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SOLUTIONS with Effective, Powerful Advice

Why would you need Welding-consultation?

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Welding-consultation may be needed for the following reasons:

  • To solve Welding Problems and Failures
  • To select suitable Materials, Processes and Equipment
  • To reduce rework, scrap and wastage
  • To increase production
  • To obtain the Qualifications you need
  • To confront shortage of good welders
  • To improve your bottom line

As a consequence of Restructuring and Globalisation many important industries lost their in house experts. Maybe yours too?

Does that mean that their expertise is not needed anymore?

Unfortunately no. It is only more difficult if less expensive to get.

External help will bring you the benefit of timely solutions.

It is an invaluable asset that will work for you, if you care to tap it.

Background and Experience

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You may want to know my background. I am Elia E. Levi, a retired Mechanical Engineer specialized in Welding Engineering and holding a M.Sc. degree in Metallurgy.

I have over 40 years experience in industry, having worked as Materials and Process Engineer mainly in the Aircraft and Engines business.
I also headed a Metallurgical Laboratory and was active with Non Destructive Testing.

I would consider my experience quite broad (without bragging) and I would have no problem in declining to work on a subject that I don't master.

I routinely provide Welding-consultation on most diverse welding subjects for customers all over the world. I also write articles in the technical press, besides my periodic Practical Welding Letter available through my website. See my page on Welding Articles.

And of course, upon retiring I had the good idea and luck of keeping busy and up to date by setting up this www.welding-advisers.com website which keeps me in touch with many interesting people and gives me pride and satisfaction in being able to provide information and help to curious readers.

See for yourself the following


Find out the real problems

If scrap is piling up, you may find it easier to exert some pressure on your inspection people, to convince them that what they reject should be accepted. Is it a good idea? It may be dangerous...

You may have some success, until the customer refuses to pay for inferior production.

If you, the Decision Maker, question your people about the real costs of their welding production (and how they calculate them), you might be in for a surprise: most probably they do not know.

They may not know any better and anyway they will likely oppose any changes you may ask them to introduce.

Oh yes, if you have a problem you might ask sales people at no cost on Welding-consultation.
Do you believe you can get unbiased opinion? It is doubtful, at best it risks to be narrow minded, covering only their products.

But you may also feel that there must be a better solution.
May I suggest that you check how to improve?

Actually, can you afford not to look for every bit of knowledge and advice likely to better your results?

Benefits of Welding-consultation

Professional Welding-consultation is a good way to look for cost effective solutions to unsatisfactory manufacturing processes.
The search may produce a set of options from which to select the most promising one.

You have only to ask. Then you may do what you want with the answer. But, for serious attention, you need to permit full and complete understanding of the difficulties you face, by providing thorough explanations on what is going wrong.

Communicating details

Information for Welding-consultation should include a description of the failure, photos, drawings, details on materials, processes, equipment, maintenance, requirements, quality, quantities, controls, mechanization, robotics, workforce experience, training, rejects, constraints, supervisors, engineering, inspection, laboratory etc.

Changes introduced to spare a few dimes may have brought in the big problems.

Will your people admit their mistakes?

All of the above data and more are necessary to understand what is going on and to research the ways to possible solutions.
If additional information and details will be needed for the investigation they will be requested.

The more details are known, the easier the diagnosis of the problems. Keep in mind that nothing is known of your operation, neither what is obvious to you.

Four benefits you get if you take action:

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  • You stop the drain of time and money
  • You assure your customers that quality is coming back under control
  • You regain confidence in time scheduling
  • You know the real costs

    You owe it to yourself. You have only to gain.

    Test here and now how to get significant help by seeking professional Welding-consultation and explain in a few words what you would really want.

    Fill in the form of the Contact Us page, to inquire what you can expect to get from this exercise.

    The confidential answer will show you a summary of the situation from my point of view and an estimate of what Recommendations the expert Report would include when you decide to hire my help.

    The final Report and the advice you will get when you order is worth to you more, far more than what you pay for, and that is your benefit!

    By dedicating a tiny fraction of those savings to pay for advice, you reach projected gains many times larger than the amount reserved for Welding-consultation.
    It is all about the bottom line, you know...

    Selection of Process or Equipment

    A Consultant's contribution on a Welding-consultation can be decisive is selecting a Process or specific Equipment. Sometimes it might help to know the most significant questions to ask.

    The expert's input will greatly increase the number of suitable options and enhance the significance of their analysis. By evaluating them in turn, a deeper understanding will be achieved, meaning in general that better decisions can be taken.

    While most modern equipment is probably reliable for general applications, the importance of certain useful accessories or special capabilities may elude the purchaser who may be induced to think mainly of the total cost without taking into account performance. An expert opinion may be worth much more than the expense needed to secure it.

    Failure Investigation

    Hiring a dedicated metallurgist to perform a thorough failure investigation on the spot of the accident is probably the best way to find the causes and to determine responsibilities.

    Not all failures however may warrant such expense, especially if no personal injury is involved and there is no litigation to charge one of the parties for the losses. Nevertheless you should be interested in obtaining an explanation of the failure, at least to avoid repeating it if the causes are not removed.

    A less expensive way should be considered, profiting of communication technology like e-mail and video-conference that may be just what will make it possible.

    An expert failure analyst, even if located far away, may be able to conduct a satisfactory investigation if helped on the spot by someone capable of performing easy instructions and of providing information, photos, drawings and whatever else is needed.

    Of course some special test or analysis may be requested, to be performed at a near by laboratory, the significance of the results being interpreted by the person in charge of the investigation.

    A good failure investigation, after addressing the main causes of the accident, will point out the best ways to avoid having it happen again.
    There is no better teacher than experience, if one is ready to learn from it.

    Next time you meet a failure ask your expert why.
    You will not be disappointed.


    • Ask
    • Check
    • Decide

    P. S. - Do you know somebody who might profit from Welding-consultation?
    Do them a favor. Forward to them this page...

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    Any questions or comments or feedback? Write them down and send them to us by e-mail. Click on the Contact Us button in the NavBar at top left of every page.

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