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PWL#061B - Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding, high power fibre laser, Laser Assisted GMAW, one sided welding
September 15, 2008

Mid Month Bulletin 29

PWL#061B - Resources on Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding, Laser Assisted Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shipyards, One-Sided Welding, automotive industry, keyhole and more...

Mid September Bulletin

15 September 2008 - Resources on Laser Hybrid Welding - Bulletin 29


Please find here our new Mid Month Bulletin that we offer with the purpose of providing useful online information easily accessible to our readers, either now or at some later date.

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A brief introduction to the subject of this Bulletin was published in the past.

An Article on Laser Hybrid Welding was published (7) in Issue 16 of Practical Welding Letter for November 2004. Click on PWL#016 to read it.

Note: If the following addresses (URLs) are not links (usually underlined), please copy and paste the whole address as a single line without spaces in your browser and Enter to reach the indicated pages. Otherwise just click on the links.

Resources on Laser-GMAW Hybrid Welding

Shipyard uses Laser-GMAW Hybrid Welding to achieve One-Sided Welding

Hybrid Laser-Arc Welding Features Shielding Gas as the Supporting Lead

Hybrid welding for the automotive industry

Hybrid welding of Titanium

LaserHybrid process at Volkswagen (9 pages)

Hybrid laser welding of steel

NORHYB - Nordic Network on Hybrid Welding

Recent Progress and Innovative Solutions for Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding

Laser-Arc-Hybrid-Welding with Nd:YAG- and CO2-Lasers

Robust and Efficient Applications of Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding

The Influence of Various Hybrid Welding Parameters on Bead Geometry

Control of Weld Bead Shape with the Hybrid Welding Process

Optimization Of An Laser+GMAW Hybrid Welding Process (2 pages)

Laser-MIG Arc Hybrid Welding of Aluminium Alloy (7 pages)

Low Heat Input Welding for Thin Steel Fabrication (6 pages)

Fibre lasers attractive for industrial applications (4 pages)

Real-Time Control of Laser-Hybrid Welding Using Weld Quality Attributes (10 pages)

Laser-GMA-Hybrid Welding with Oscillating Arc and/or Flux Backing (11 pages)

Laser hybrid welding with high power fibre laser (9 pages)

High-power fibre laser in shipbuilding (4 pages)

List of Links: Laser Materials Processing in the Nordic Industry

Development of Laser-arc Hybrid Welding (2002)

Effects of Nd:YAG laser+pulsed MAG arc hybrid welding parameters on its weld shape (8 pages)
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Download the full text from the above page.

In-process weld quality monitoring of laser and hybrid laser-arc fillet welds in 6-12mm C-Mn steel

Hybrid laser-MAG welding procedures and weld properties in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm thickness C-Mn steels

Hybrid Nd:YAG Laser-AC MIG welding of thin section automotive aluminium alloy

Laser and hybrid laser-MIG welding of 6.35 and 12.7mm thick aluminium aerospace alloy

Observation of Keyhole Behavior and Melt Flows during Laser-Arc Hybrid Welding (1005)

Laser-Arc Welding of Duplex Stainless Steel (7 pages)

Process Stability and Design of Seam Geometry during Hybrid Welding (8 pages)

Position welding using disk laser-GMA hybrid welding (4 pages)
Position Welding.

Vision Systems for Monitoring and Control of Arc and Laser/Arc Hybrid Processes (7 pages)

Influences of Laser in Low Power YAG Laser-MAG Hybrid Welding Process (4 pages)

LaserHybrid Welding State of the Art(10 pages)

Experience with Shipyard Installation (10 pages)
ICALEO 2007.

Hybrid Laser-MIG welding - Geometrical Considerations (67 pages)

Usage of Fibre Lasers as Mobile Beam Source in the Shipbuilding Industry (24 slides presentation)
Fibre Lasers.

Lasers in Manufacturing - Conference Program LIM 2007

Euroblech 2008 - Preview


Disclaimer: The following list of links to manufacturers and suppliers of components or complete systems of Laser Arc Hybrid Welding was prepared using the information available to the Author at the time of writing. It has no claims to be complete or exhaustive, it is only presented as a service to readers who may wish to look for specific solutions. No endorsement or recommendation is intended.

ESAB Introduces New Hybrid Laser Welding System

Laser Welding System (5 pages)

Advanced Welding Processes

Rimrock - Wolf Robotics

8 kW Hybrid GMAW/Laser Welding

MSG Laser hybrid welding process

Laser Welding Tool System for All Joining Applications

Industrial Robots and related equipment suppliers (Daihen)

Laser Welding Products



SPI Lasers UK Ltd and SPI Lasers LLC

CORUS - Hybrid laser-arc welding



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