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If you are learning Examination-questions to get ready to stand a test or an Examination in Welding and connected Technologies in view of obtaining an official Certification to prove your expertise, then this page is for you!

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This new Invitation is made with the purpose of starting a Collection of Examination-questions similar to those likely to be presented by official Certification Agencies at any of their Examination for Certification.

In time the material published here will hopefully become a useful learning aid, a concentrated source of tips and hints for preparing and pass successfully the examinations.

Just as a Starter see the following first


A welding power supply is rated for 30% Duty Cycle
at a given current intensity.

In one hour, how long can it weld?

  • A. 10 minutes
  • B. 15 minutes
  • C. 18 minutes
  • D. 30 minutes

Select the correct answer.


The correct answer is C. 30% Duty Cycle means 3 minutes for every 10 minutes. As there are 6 periods of 10 minutes in one hour, total welding time is 3 x 6 = 18 minutes.

* * *

This List of Questions will be proposed by readers, based on their experience with actual Welding Courses, and will reflect their struggling with the matter for mastering it and preparing to put it to practical use.

We will try to give short answers as far as practical. References will be provided, if possible, to other sources likely to shed more light for deeper grasp of the subject.

Readers who know the answers are invited to post them, and to add or comment on those that will be published. We believe that a lively discussion will add much to the benefit that readers will be able to get from these pages.



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The question should not be too general, but reflect the expected type that is going to be presented in real examinations.

Your answers too are welcomed: they will be checked before publishing.

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Note: This Examination-questions page was used to collect questions from actual examinations experienced by candidates to Certification.
From Nov. 20, 2017, this website is frozen.
It is available for reading only, to provide information that could still be useful to interested people. No follow up contact is given from now on. This page is left here for documentation only. The form containing the questionnaire was placed in this space, it is now removed as useless.