Really Simple Subscribing

What_is_RSS?  Really Simple Subscribing.

Visitors of websites and end users get, by subscribing to RSS Service,
total control over how they want to read the content published.

They control what they read and when they read it.

Is there's anything new? No need to visit a site to know.

Whenever the publisher adds new content, subscribers know instantly.

No need to hand out email address in order to get this information.

So visitors feel better about accessing the information they want.

Visitor visits publisher's site and subscribes to RSS feed.

Updates  appear in RSS reader whenever new content is published.

Users get information to come to them.

No need to visit the site. That means the consumer can scan efficiently.

When a headline and summary appeal to you,
you click to visit the site for the full article.

What_is_RSS? To become an RSS user, you need an RSS reader.

Your reader (or browser) will allow you to aggregate all the feeds you're interested in, and display the title, short description, and link for each separate article in each feed.

New feeds are added to the list, dropping the oldest from the bottom.

You should look for a reader that makes it fast and simple to
download and install the software, and easy to start adding feeds.

If it's not, move on to another one.

Get the Reader you like

Windows Users

A free one is RSSReader...


Or find your own preference from this list...


Mac Users

NetNewsWire is free and the best of a small selection...


My Yahoo! and Feedly

You can also read your favorite feeds through My Yahoo! or Feedly...


Register for an account even if you plan on using a client-side reader.
It's good for you to understand how My Yahoo! works.

http://www.feedly.com is a browser-based (or mobile-app-based) reader.

Take your time and learn how to use your reader.