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PWL#077B - Resources on Fiber Optic and other Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring,
January 15, 2010

Bulletin 45
January 15, 2010

PWL#077B - Resources on Fiber Optic Sensors, Acoustic Sensors, Piezoelectric Impedance Sensors, TWI Fatigue Sensor, Monitoring Aging Aerospace Structures, Monitoring Composite Airframes, Dynamic Testing of Bridges, Structural Health Monitoring, Concrete Structures Aging, Recent Trends in Structural Health Monitoring and more...

Mid January Bulletin

15 January 2010 - Structural Health Monitoring Resources - Bulletin 45


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Monitoring Structures.

The subject dealt with in this Bulletin seems quite remote from the worries of the average welder. Nevertheless it should be encouraging to know that besides the great progress done in engineering design and testing, the present trend requires to find ways to install suitable sensors within structures as they are built. The purpose is to know at any time with confidence what is the real structural health condition.

It is hoped that such timely knowledge will reduce the cost of periodic inspection and repair, will prevent the unexpected occurrence of sudden collapse, will give advance notice of impending failures, will ease repair procedures, will help in extending with confidence the useful structure life, will confirm or improve the theoretical design assumptions, will simplify code requirements.

The addresses reported hereafter were live and correct at the time of their publication. There is no guarantee that they will always be so, because they are administered by the sources themselves and are under their control.

Note: References to articles or other documents are given here in
one of two forms. If the links are "live" (usually underlined or otherwise highlighted) they are operated with a click of the mouse.

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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)


(Fiber Optics)

Fiber Optic Sensors for Bridge Monitoring (12 pages)
(including Principle of Operation)

Fiber Optic Sensor Solutions for Aerospace

(Acoustic Emission)

Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures with Acoustic Emission
and Acousto-Ultrasonics


Sensitivity of PZT Impedance Sensors for Damage Detection
of Concrete Structures

Overview of Piezoelectric Impedance-Based
Health Monitoring and Path Forward
(13 pages)

(Fatigue Sensor)

Development of a fatigue sensor for welded steel structures



Active Sensors for Health Monitoring of
Aging Aerospace Structures
(12 pages)
(5-9 March 2000)

Embedded Active Sensors for in-situ Structural Health Monitoring
of Aging Aircraft Structures
(10 pages)
(April 23-25, 2001)

Smart Aircraft Structures: a Future Necessity (1.1.2007)
Composites World.

Fiber optic thermal health monitoring of
aerospace structures and materials
(9 pages)

Monitoring The Health Of Composite Airframes


Static and Dynamic testing of Bridges and Highways
using long-gage fiber Bragg grating based strain sensors
(8 pages)

Wireless Intelligent Sensor Network for
Autonomous Structural Health Monitoring
(SHM)(10 pages)

Bridge and Tunnel Structural Health Monitoring
with Fiber Optic Sensors

Wireless Sensors May Help Governments Monitor Health
of Aging Infrastructure

Researchers Embark on $6.8 Million Research Project to
Develop Accurate, Wireless Monitoring of Highway Bridges

Structural Health Monitoring of Streicker Bridge

(Civil Structures)

Managing Concrete Structures Aging - One Approach (17 pages)

Better concrete structures are coming: expert

Overview of Wireless Sensors for Real-Time Health
Monitoring of Civil Structures
(6 pages)(2004)

Embedded Sensing of Structures: A Reality Check (7 pages)

Current Directions of Structural Health Monitoring
and Control in USA
(Abstract - 2008)

Fiber sensors for structural-health monitoring (2009)

Combined static and dynamic monitoring of civil structures
with long-gauge fiber optic sensors
(8 pages)

Validation case studies of wireless monitoring systems
in civil structures
(8 pages)

New Technologies for Structural Testing and Health Monitoring (2009)

In-Construction Monitoring System

Monitoring of Tall Building’s Dynamic behaviour
using Precision Inclination Sensors

Recent Trends in SHM Technologies (4 pages)[2009-03-23]

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