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The purpose of this Bulletin_117 is to provide Links to Online Sources.

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As advised in our new page on Metals Knowledge, the content of our Encyclopedia Online is going to be updated and published in Mid Month Bulletins.

Starting with this Issue, Part 1, the content of the original volumes, published in 2007, is being revised and updated.

The hope is that many readers will find the drive to download the information, organize it as a proper Encyclopedia Online in suitable folders, and learn as much as they can to build the core of their know how.

Other issues will follow, enlarging the scope of the information covered.

Mid March Bulletin

March 2016  - Resources on Metals  P. 1 - Bulletin_117

PWL#151B - Bulletin_117: Resources on Steel, Iron-Carbon Diagram, Metallurgy, Data for Metallurgists, Steel Manufacturing, Environmental, Health and Safety, Outlook, Energy Trends, Types, Properties, Applications and much more...

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Materials Engineering

Materials are the basic building stuff for making things.  Among them, metallic materials are most important for ease and economy of fabrication.

Welding is a major collection of processes permitting joining of base metals to produce most of the objects we see and use every day.

To understand and exploit welding one must command a certain knowledge of the basic characteristics of metals.

The body of wisdom covering all aspects of metal science is called Metallurgy.

Scores of Books, Manuals, Handbooks, Journals, Magazines, Brochures are available in print and can be perused in technical Libraries or can be purchased for building a substantial professional bookshelf, to help in achieving one's purposes when dealing with metals.

Unfortunately the best publications are also quite expensive.

Specific documents, furthermore, possibly needed for formal study or for exact reference as demanded by industrial official contracts, may be made available by their various originators and suppliers for purchase only, or in exchange for subscription fees.

General knowledge, however, and information provided by academic and commercial sources, is mostly accessible to any computer.

The Internet is indeed a vast repository of high quality knowledge with essential information open and ready for downloading and learning.

Tapping this rich source is an enriching experience available to all.

It is a matter of personal judgment to appreciate the value of this instructive material.

It is believed however that a large part of the reference material offered by the links proposed here can establish a solid professional base if learned seriously.

It may be a useful complement to your library, a sort of Online Encyclopedia.

Online Encyclopedia

To perform a thorough search of the sources and obtain useful links is quite difficult and time consuming.

The information provided here was gathered from various Search Engines and is in principle available to whoever has the time and drive to look for it on his own.

It is hoped however that many readers will welcome this presentation as a useful service designed to deliver this wisdom to their fingertips while saving from them long search hours.

The subjects were selected primarily for their relation to Metallurgy and Welding but occasional digressions were included as considered proper.

It is unavoidable that, when commercial Companies publish instructive information, their main purpose is to promote their wares and services.

Nevertheless invaluable general or specific knowledge can be collected even from such sources.

It is understood that this is a partial and personal choice and that it could easily be expanded to cover more subjects and in more depths if deemed necessary.

The assembled Pages, Articles, Booklets etc. suitable for reference and study, can be gathered and organized in proper Folders, subdivided in sub-folders, and saved in a large memory space assigned to this use.


Before starting to download, it is recommended to dedicate some thought and attention to the method to use for organizing the Encyclopedia.

Then, with a plan ready for implementation, you should take the time to download to your computer as much of the information deemed useful for your purposes.

Although the sources are generally serious and reliable, there is no guarantee they will not change their websites, their addresses, their policy.

Unless the pages are stored in your computer, you cannot know for sure they will be available to you at any time.

Organizing the Information

Sub-folders should be opened, one for each of the materials, to save in them the various pages you will reach.

For examining the content of the links, it is suggested to open each one in turn in a new page with the right click, not to loose the source with an inadvertent delete when you are done with that page.

If the link is given as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) it will have to be copied and pasted in your browser before clicking to ENTER.

You will then save each page in the proper sub-folder with a meaningful title for easy retrieval.

For pages listing many new links you may consider to open a new sub folder and name it with the name of the source (or a shortening thereof) followed by a + sign, to indicate that it will contain, besides the main page (the first to save there), also the articles pointed to therein.

This method or any practical variant will help you find easily what you need later on.

Finally you may build your own Index in a text page, listing the titles of the articles and the name of the sub-folder where they are saved.

You may add a short summary to help you come back to the most significant information.

You should now be ready to start building your Encyclopedia.

Happy downloading and learning!


Best efforts were employed to assemble this information for providing easy reference to valuable sources of important professional knowledge.

The utmost care was used to ensure that the information presented in this publication is helpful, updated and of high quality.

However no representation or warranties of any kind are made with regard to the completeness or accuracy of the contents of this publication.

The Author disclaims any personal loss or liability caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the utilization of any information presented herein.

The e-mail addresses reported here were effective and operational when  originally published.
There is no guarantee that they will all be available at any time, because they are maintained by their original source, subject to their policy, their decisions and their responsibility.

The Author cannot guarantee or accept any responsibility if any of the links supplied here in good faith fails to work or is discontinued by its originator.

By using the information in this bulletin, the reader agrees to do so entirely at his/her own risk.

Resources on Steel - General

117 KB - 68 Links – 41 References
More Articles on History of Ferrous Metallurgy, on Modern Steelmaking,
on Uses and on Manufacturing Technologies.

Carbon Steel
Wikipedia-Carbon Steel
44kB - 31 Links - 2 References

Efunda - Steels
38kB -6 Links to Ferrous Alloys
See other articles Titles in the Left Frame

Azom Article 2537
61kB - 1 Reference

The Metallurgy of Carbon Steel
Go welding
13.3kB - 2 References

Casti Metal Blue Book (130 pages)
Metallurgy, Metals and Welding
Casti Blue Book

Practical Data for Metallurgists (130 pages)
Timken Steel Handbook
1.3 MB

Articles - Key to Metals Knowledge Base
Key to Metals
Articles arranged in 9 Categories


Steel Manufacturing
Wikipedia-Steel Mill
31kB-53 Links

Making Steel
AISI Steel

Steel Matter and Six Stages in Steel Production
Matter - Sitemap

A Brief History of Iron and Steel Production
Saint Anselm College

Steel Manufacture
Steel Construction

The Manufacture of Steel (9 pages)
NZIC Chemical Processes

Environmental, Health and Safety Guidelines
for Integrated Steel Mills
(27 pages)
IFS - Guidelines
400kB - 21 Refrences

US Dept. of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics
Steel Manufacturing
87 kB – 2 References

Types, Properties, Applications

Teaching Resources
Granta Education
Click on Teaching Resources


Application Considerations
USS Hot-Dip Galvanized - USS1
USS Galvannealed - USS2

High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels - ASM International
and click

Steels for many uses
Dillinger Products Index
Click on Steel Construction - Technical Publications
Explore the Site for further info

Material Property Search
Search MatWeb
Search Physical Properties
Search Alloy Composition

This concludes Part 1 of Online Encyclopedia.
Next Issues of the Mid Month Bulletin will provide links to other Sources providing additional information.

* * *

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