How to Build a Web Site that Works

Is Site Building difficult?

Does Site-Building, a very specialized profession, need years of learning and training?
Do not believe it, it is simply not true.

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You may be induced to think that the best way to realize Site-building is to hire an expert Webmaster, explain to him/her the general message of the Site and let then concoct whatever nice product he/she is able to produce.

This intention is unfortunately severely flawed and will not get you anywhere, despite the substantial money that this way of Site-Building may cost you and any number it may show of glittering pages agreeable to the eye.

The approach should be completely different. For people in general, there is no need for Site-Building except as part of a larger design of building an Internet business. Why should one want to engage in a new form of bread-winning in a field where one knows nothing, starting from scratch?

Should you consider Site-Building?
Yes, definitely, if you think of your Independence, if you are ready to dedicate time and effort to build your own business. There may be several reasons, but generally the will to improve one's lot is all that is needed, confirmed by the sentiment that it is a feasible endeavor.

The employed person disaffected with his/her present work, should not throw away, temporarily, his/her present source of income, however unsatisfactory it may be, at least until substantial results are achieved from Site-Building.

Please consider the following positive points, identified with Internet Site-Building, that make the whole adventure accessible at one's pace and to one's own measure.

  • A very limited investment is required for starting, nowhere near to what is needed for any other business.
  • It can start as a one person operation or as a team (husband-wife, friends etc.), from home, no special premises needed.
  • There are no preconditions as to who can engage in this kind of business: teenagers, elderly people, single parents, professionals, owners of a regular "brick and mortar" business, dentists, teachers, in short: anybody.
  • It is a portable business ready to go with you whenever you relocate.
  • It can be started at one's pace, using any spare time available, without the pressure of a rigid schedule.
  • It is built little by little without having to renounce any one's other obligations.
  • Even in the improbable case of complete loss and failure, the total sum disbursed and lost is quite negligible.

You may wish to see also the limitations of the process.

  • Some minimum computer literacy is needed, not much more though than what is used to correspond by e-mail.
  • One computer, one connection and one subscription to an Internet Service Provider is needed.
  • It helps to be able to express oneself in writing in whatever language one may wish to use.
  • The process will work if you work it, no short cuts, no miracles.
  • Do not be tempted by GRQ (Get Rich Quick) scam projects.

Here is probably the time to note that, if you own a suitable computer, if you have a proper hardware connection, and if you subscribed to the services of a company providing you with the ability to communicate with the Internet, all that the start of your business will need, through the company we are suggesting hereafter, SiteSell, is less than 300 USD for a yearly subscription or, as they say, less than a dollar a day.

That is all for a whole lot of programs, features, facilities and helpful assistance that let you literally do it all yourself, without having to learn technicalities or abstruse languages. We cannot do justice presenting them all. See by yourself the Sitesell Web Site at the links further down the page.

Not only that, the offer comes with a full guarantee of reimbursement, if for any reason the customer decides to renounce it.


This page was written a long time ago. It would be urgent to update it. However this task is procrastinated from day to day because of more urgent things to do. Anyhow all that was written here is still true.

However the SiteSell Company has evolved in time, and what it offers now was not available only a few years ago. Experience has shown time and again that their approach is right and useful, especially for those lacking previous experience.

A brand new module called Block Builder 2 is being now delivered to all old and new SBI! partners, at no extra cost. It is one more reason to take a serious, deep look, to what SiteSell has to offer.

Interested readers are urged to look for the Source and follow the internal links to get the full picture of the promise offered.
Click on the Sitesell page and see for yourself.

* * *

If you are willing to consider the Internet as an accessible field where to establish your presence for the purpose of building a viable business, then you are in to discover that Site-building is a winnable, do it yourself project if you decide to use the SiteSell formula. You may get help (from Webmasters, that is) if you wish, but you must always be in charge.

You should learn from SiteSell everything you need and apply your learning the best you can. You must know that it will take time and long hours of work, but you can rest assured that the positive, reachable results depend only on you.

Although I am not a specialist in the Site-Building subject myself, I have a certain practice having built, with the SiteSell method, in the last three years two different unrelated sites.

Therefore I just think that by explaining here that I had no previous Site-Building experience when I started, and that I reached with SiteSell some substantial results, I may be able to convince some of my readers that the mission is achievable by following tutorial information, suitable help and by investing all due work.

I would like to suggest also that, as I myself performed Site-Building, albeit with all the available help from the Site Host, SiteSell, the accomplishment is not out of reach for anybody with serious motivation to learn and with will to apply oneself to work.

SiteSell, that I already introduced above, is a nice firm that I had the good luck of stumbling into. It provides both to novices and to expert people alike, under one roof, all they need for Site-Building.

The firm was originated by a Medical Doctor, Dr. Ken Evoy, who conceived and realized the concept to provide to everybody all that is required for building a successful Internet business: the knowledge, the methods and the means.

Their level of support is simply astonishing and they are constantly working to add useful features and helpful aids that are provided to all subscribers at no additional cost.

While it is possible that other firms exist, although I doubt, giving similar service level, I would recommend heartily considering to employ the services of SiteSell, as I am convinced that what they offer is not matched by any of the competitors.

One must say that the success of SiteSell is confirmed by the great majority of their customers that generally achieve substantial results after about one year from the time they first uploaded their Site online.

This fact, and much study and practice with the matter, helped SiteSell to establish a well defined four phases process that demonstrated many times that its correct application is crucial to success.

The process, as formulated by SiteSell, can be outlined as follows:

1 - Content
Whoever wishes to initiate a business on the Internet for Site-Building, has to identify a theme based niche on a subject near to his/her heart, possibly to the point of being a passion or a very important interest.

Then one has to identify which keywords navigators use to find the information they seek on the Internet. Suitable tools are available to perform such a research, to learn which of the keywords have the best chance of being looked at. Although somewhat technical, this important preparation leaves much to be decided by common sense.

Once the most favorable keywords have been selected one has to write pages of Content, the information that surfers want. Each page has to be built around one of the favorable keywords in order to be published in a good position in the search results offered by Search Engines in response to a query.

2 - Traffic
For a website to thrive, its pages have to be visited by numerous surfers, the more the better. One of the biggest efforts after building pages of Content, which is a never ending activity, is devoted to grow a sizeable traffic.

However Traffic must be qualified, that is it must come from people really interested in what the pages have to offer. Unqualified traffic is only a nuisance, not contributing in the least to site prosperity.

Many actions have to be planned and performed to improve traffic, like publishing articles, exchange links, obtain a presence in important directories, and finally buying advertisement space in proper locations.

Traffic is a traceable quantity, as statistics of every single visitor and visited page are produced and made available to the site owner to help him/her with the most useful choices.

3 - Preselling
This phase of the process of Site-Building is actually embedded in the content but is considered separately due to its importance. It is a form of proposing gentle suggestions having in mind the best interest of the visitor.

The purpose is to offer genuine help by qualifying the offer from all sides. It is meant to establish the position of the site owner as that of an expert in the subject discussed, to gain confidence and trust and to win the natural resistance that any invitation to action may solicit from the visitor.

To be successful this phase should be perceived as honest guidance from a friend, that removes objections and fears by stressing the evident advantages and proved benefits of the offer, without concealing any weak points.

4 - Monetizing
The purpose of any business being to gain a material advantage from the offers one presents to the customer, this part is important also in Site-Building. It is however suggested that this phase will follow naturally in the process, not as an obsession that risks scaring the reader.

Many different forms of monetizing are suitably applied to web Sites built according to these principles, depending on a number of factors that must be examined in each particular case.

What next?
We are aware of the fact that one cannot summarize all features and benefits of the SiteSell program in a single page. Sitesell's own web site is large, full of information, much of it easily available online. It is easy to browse and wander, and also to get lost.

For anyone serious enough to consider the project of Site-Building as a feasible option, we would suggest to study as much as needed but not to use the sheer information gathering process as an excuse to postpone indefinitely any positive decision.

With this in mind we propose to follow the link to a Quick Tour of Sitesell. There is however much more to dig out.

If and when you are ready to spend some more of your browsing time, you can find it useful to obtain essential information on the subject of Site-Building in the The Complete Solo Build It! Reference Center.

And finally we can suggest a list of useful links available from our page on SiteSell Resources.

If you are going to start your own exploration for a long business journey that will bring you success and satisfaction we wish you all the best and we will be delighted to know that we helped you, however minimally, to gather all the needed courage. Good luck!

* * *

Any questions or comments or feedback? Write them down and send them to us by e-mail. Click on the Contact Us button in the NavBar at top left of every page.

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Site-Building is a necessary step in the process of building an Internet Business. Even if you have no previous experience, it is a completely doable endeavor with good chances of success.
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