Mid Month Bulletin_79

Fitness for Service

The purpose of this Bulletin_79 is to give References to Resources on Fitness for Service.

Mid Month Bulletin No.79
15 November 2012

Bulletin_79 - , Inspection, Integrity Investigation, Evaluation, Assessment, European FITNET Procedures, Experience, Practices for Service and Repair, Training Courses, Examples, Advanced Stress Analysis, Aging Equipment Evaluation, Optimizing repair welding and much more...

Mid November Bulletin

15 November 2012 - Resources on Fitness for Service - Bulletin 79

How Long will it Still be Fit?


How can one determine whether an aging structural component is still fit for continuing service?

A multiple approach was developed, along years of experience, to investigate operating equipment.

A typical assessment may involve several engineering disciplines, and it requires data from a number of sources.

The purpose is to find in time telltale hints pointing to weak points likely to grow into failures.

The structures most exposed to this kind of aging, in the sense of growing old, are those subjected to time dependent mechanical properties.

First in importance is the Creep property, expressed as continued deformation depending on stress at given high temperatures.

Equipment designed to operate at elevated temperatures, like power generating equipment, is by definition in need of periodic monitoring.

Fatigue is described as a crack growing under repeated stress.

Also fatigue cracks, combined or not with creep deformations, must be monitored closely, in order to be repaired before failure.

A short note on this subject was published (6) in Issue 11 of Practical Welding Letter for July 2004. Click on PWL#011 to read it. Other notes can be found in other PWL issues by performing a Search from any page of our Website.

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Recent Advances in Fitness-for-Service Assessment (12 pages)

Fitness-for-Service Assessment of Welded Structures (9 pages)
From ASM Handbook Vol. 6 - Document Download
Price $30.00 - Member Price $24.00

Pressure Vessel Inspection Code:
In-Service Inspection, Rating, Repair, and Alteration

Edition: 9th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Jun-2006 / 56 pages
Click to Order.

API 570
Piping Inspection Code:
In-service Inspection, Repair, and Alteration of Piping Systems

Edition: 3rd
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Nov-2009 / 65 pages
Click to Order.

API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1
Edition: 2nd
American Petroleum Institute / 05-Jun-2007 / 1128 pages
Click to Order.

API Std 653
Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction
Includes Addendum 1 (2010), Addendum 2 (2012)
Edition: 4th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Apr-2009 / 152 pages
Click to Order.

API 579-1/ASME FFS-1
Fitness-For-Service Standard
(Presentation - 20 slides)
[Click on "april182007ffspresentation" from Spring 2007:]

An Advanced Approach to Fitness-For-Service (FFS) and Corrosion Growth Assessment to Ensure
Effective Pipeline Integrity Management
( Presentation - 43 frames)

What is The Pressure Vessel Research Council?

Fitness For Service

Overview of the European FITNET fitness-for-service procedure

Which procedures for fitness-for-service assessment: API 579 or BS 7910?

Welding and Fitness-For-Service of Weldolet® Fittings

Fitness for Service Assessment

FITNET fitness-for-service thematic network

Fitness for Service Evaluation

Fitness for Service

Fitness-For-Service (FFS) (Training Course)

Fitness-For-Service (Consulting)

Fracture Mechanics and Fitness-for-Service Software

Fitness for Service

PD395 - API 579-1/ASME FFS-1- Fitness-for Service
(Training & Development 3 Days Course)

Experiences With Controlled Deposition Welding
and Fitness for Service in Coke Drums

(Paper Abstract)

Fitness for Service

Fit for service


Fitness for Service Examples

Advanced Stress Analysis
- Comprehensive Analysis for New Equipment Design


Fitness-for-Service Evaluation of Bulkheads

Current Practices in Pipeline Fitness for Service and Repair (Presentation - 28 frames)

Valdez Marine Terminal Storage - Storage Tank Mechanical Integrity Investigation (45 pages)

Evaluation of Aging Equipment for Continued Service (23 pages)

Inspection service helps ensure welds are fit for purpose

Optimizing repair welding in oil refineries

Hydrotesting not required under API-653 procedure (4 pages)


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