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Welding-Site-MYSS is my code word for the book I learned from all that I know on Internet Marketing. It is called Make Your Site Sell 2002, just to distinguish it from the first edition (without the year).

Now the modest price that was valid until recently has been brought down to zero!

Download now this book at no cost by clicking on MYSS.

It happens that longtime observers and distinguished experts in the above discipline consider the book reviewed in this Welding-Site-MYSS page as the Bible of e-commerce, meaning by that term that it is the single most helpful resource of all available books.

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The bad news that Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell" starts with, is that only a very small minority of all the sites has any success at all in selling on the Web. It is vital to understand why the majority of websites just sit there in Cyberspace with no results at all.

The good news is, according to Welding-Site-MYSS, that there are only a few principles that make all the difference. And that anybody could learn by studying how to apply them, to have one's site sell and succeed. This page of mine is meant to describe how the lessons learnt here helped me to build my Site.


This page was written a long time ago. It should be urgent to update it. However this task is procrastinated from day to day because of more urgent things to do. Anyhow all that was written here is still true.

At this time (March 2012) the amazing Sitesell Company has gone much further in their welcome task of helping wondering people learn the basics of building a flourishing business on the Internet.

They are now almost ready to release their much awaited new page building tool which is expected to be fun and easy to use. May I suggest that you see the following introduction to SBI! BlockBuilder 2! #BB2.

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How to join the successful few

Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell" stresses the vitality of e-commerce as it is rapidly expanding all over the globe. The reasons for everyone to join now are listed there on pg. 19: the most compelling ones being that only a moderate start up investment is required for the possibility of succeeding, and that it is adapted to a single person initiative. It means also that, even in the worst case of total crash, there is no big loss.

The only assumption of Welding-Site-MYSS is that one wants to build a site that sells. That is what convinced me to give it a try, to keep myself busy after retirement even if, from the start, I did not intend to sell any real goods.

However Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell", focuses on selling (in the widest meaning like product, service, brand or image) and explains how to do just that with the application of experience proven strategies.

This is possible even with no previous expertise in the technical side of practical applications. For the curious reader many different resources are listed, to get the work done. Among them, of course the most recommended and practical toolbox I use is pointed at, namely SBI! (TM of SiteSell.com). To see how I used SBI to build my Site, click on SBI.
For a presentation of the real thing click on Buildit SiteSell.

Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell" explains that there are only three variables that must be mastered: the Product, the Site that sells, and the Traffic of interested visitors (pg. 54). These subjects are dealt with in three separate volumes that integrate smoothly to provide the most complete and practical Guide to bring success in this e-business.

Focus on Most Wanted Response

A critical concept developed by Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell", is that of the Most Wanted Response (MWR), the single most important concept of any site. It is a call to action for the reader, to have him/her deliver what the author wants (pg. 70). The whole site is measured against this concept, which is easily the make or break point.

Know your customer (pg. 80) is an appeal of Welding-Site-MYSS to concentrate on the selected few that may have a need of what is offered or that may profit from the benefits the site will provide them.

The Art of writing the Copy that sells

Readers are urged to learn the basics of the art of writing for the Web: it is not self evident, and it should not be assumed for granted that one knows how to write to convince the visitors, or even only to keep their attention riveted to the screen for the few instants until they find what they looked for.

A recommended reference book called "Make Your Words Sell", (pg. 116, pg. 137), was written by Ken Evoy in association with an expert copywriter, Joe Robson. The book is specially dedicated to web page writers, to let them produce exceptionally effective selling pages by several techniques. One of them dictates to stress always the benefits of the offer to the visitor. For a presentation of this book click on MYWS.

Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell", explains that the majority of web buyers is likely to be women, and that this particular public has special requirements, that must be cared for with attention to their specific needs (pg. 96).

On the appearance of the Site the recommendations of Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell", are that every effort should be exerted to have the pages load quickly, without distracting features, and simple to browse through and to navigate, to best serve the visitors providing them in a hurry with the information they look for.

Then the case is made (pg. 145) for the importance of establishing the domain name, and a list of helpful resources is given to help checking and registering it. And also for the usability of the site (pg.195), to avoid all annoying hindrances like broken links that make navigation difficult and disappoint visitors.

The You-focused Opener

Did you know that "fire your biggest attraction guns right away" should be the highest preference when opening the page? This means the biggest benefit to the customer, standing proudly in full sight (pg. 291).

The assumption is that the attention span of the visitor is most limited, and that he/she will quickly abandon your site if no more compelling reasons keeps him/her from doing do.

Testimonials and how to build a credible Guarantee

Crucial confidence builders are Testimonials and Guarantees (pg.302) to be used to remove any wavering and to confirm the visitor in his/her decision to purchase, once assured of their truth and relevance. Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell", explains how to secure effective Testimonials, without breaching the privacy of those who wrote them.

Graphics, Forms, music, javascripts, FAQs are discussed next (pg.321). They are elements of the page: one should know how to use them to increase the chance that the page meets its purpose with the visitor: one cannot imagine the influence of these factors without previous specific experience. In a few clear pages Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell" makes an expert of the reader.

Note:To include a Video in a Site is a new and acclaimed trend. Although not yet included in the book, all that one needs to know about it is available in other new pages.

Product features (pg. 354), About us, Support, Disclaimer... one should know how to handle them. I had no idea, and frankly I use them only partially, but I can reach them when it is helpful to refresh my memory.

Closer Page

The most important part of any site is where the visitor is actually asked to deliver the Most Wanted Response, that is, provided he/she got so far. This is the place where an irresistible offer (a bonus maybe) should be presented and a clear call to action.

The free bonus (pg. 372) is described as a particularly efficient incentive to close the sale, if cleverly selected, of high perceived value and low production cost, because it appears that people like to receive anything for nothing. Also creating "buy now" anxiety (limited time offer) may be an effective sale closer. Or bundles, discounts, coupons, because people like being offered deals.

How to set the right Price?

After working for so much time in marketing, and discussing the subject of "pricing" from any possible angle, and after being disappointed time and again by the obvious answers that can be obtained from pricing experts, Ken Evoy initiated, with Carol Ann Dorn, a new project, that actually bases pricing upon the answers of a large public to a survey, almost on scientific grounds.

This method, (pg. 382) tested in real life projects times and again, is now available to anybody, to be customized for any possible item to be sold on the net and even for market feasibility studies.

The basics of the method are explained here in Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell". A review by a third party, the well known and esteemed independent observer of the Net Market, Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, is also presented here, for anyone to see and learn.

But a preview of it on the same subject can be learnt from "Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course Book" available at no cost in another page, reachable from the one obtained by clicking on the Download button in the NavBar (above and left in this page).

And of course if the question is critical to a specific activity, one should read and implement the lessons of the book, called "Make Your Price Sell", whose presentation can be seen by clicking on MYPS.

The backup response

The last hesitation barrier (pg.431) is sometimes difficult to overcome on the spot. But a backup response should be provided to offer a new chance, Ken Evoy suggests, not to waste all the investment up to this point.

Other recommendations follow, like a thank you message to remove remorse, or the setting up of a newsletter (pg.451) to keep in touch with customers and remind them of all the benefits available to them from the site. And the follow up that must always continue (pg. 490).

More pages are dedicated to Traffic analysis (pg. 491) and to summing up the most important points to keep in mind for achieving the successful outcome.


It is beyond doubt that Welding-Site-MYSS, the book "Make Your Site Sell" covers all the strategies that must be implemented to succeed, and it does so in plain and practical language, understandable and convincing.

But still it is only a Guide, however complete and clever.
The responsibility rests squarely on the shoulders of the readers if they want to learn how to apply the lessons overdelivered along this book.

It is a most informing and educational reading, highly recommended, and it can be applied to very real endeavors with substantial chances of helping to build a rewarding business. To get this fantastic book at no cost, just download it by clicking on MYSS.

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