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Welding-plan hindrances?

Ever felt being stuck in place as something goes wrong?

When your Welding-plan production grinds to a stop...
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When you look for the best Welding-plan ...
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You may want to start your quest on your own, that maybe the best.
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Even the best Welding-plan may run into problems...

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Hi, I am Elia E. Levi, a Mechanical Engineer, retired after more than 40 years of work in the Industry. I am specialized in Welding, M.Sc. in Metallurgy, and I consult regularly on the most diverse welding and metallurgical problems. I often contribute also to Engineering Fora (plural of "Forum"... a Latin word).

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I keep in touch with a long list of readers of my monthly Practical Welding Letter available at no cost by Subscription, and I routinely write articles in the technical press, as I report in my publications.

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Besides building and maintaining this Welding Advisers Website,
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I believe my answers are sought for, and the Testimonials I get
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Whoever qualifies as one of the following:
Hobby Welder, Individual Artisan, small Shop Owner, Student etc.,
will get free advice from this website.

Industrial Companies willing to hire my consulting services, will be able to exploit my professional expertise by issuing a Purchase Order for a fee, and I will stay with their problem until it is solved to their satisfaction.

So how can you get easily and promptly the profitable information you need?

It is quite easy. This Website can help you out. It is more than a structured collection of information. It is stuffed with updated know-how, practical tips and explanations, all visible online, if you care to look for and read what you find...

It is designed to offer the tangible benefit of timely response to most current and less frequent Welding-plan questions.
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It may be the smartest thing you can do to resume ASAP profitable production. It will not cost you a fortune. It may save you one.

The benefits? using qualified consultation saves time and expenses,
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Bird by Uri Sharon

by Uri Sharon
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AWS D1.1 Overhead Welding Test, Part 1
- Set up & Fit-up


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