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The purpose of this Bulletin_105 is to provide links to Online Sources.

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Our page on Welding-Cast-Iron presents an introduction to the subject.

Our recent page on Casting-Repair introduces an overview including also other cast metals.

It is limited in scope to general issues.

While stressing important aspects it cannot delve into details.

The present List of Links may provide useful references to those looking for specific answers to their particular questions.

It has been calculated that the huge economic impact of Casting Repair saves to industry important assets that should otherwise be scrapped.

Successful Weld Repair of Castings must be able to restore defective items to complete and unconditional usability.

To demonstrate achievement of its purpose, repaired items must stand the strictest quality assurance requirements.

This Bulletin_105 intends to supply a useful Reference List to add further information to that available in this website.

This Bulletin_105 could be kept handy for reference when required, to get Resources that may be needed.

Mid February Bulletin

February 2015 - Casting Weld Repair - Bulletin_105

PWL#138B - Bulletin_105: Resources on Weld Repair of Castings, Repair of Architectural Cast Iron, Repair of Wrought and Cast Ironwork, Weld Repair of the U.S. Capitol Dome, Preparing cast iron for welding, Weldability of Cast irons, In-Process Welding of Castings Specification, Standard Practice for Steel Castings: Welding, Repairing a Crack in Casting, Cast Iron Welding Procedures, General info about welded repairs, Casting defect Repair, Castings Handbook Supplements 6 and 7, Repair of Cast Copper Alloy Propellers, Repair of magnesium alloy castings, Aluminum Fabrication or Parts Repair, Magnesium & Aluminum Casting Repairs, Commerial Suggestions and much more...

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In the following also Commercial Sources are included.
There is no intention to endorse or promote any of them.
However valuable information can be gleaned also from such publications.

Before committing to specific recommendations, Readers should make sure that the proposed solutions meet their needs and purposes.

The references published in this Bulletin_105 were selected to provide useful knowledge to our readers.

The addresses reported hereafter in this Bulletin_105 were live and correct at the time of their publication.

There is no guarantee that they will always be so, because they are administered by the sources themselves and are under their control.

Note: References to articles or other documents are given here in one of two forms.

If the links are "live" (usually underlined or otherwise highlighted) they are operated with a click of the mouse.

If they are URL's (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the analogue of an address, they begin with "http://..." or "www.".

These are not live and must be copied and pasted entirely into the browser (after having selected them with the mouse or otherwise).

If they are long they may be displayed in two or more lines.

In that case one has to care that the URL be copied completely in a single line without any space, and Enter.

If the information is important to you, you may save the downloaded selected pages in a suitable folder on your Computer for easy reference.

You are welcome to forward this Bulletin_105 Resources page to those of your friends who may profit of this information.

Resources on Weld Repair of Castings

The Maintenance and Repair of Architectural Cast Iron

The Repair of Wrought and Cast Ironwork (58 pages)

Weld Repair of the U.S. Capitol Dome (25 pages)

Preparing cast iron for welding

Cast irons - Job Knowledge - Weldability of materials

SAE Aerospace Material Specification AMS 2694C
In-Process Welding of Castings
(13 pages)
[Purpose: This specification defines the requirements
for in-process correction of foundry discontinuities
by manual welding of castings.]

ASTM A488 / A488M - 12
Standard Practice for Steel Castings, Welding,
Qualifications of Procedures and Personnel


Guidelines for Welding Cast Iron

Repairing a Crack in Casting

Cast Iron Welding Procedures - Aufhauser Corporation

General info about welded repairs. Check specific chapters at:

Repairing Cracks in Cast Iron Cylinder Heads and Engine Blocks

Cast Iron Crack repair (Video)

Casting defect

Casting repair

Cast Iron Repair - Metal Locking

About SureLock

Casting Repairs

Repair Process for Turbine Casting (10 pages)

Optimizing Repair Welding Techniques in Cast Steels
— Part II
(7 pages)

Understanding cast iron and repairing damaged castings permanently (13 pages)

Repair Welding and Fabrication Welding
Of Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Castings
(101 pages)

Steel Castings Handbook - Supplement 7 (113 pages)
Welding of High Alloy Castings

Repair Welding of Castings

Repair and Maintenance Welding Handbook
Second Edition (130 pages)

Repair and maintenance welding - ESAB (12 pages)

selectarc - Arc Welding Electrodes (4 pages)
Maintenance & Repairs Cast Iron & Copper Alloys

Welding Solutions for the Steel Industry (6 pages)

Welding of Cast Iron (9 pages)

W24 Cast Copper Alloy Propellers (20 pages)

Repair of magnesium alloy castings by means of welding
and pad welding
(4 pages)

Post weld heat treatment of aluminum casting?

Effect of Weld Repair on Static and Dynamic
Tensile properties of E357-T6 Sand Castings


4943 Aluminum Filler Metals (2 pages)

Durafix Aluminum Welding Rods,
Aluminum Soldering Rods
and Aluminum Brazing Rods


Aluminum Fabrication or Parts Repair

Magnesium & Aluminum Casting Repairs

Lab-metal Applications & Tips

Pot Metal Repair

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