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A rich Metals Encyclopedia, displays, for your enrichment, Metals-Knowledge on Properties, Characteristics, Data, Tables and Commercial Designations.

You will get also thorough, authoritative information on
Metals Welding Metallurgy.

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Welding of Metals.

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Welding Advisers, your faithful and trusted Website, long serving Readers with lots of rich information on Welding and Metallurgy, assembled gatherings of invaluable links in two Books, to enable anyone, eager to get valuable Metals-Knowledge, to build his/her own collection of essential wisdom.

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What You Get:

This Metals-Knowledge first Book, titled
"Encyclopedia Online, Materials, Volume 1" deals with Steel, Stainless Steels, Cast Iron, Aluminum and Magnesium.
It includes 18 pages listing over 200 primary links.

The second Book, titled
"Encyclopedia Online, Metals Welding, Volume 2", deals with Welding of Steel, Cast Iron and Steel, Stainless Steel, Advanced High Strength Steel, Nickel, Cobalt, Aluminum, Magnesium, Copper and Titanium.
It includes 29 pages listing over 310 primary links.

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We would like to put in your hands the information you need: please let us know (by using the Contact Us Form) which informative materials you would like to get available at your fingertips.

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Please respect the Author's Copyright.

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All the links are working with a mouse click directly from the downloaded Books opened on your computer screen. While you Download and Save all or selected pages, the downloaded Book will remain on your screen ready for further browsing, downloading and saving.

Note: Disclaimer. Occasionally the Sources may remove or modify some of their links: it is their right. In that case certain of the links provided in the Books may not be valid any more. It is not in our power to avoid that.

If informed of such occurrences (by e-mail) by disappointed readers, Welding Advisers will do its best to obtain new valid links and inform the inquirer and all readers of the necessary modifications.

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