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PWL#079B - Resources on Welding Calculations and Calculators, Strength and Stress Formulas, Phases
March 15, 2010

Bulletin 47
March 15, 2010

PWL#079B - Resources on Welding Calculations and Calculators, Strength Formulas, Phase Transformations, Ferrite Number Predictors, Welding Cost Calculations, Welding Filler Metal Weight and more...

Mid March Bulletin

15 March 2010 - Resources on Welding Calculations - Bulletin 47


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Welding Software.
Welding Cost Estimate.

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The subject of this Bulletin is quite important for many welders, therefore it is recommended to bookmark this page or keep its reference handy for further use. The systematic collection of information on previous jobs can be useful for estimating cost and time frame for future applications.

Everyone involved can easily collect in a simple spreadsheet all important data for all current jobs, including Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) with all parameters, and at least estimates, if not precise calculations, of consumable consumption and costs.

The addresses reported hereafter were live and correct at the time of their publication. There is no guarantee that they will always be so, because they are administered by the sources themselves and are under their control.

Note: References to articles or other documents are given here in
one of two forms. If the links are "live" (usually underlined or otherwise highlighted) they are operated with a click of the mouse.

If they are URL's (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the analogue of an address, they begin with "http://..." or "www.". These are not live and must be copied and pasted entirely into the browser (after having selected them with the mouse or otherwise). If they are long they may be displayed in two or more lines. In that case one has to care that the URL be copied completely in a single line without any space, and Enter.

If the information is important to you as we hope, you may save the selected pages in a suitable folder on your Computer for easy reference. You are welcome to forward this page to those of your friends who may profit of this information.

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Miller Welding Calculators

Everlast Welding Calculators

GTAW or TIG Welding Calculator

Welding Process Calculator Set

Welding Calculators

Materials Algorithms Project

Phase Transformations & Complex Properties Research Group

Welding Metallurgy

Welding Calculations

Welding Calculations

Equations and Calculations


Welding Calculator (Excel Spreadsheet)
Comparison of Welding Economy for Fillet Welds

Sample Cost Calculation (GMAW)

Structural Design Software

Miller's Welding Dictionary

Weld Strength Calculations


Welding and Weldability Calculation

Welding Database (requires no cost registration)
[The system to predict hardness and microstructural constituents in the heat affected zone and to determine optimum welding conditions has been developed by using an estimated thermal cycle and the database of CCT diagram for welding.]

Ferrite Number Predictions for Stainless Steel Welds

Outokumpu Steel Professional Tool

TWI Software

Ed Craig from
reminded me that:
"The most simple yet comprehensive weld cost calculations available for decades have been in my process control training resources,

A kind reader, Jim Galloway, Welding Instructor at the Conestoga College, sent me the following links, developed through the Canadian Welding Association:

For equipment justifications (ROI)...

For welding cost analysis...

For arc welding energy costs...

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