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Contract-Welding services are offered by Specialized Companies.

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These usually have special equipment and experience with special materials.

They may have also definite technologies not yet available to job shops or to large works.

In general these companies have long experience in particular industries, familiarity with materials and their certifications, specifications and code requirements, and a core of specialities.

Making the most of Contract-Welding services

Using their services makes their advantages available to those in need of immediate help, without reorganization, personnel assumption and training even if there are limited prospects of future employment.

While advertising their capabilities and their experience, the companies specify the processes they use and their limitations if any, special equipment they have on hand like positioners and hoisting equipment.

Also the materials they are used to process and the types of structural construction they can provide, custom machine manufacturing, be it a prototype or a well defined production run.

Most credible credentials would be those related to services offered in the past to known and respected companies from the same industry.

The list of their fabricated or rebuilt/repaired products will give an idea of the scope of their experience.

This may include Prototype and Production Services, Custom and Special Machines, Contract Manufacturing, Custom Welding and Fabrication.

Sometimes the capabilities of their large machines and hoisting means can include or exclude them from the list of prospective suppliers.

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Some providers may bring their equipment where it is needed on the customer's premises, or take on themselves repair projects even if essential information is partly missing.

Contract-Welding providers may offer less common processes like Laser, Plasma, Flame and Water Jet Cutting.

Welding processes may include Stud Welding, Friction Direct Drive and Inertia welding, Friction Stir welding.
Electron beam welding, with exceptional capabilities like oversize chambers and additive manufacturing.

They may offer in their website a Table of their usual processes including special ones like Micro TIG Welding.

Large industrial complexes may need major repair or restructuring work exceeding the capabilities of their own maintenance department.

In those instances, trusting the work to reliable Contract-Welding service providers may be the best solution assuring the maximum benefit.

When considering to accept new orders for welding fabrications exceeding their capabilities, not yet covered with sufficient equipment or experience, industries or job shops may explore outsourcing parts of the job to Contract-Welding for part of the order.

This may help them familiarize with new technologies and become able to decide if their further development in those unknown directions may be worthwhile.

Welding management should prepare a list of possible Contract-Welding providers in their area, to be used in case of sudden need.

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