatigue, fatigue improvement, fatigue tests, fatigue analysis, design fatigue
July 14, 2008

Mid Month Bulletin 27

PWL#059B - Resources on Fatigue of Welded Structures, Weld Fatigue Improvement Techniques, Ultrasonic Impact Treatment, Fatigue Life Simulation, Predicting Fatigue Life, Fatigue Assessment, Fatigue Management and more...

Mid July Bulletin

14 July 2008 - Resources on Fatigue of Welded Structures - Bulletin 27


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Resources on Fatigue of Welded Structures and related subjects

An Article on Fatigue Failures was published (7) in issue 4 of Practical Welding Letter for December 2003. Click on PWL#04 to see it.

An Article on Thermal Fatigue was published (2) in Issue 16 of Practical Welding Letter for November 2004. Click on PWL#016 to see it.

An Article on Ultrasonic Impact Treatment was published (11) in Issue 56 of Practical Welding Letter for April 2008. Click on PWL#056 to see it.

From TWI
Fatigue Testing - Part 1
Fatigue Testing - Part 2
Fatigue Testing - Part 3

Introduction to Fatigue of Welded Steel Structures and
Post-Weld Improvement Techniques (10 pages)

Post Weld Fatigue Improvement Techniques
Ultrasonic Impact Treatment (4 pages)

On Shotpeening for Fatigue Life Improvement

Introductory fatigue tests
on welded joints in high strength steel
[...] UIT

Application of Ultrasonic Peening for Fatigue Life
Improvement of Automotive Welded Wheels
(9 pages)

Fatigue of Welded Joints

Residual Stress Analysis and Fatigue -
Assessment of Welded Steel Structures
(48 pages)

Seam Weld Fatigue Analysis - FEMFAT (17 slides)

CCOPPS: Fatigue of Welded Pressure Vessels
(Download the Webinar - 53 slides)

Comparing Weld Fatigue Behavior Of Stainless Steels

A spot-weld Fatigue Analysis Module
in the MSC/Fatigue Environment
(13 pages)

Fatigue Life Prediction of HSLA-65 Welds (10 pages)

Corrosion Fatigue in Friction-Stir-Welded Aluminum

Fatigue Assessment of Aluminium
Welded Box-stiffener Joints in Ships
(172 pages)
Download Fulltext from

The effect of Cathodic Polarization on Fatigue Behavior (22 pages)

A New Way to Look at Welding

Virtual Welded-Joint Design Integrating
Advanced Materials and Processing Technologies
(78 pages)

An Investigation of Resistance Welding Performance of
Advanced High-Strength Steels (115 pages)

Fatigue Strength of Fillet-Welded Transverse
Stiffeners with Undercuts
(76 pages)

The Effect of Spot Weld Failure on
Dynamic Vehicle Performance
(9 pages)

Government, Military and Industry Links

Fatigue Management

Weldability and Weld Fatigue

Narrow-Gap Improved Electroslag Welding for Bridges

Predicting Fatigue Life of Welded Joints
under Multiaxial Loads
(48 slides)

Fatigue Testing and Life Estimates of
Welded Flat Head Pressure Vessel Joints

An Article on Aligning a Long Shaft was published (3) in Issue 112 of Practical Welding Letter for December 2012.
Click on PWL#112 to see it.


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