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Mar 24, 2010
Promo of Work (harley bike)
by: Anonymous

John, first of all you will need to take better photos of your work. Background is important and also the detail of your piece needs to be visible. A good digital camera and some time on the net to see how photos are taken would help. There should be a community college in your area that offers workshops or classes on photography...take a class. Second, you need more then "one" piece to put a portfolio together. Create more pieces or round up some of the other "art" you have done and refer back to item one...take good quality photos. There really is no such thing as an art promoter, "you" are the promoter. Put together an artist statement along with a biography and your photos, get them on a cd and start selling yourself.

Go to yahoo groups and take a look at Welding for Art. This is a site created by my students to show their work and to talk about welded art. You will probably have to be approved to enter the site but that is easy. Just follow the directions once you get to the site.

I can be reached at if you have other questions.


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