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PWL#066B - Resources on Mechanical Testing, mechanical properties, tensile-testing,compress.-testing
February 16, 2009

February 16, 2009
Mid Month Bulletin 34

PWL#066B - Resources on Mechanical Testing, mechanical properties, tensile-testing, compression-testing, bend-testing, impact-testing, notched bar-testing, fatigue-testing, creep-testing, creep-rupture-testing, hardness testing and more...

Mid February Bulletin

16 February 2009 - Resources on Mechanical Properties - Bulletin 34


Please find here our new Mid Month Bulletin that we offer with the purpose of providing useful online information easily accessible to our readers, either now or at some later date.

Therefore may we suggest that you save or bookmark this page for your future reference.

Readers may recall that the subject of Mechanical Testing was briefly introduced in our page on Welding Testing. Click on the link for seeing it.

Now we present a list of online Resources on that argument.

Although the subject cannot be covered thoroughly in a short page like this one, for studying the matter in depth many valuable books are available. Select from the following Textbooks on Mechanical Testing.

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Note: The addresses reported hereafter were live and correct at the time of their publication. There is no guarantee that they will be always be so, because they are administered by the sources themselves and are under their control.

Therefore if the information is important to you, you may save the selected pages in a suitable folder on your Computer for easy reference.

Note: References to articles or other documents are given here in one of two forms. If the links are "live" (usually underlined or otherwise highlighted) they are operated with a click of the mouse.

If they are URL's (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the analogue of an address, they begin with "http://..." or "www.". These are not live and must be copied and pasted entirely into the browser (after having selected them with the mouse or otherwise). If they are long they may be displayed in two or more lines. In that case one has to care that the URL be copied completely in a single line without any space, and Enter.

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Welding Metallurgy, Part 1: Understanding Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Testing - Understanding the Basics (6 pages)
ASM 1.

Measurement Errors in Mechanical Testing (3 pages)
ASM 2.

Mechanical Testing of Tiny Devices (3 pages)
ASM 3.

Trends in Mechanical Testing (4 pages)

Physical and Mechanical Testing Standards

Mechanical testing and characterisation of a steel adherend
bonded using an automotive grade epoxy adhesive

Mechanical testing of welded plastics joints

Mechanical testing of plastics welds

Mechanical testing - Tensile testing, Part I

Mechanical testing - Tensile testing Part II

Mechanical testing - notched bar or impact testing - Part I

Notched bar or impact testing. Part II

Mechanical assessment of welded joints in thermoplastics

Bend testing

Hardness Testing Part 1

Hardness Testing Part 2

Note: Practical Hardness Testing made Simple
by Elia E. Levi and Welding Advisers is
downloadable at no cost by subscription.
See further down this Page.

CTOD Testing

Compact tension and J integral tests

Fatigue testing

Fatigue testing - Part 2

Fatigue testing - Part 3

A Temperature controlled mechanical test facility
to ensure safe materials performance in hydrogen at 1000 bar

Measurement of coating properties and performance (8 links)

Welding and testing of thermoplastics tanks and pipes

Developing Optimum Toughness for GMA Welds

Measuring the plastic strain ratio of sheet metals
The Fabricator Article 1365

Introduction to forensic engineering - 3.5 Mechanical testing

Device for In-situ Atomic Force Microscope Mechanical Testing

In Situ Compression in the TEM

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Hardness Testing
made simple

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