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Welding-articles were written by this Author in various occasions, to cover different welding subjects.

The purpose is to inform readers.

And possibly to induce them to look deeper into the argument if considered interesting.

Looking back at the activity of a few years it appears that quite a few Welding-articles written were published.

Most of them are still available online, provided a way is found to recall them to the attention of potential readers.

Subjects not covered by published articles are covered in various pages of this Website.

To find them perform a search or look through the Site Map, Welding Topics or Welding Resources.

The purpose of this page is therefore to present Welding-articles titles and references to anybody looking for an introduction to certain aspects of welding technology worth of consideration.

We hope that this page will become an Index reference for a broad search of welding subjects.

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Weld Repair - Analyze the Failure before attempting the Repair
November 9, 2004
Click on Weld Repair.

In a Position to Weld,
Selecting the right Positioner to improve weld Productivity, Quality

The fabricator, January 2005 Vol. 35 No.1, page 42 (Offline)

Design for Welding: Letter to an Engineer
March 8, 2005
Click on Design.

Incorporating beveling economically
April 11, 2005
Click on Bevels.

Fatigue Failures
June 14, 2005
Click on Fatigue.

Reverse Engineering: How to reconstruct Missing Documents
November 8, 2005
Click on Rev. Engrg.

How to perform tack welding successfully
April 11, 2006
Click on Tacking.

Arc Welding Discontinuities
July 11, 2006
Click on Discontinuities.

Is it Worth Planning a Career in Welding?
September 7, 2006
Click on Planning.

Promising Welding Innovations
November 7, 2006
Click on Innovations.

Joining Incompatible Materials
April 10, 2007
Click on Incompatible.

Planning a Career in Welding: A young Person's Guide
July 10, 2007
Click on Welding Career.

Salvaging damaged Shafts
January 15, 2008
Click on Shafts.

Where is the Welding Management?
May 27, 2008
Click on Management.

Validating Processes, Procedures, and Products
June 23, 2009
Click on Validation.

Why Pick Welding As Your Job For Life?
October 6, 2009
Click on Job for Life.

Submerged arc welding optimization
November 10, 2009
Click on SAW Optimization.

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