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The purpose of this Bulletin_102 is to provide links to Online Sources.

Good Welding Design is fundamental to the manufacture of successful products.

In our page on
Weld-design-review we stress why it is important to Review every design resorting to welding fabrication.

The reason is due to particular aspects of Metallurgy and of Welding Technology that Design Engineers, however knowledgeable and expert in their specific specialization, may not be familiar with.

No less authority than the AWS Welding Handbook suggests that designers should "refrain to rely only on their own knowledge and experience" but should be "encouraged to consult with welding experts wherever appropriate".

Professional review may detect minor details likely to cause problems and useless costs in production if not taken care of in time.

It is especially significant when production runs are large and repetitive.

This Bulletin_102 intends to supply a useful Reference List to add further information that can be found, besides in the reference mentioned above, in the following pages of this website:

This Bulletin_102 could be kept handy for reference when required, to get Resources that may be needed.

Mid November Bulletin

November 2014 - Resources on Weld Design/Review - Bulletin_102

PWL#135B - Bulletin_102: Resources on Welding Design and Review, Design of Welded Structures, Seminars, Application of Welding Symbols, a Review of Fillet Welded Joints, Welding Operations Design Review Checklist, LANL - Engineering Standards Manual, Technical Welding Instructions Design, Quality Management and Welding Fabrication Standards, Review of Dissimilar Metal Welding, European Welding Standards, Design Review and Verification (Commercial Service), Preferred Practices for Steel Bridge Design and much more...

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In the following also Commercial Sources are included.
There is no intention to endorse or promote any of them.
However valuable information can be gleaned also from such publications.

Before committing to specific recommendations, Readers should make sure that the proposed solutions meet their needs and purposes.

The references published in this Bulletin_102 were selected to provide useful knowledge to our readers.

The addresses reported hereafter in this Bulletin_102 were live and correct at the time of their publication.

There is no guarantee that they will always be so, because they are administered by the sources themselves and are under their control.

Note: References to articles or other documents are given here in one of two forms.

If the links are "live" (usually underlined or otherwise highlighted) they are operated with a click of the mouse.

If they are URL's (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the analogue of an address, they begin with "http://..." or "www.".

These are not live and must be copied and pasted entirely into the browser (after having selected them with the mouse or otherwise).

If they are long they may be displayed in two or more lines.

In that case one has to care that the URL be copied completely in a single line without any space, and Enter.

If the information is important to you, you may save the downloaded selected pages in a suitable folder on your Computer for easy reference.

You are welcome to forward this Bulletin_102 Resources page to those of your friends who may profit of this information.

Resources on Weld Design and Review

Design of Welded Structures by Omer W. Blodgett (Author)
available, with other welding books at a nominal cost from:

Blodgett's Welding Design Seminars
Lincoln 1.

Welding Design Engineer - Position
Lincoln 2.

Welding connects your World - GMAW (MIG Welding)
(presentation - 52 Slides)
Lincoln 3.

A Review of the Application of Weld Symbols on Drawings - TWI
Part 1
TWI 1.
Part 2
TWI 2.

Fillet welded joints - a review of the practicalities
TWI 3.

Design for Welding-I - nptel

Design for Welding-II - nptel

[Note: It is recommended to explore all the E-Learning Courses, Modules, Lectures of the above and to download what is of interest.]

Welding Operations Design Review Checklist (3 pages)

Welding and Metal Fabrication by Larry Jeffus
(Partial Preview available from:)

Welding: Principles and Applications by Larry Jeffus
(Partial Preview available from:)

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) -
Engineering Standards Manual
(Chapter 13 - Welding, Joining & NDE)

Technical Welding Instructions Design

Quality Management and Welding Fabrication Standards

European Welding Standards (39 pages)

Review on Liquefied Petroleum Gas Cylinders
Design and Manufacturing Process

as per Indian Standard, IS 3196 (Part1): 2006 (4 pages)

Critical Design Review of Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
(NASA) (Presentation - 23 slides)

GMAW Weld Design Guidelines for Chassis Structures (17 pages)

Welded Joint Design by John Hicks (154 pages) (Download)

Weld Joint Geometry and Welding Symbols (presentation - 72 slides)

Use Caution When Specifying "Seal Welds" (4 pages)

Consider Direction of Loading When Sizing Fillet Welds

What every Engineer should know about Welding

FEMA Specifications and Structural Management

Review of Dissimilar Metal Welding for the
Next Generation Nuclear Plant Project (NGNP)
Helical-Coil Steam Generator


Standard for Certification - No. 2.7-1
Offshore Containers - June 2013

Design for welding: Letter to an engineer
The Fabricator.

Design and Implementation of Spot Welding Trainer
for Body Shop Assembly Line


Chapter 6 - Weld Joints and Weld Types

Welding Processes Code of Practice (32 pages)

Requirements concerning Materials and Welding (267 pages)
IACS (International Association of Classification Societies Ltd.)

Welding Design Software, Virtual Welding Technology (Commercial)

Design Review and Verification (Commercial Service)

Preferred Practices for Steel Bridge Design,
Fabrication, and Erection 2009
(72 pages)

Bulletin_102 Information

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