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PWL#063B - PWHT, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Stress Relief, Repair Procedures, Code Exemptions, etc.
November 14, 2008

November 14, 2008
Mid Month Bulletin 31

PWL#063B - Resources on PWHT, Post Weld Heat Treatment, Stress Relief, Repair Procedures, Code Exemptions, Temper Bead Procedures, Toughness, Cracking, Creep Rupture, Weldability, Qualification Record and more...

Mid November Bulletin

14 November 2008 - Resources on Post Weld Heat Treatment - Bulletin 31


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A short note on PWHT was published (11) in Issue 09 of Practical Welding Letter for May 2004. Click on PWL#09 to see it.

A note on Temper Bead was published (9.2) in the Short Items Issue 15 of Practical Welding Letter for November 2004. Click on PWL#015 to see it. After opening the following Resources, if the content looks interesting to you, save the files in a special folder you will have opened with a meaningful name, for your future reference.


Post Weld Heat Treatment of Welded Structures (10 pages)

What is Meant by Postweld Heat Treatment/Stress Relief Heat Treatment?

Guidelines for Selection of Number and Location of Thermocouples during PWHT

What is the Procedure for Welding En24 Low Alloy Steel, under High Restraint?

Repair Welding Cr-Mo Steels without PWHT

Avoiding PWHT - Can it be Justified?

Can a Welded Repair to a Pressure Vessel be carried out without subsequent PWHT?

A review of Postweld Heat Treatment Code Exemption - Part 1

Assessing Toughness Levels for Steels to determine the Need for PWHT - Part 2

Sulphide Stress Cracking of Welded Joints in Weldable Martensitic Stainless Steels

What is the Holloman-Jaffe Parameter?

Postweld Heat Treatment to avoid Intergranular Stress Corrosion Cracking of Supermartensitic Stainless Steels

The Significance of Softened HAZs in High Strength Structural Steels

Welding new Stainless Steels for the Oil and Gas Industry

Controlled Deposition Repair Welding

The Influence of Ti, Al and Nb on the Toughness and Creep Rupture Strength of Grade 92 Steel Weld Metal

PWHT Services

A Review of Postweld Heat Treatment Code Exemptions (7 pages)

A New Look at Time-Temperature-Thickness Requirements for PWHT
(2 pages)

Assessing Toughness Levels for Steels to Determine the Need for PWHT (7 Pages)

Defects - Hydrogen Cracks in Steels - Prevention and Best Practice

The Effect of Multiple Postweld Heat Treatment Cycles on the Weldability of Waspaloy® (6 pages)

Postweld Heat Treatment (2 pages)

Procedure Qualification for Fusion Welding in accordance with API 6A & API 16A (33 pages)

Welding "Grade 91" Alloy Steel (5 pages)

Hot Tapping in Atmospheric Storage Tanks

Inspection and Welding Repairs of Pressure Vessels

Martensite Transformation, Microsegregation, and Creep Strength of
9 Cr-1 Mo-V Steel Weld Metal
(6 pages)

Welding & Heating Chromium Molybdenum (P91) Pipe

Filler Metal Options for Chrome-Moly Pipe

Development of a Gleeble based Test for PWHT Cracking in Nickel Alloys

General Guidelines for STELLITE® Hardfacing onto Steel Substrates

Welding and Coating Metallurgy

C-spec Welding Procedure Qualification Record

C-spec Welding Procedure Qualification Record (4 pages)

Hydrogen Embrittlement in Power Plant Steels (21 pages)


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