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Welding-Site-SBI as used in this page is actually the SBI! method that I used for building my Welding Advisers Site.

SBI! (for Solo Build It!) which is a TradeMark of SiteSell, Inc., is unquestionably a vastly helpful set of tools gathered under one roof at a modest price, for all sorts of users, from Do-it-yourself newbies (like me) to experienced Webmasters.

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In a previous page I reported How this Site was built, where I explained why and how I set up my Welding Advisers Site.

In a different page on MYSS, I am telling from which essential book I learned and what are the important principles that must be observed when selecting and writing the content of the Site, in order to attract at least some readers (the more the better...), as related to my particular field of experience.

Here, in this Welding-Site-SBI page, I wish to show which Solo Build It! tools I found and selected from the toolbox and how easy it was for me to use them. It is done to explain that there is no mysterious or difficult knowledge involved, as the process is laid out step by step for anyone to follow.


The purpose of this page was to convey the notion that building a Business based on an Internet Website, is possible, with the proper tools and help, even without previous experience.

By now though, (March 2012) the SiteSell Company added so many additional facilities and useful building tools, suitable for anybody without previous experience, that many of the reported assertions are superseded.

Interested readers are urged to look for the Source and follow the internal links to get the full picture of the promise offered. Click on the Sitesell page and see for yourself.

A manageable Task

I must say that I was greatly encouraged when I found that a seemingly daunting task is broken down by Welding-Site-SBI in manageable chunks. And by discovering that the road map is traced by ten easily recognizable milestones.

That is exactly the way the project is presented in the Welding-Site-SBI book that comes with the bundle, called The Solo Build It! Action Guide and accessory material, for facilitating the realization of the program.

One of the helpful instruments proposed by SiteSell is a wonderful little book written by Ken Evoy to teach how to write in a persuasive way, to reach out and convince the readers and gain their trust and sympathy.

It is called Make your Content PRESell and is available online now at no cost as Download 7 from the page that opens when one clicks on the Downloads button in the NavBar (at top and left of every page of this Site).

The whole work of building a Site is presented as a ten day project. As outlined by Solo Build It!, there is constant assurance that, provided the important principles of Welding-Site-SBI are understood and followed, the project is bound to succeed. Therefore it is much more affordable and feasible, for me at least, than an undefined call to action.

Of course it is not that easy, and it takes a lot of work. Because the subject of my activity, Welding-Site-SBI, does not fall exactly in the most sought for niches of topics which assure a high request of searched keywords and a limited offer of competitive sites.

So that, when at times, I had to leave the track of Welding-Site-SBI for unchartered fields, I knew that I was likely to lose some general readers by making some detours, for better serving my basic Theme and my focused readers.

At the expense of the principles, so to say. I took the risk of diluting some of the focus and appeal, in exchange for hopefully increased interest for those looking in Welding-Site-SBI for practical technical answers.

One of the most successful educational means for obtaining response from students, and having them perform their tasks, is to assign them goals, for them to achieve before proceeding further: this technique is fully exploited in Welding-Site-SBI by Ken Evoy, the mastermind of the whole concept behind the SiteSell enterprise.

Anyone coming to know, little by little, the structure and complexity of the SiteSell whole, cannot remain indifferent to the inner persuasiveness issuing from the pages written to convince the readers that they can do it.

The missionary Drive

It is much more than what expected from a commercial firm that is certainly there to succeed and prosper with healthy attention to the bottom line. But one can feel the apostolic energy to teach people something useful to them, by over-delivering them benefits, for helping them reach the full expression of their potential might. This is the major merit of Welding-Site-SBI!

In Ken's words: "It may well seem like a mystery to you now. But we'll demystify the whole thing, one simple step at a time".

It starts with developing the Site concept (pg. 80) that one has to know and love. The reader is guided through the Welding-Site-SBI process of looking for ideas and then evaluating them from different points of view, until one can find what best suits him/her.

Keywords Importance

One is remembered here of the importance and the task of keywords. These are the terms printed by a person navigating the Internet, in the appropriate box of any Search Engine to perform a Search of the subject one is interested in.

Why are they so important? Because the Search Engines provide an inexpensive tool to show the Site address in response to a query for the appropriate keyword. But in order to be effective, the Site must show up in the report list within the first items shown, otherwise it would be largely invisible, among the hundreds and thousands of other Sites.

The SBI! tools

The concept of brainstorming/creating a Master Keywords List is explained in detail. SiteSell recently invested heavily in the development of new and improved tools designed to help achieving the task almost without effort.

The essential method, as implemented by the SBI! tool and used in Welding-Site-SBI, provides the means to find in almost an automatic way, the best keywords having a large demand, a limited supply and the potential of high profitability. Personal insight is however needed to perform logic selections.

This is where I found my first difficulties, because most of the keywords are defined by my professional field and I was not given much space to select them per the rules as I wished. Anyhow, although it was more difficult to optimize the pages for the Search Engines, I believe in Welding-Site-SBI I came up with acceptable results.

New tools are being now developed by SiteSell to be offered for bidding for keywords in other lists of selected sites presented by the Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. This is a different type of service offered by certain Search Engines at a moderate cost to the advertisers in case it is advisable to follow this route to create traffic.

Initially there may be some confusion in Welding-Site-SBI. I know I was myself confused when I first started, but I found that with a little practice everything falls in place and makes sense, becoming easier to understand and recall.

Registering the Domain name.

The name for the site has to be selected and registered (pg. 61, pg 65): SBI! provides the needed assistance, although it is a simple process, once one knows what to look for and what to guard from.

The cost of hosting the Site, and at the same time providing all the services needed to keep track of its development, is included in the Welding-Site-SBI, Solo Build It! package annual subscription (less then US $ 300). The name is essentially the address (called URL) that indicates how one's site is found and reached on the Internet (out of a constantly growing number, in the millions, of other addresses...).

That was easy. After that, I needed reassurance, all the way long, for there are many occasions of doubt and despair, when I asked myself if it was worth to spend all that time and effort in the hope, possibly inconsiderate, of making something of some value.

I am glad I continued and I finished Welding-Site-SBI, also this kind of work is never really finished and one must at all time work over many details, because nothing is static in the Internet.

Once I had in my mind a rough outline of what I was prepared to write, with due attention to the many details that make or break the success, I started writing drafts of all the pages I thought of publishing.

Then I went over them a few times, trying to conform the writing to the recommendations of the MYSS book, in order to make them valuable both for readers and for Search Engines.

The Words that sell

It was also the time to learn the rules for correct writing (pg. 81) as needed for being heard in the noisy place that the Internet is. A recommended reference book is not only available, it is indispensable. It is called "Make Your Words Sell", and was written by Ken Evoy in association with an expert copywriter, Joe Robson. The presentation of the book can be seen at MYWS.

But it is also recommended, to interested readers, to obtain at no cost The Netwriting Masters Course Book catering exactly for those needs. It is available online at no cost as Download 3 from the page reached when one clicks on the Downloads button in the NavBar (at top and left of every page of this Site).

Apparently simple items like Title and Description have an overwhelming importance in this game. How should we know? We do not know until somebody with the knowledge and experience of Ken Evoy shows us with examples what happens in the mind of an indifferent surfer when he/she is confronted with a few items in a list to choose from...

That is why I had to devote time and thought to improve and enhance the opportunity of getting attention. Did I succeed in that? It is hard to say, I hope partially at least. I made my best effort, I should certainly try harder on the next occasion...

When the time came for doing the real thing, Welding-Site-SBI was there for me. In the meantime I had managed to learn the very basics of HTML, which, at my beginner's level, were not too hard to master.

How will the Page look?

A reassuring word is whispered to you at pg. 86 on the subject of the appearance of the pages: it is actually not as important as the words that will fill your pages. And that fits me perfectly.

One of the first choices is the Look and Feel of the page, which has to be selected once for the whole site. This is the place where experienced webmasters let their imagination go wild. And of recent, with all their high-tech productions, prepared using programs like FrontPage, Dreamweaver etc. they can slip snugly into Welding-Site-SBI.

"If you are already Net-savvy-pro" Ken explains, "you will be basically continue to do what you have been doing, with several important additions not available anywhere else, except that you'll be doing it all much faster and cheaper". Interested readers can see the presentation at Webmasters.

Also those who have some practice with programs like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro can do really pleasant compositions. But for lazy and simple people like me, as I wanted not to lose time or to spend energies for presenting more attractive pages, and as I did not want to hire somebody to work for me, I adopted the ready for use solution in Welding-Site-SBI: I just picked up one of ten ready made templates and adapted it with minimum work to my project. That is what I did, that is what it looks like, and I have no regrets.

And then the Navbar.

The NavBar is that list of buttons that, once clicked upon, bring up the indicated page (pg. 104). It is present in all site pages, on top or on the left side, and should appear also in our new page.

Without Solo Build It! we should struggle with HTML for obtaining acceptable results. Forget it, it is not needed. All is presented there, in Welding-Site-SBI, only to pick up what one likes, to customize if one wishes, within limits. That is what I did, and it seems to me perfectly adequate.

Building the Home Page.

Once the text of the Home page is written in a simple text editor, I only have to cut and paste it in place (pg. 109) in the proper space of the Welding-Site-SBI Home Page Builder.

A few other items must be included for everything to fall in place, and then it is almost done. The Home Page is reserved a special status with Solo Build It!, because it is considered central to the success of the Site as it is possibly the first Page to be found by visitors.

Help is always available, both in the Welding-Site-SBI book and in the page itself, in the form of certain question marks that develop in instructive sentences when clicked upon.

Freedom from Technicalities.

As advised, all the technicalities are taken care of. It is not by chance, it has been done by design, on purpose. In Ken's words, "you should not have to focus on anything that has to do with technology. Not even keeping up-to-date. Because we bring you the key material and analysis that you NEED to know... to BUILD your business. And THAT is the only thing you SHOULD focus upon. You should concentrate only on your business, the goal is to oblige you only to think."

I can testify that the Welding-Site-SBI system is a powerful tool for beginners, but I understand that it can be very helpful also for professionals and seasoned webmasters.

Active links to open up new pages, can be developed and prepared in a useful Link library. Personally I preferred learning the simple principles used to insert active links in the text (to send the reader to another page), with the HTML conventions, but it is actually not necessary, for those who do not want or cannot learn. The facilities needed are there for use, as building blocks that must only be organized in the right sequence.

The page can be previewed to see how it will finally appear to navigators in the net (hopefully, provided they arrive there!...), and then analyzed (pg. 112), to verify that it conforms to the rules that make it a good find for the Search Engines.

Search Engines are the all important judges of the quality of the work. It is of utmost importance that the pages show up at the highest possible emplacement in their databases, in the results page. The results are shown to the inquirers of the sought for keywords, in the order which is determined by the page degree of relevance.

The best Examples

I would not wish to give the wrong impression that I propose that my Site should be taken as an example. Far from that, it is not that successful (yet...), I have still a long way to go, and I will be busy for a long time.

But there are much better examples that anybody can see: click on Results. The important thing for those Sites is that they obtain a big traffic rate (as monitored by Alexa), and that is the proof that their developers eagerly followed Welding-Site-SBI guidelines.

My point is only that I seem to be well on my way although I started with no previous knowledge or experience. It is only fair to recognize that I could not have done this without Welding-Site-SBI, the book, the advice, the toolbox.

It is not just a matter of an easy to do project. Without that it might have cost a fortune to hire people for doing what is needed, without any assurance that the outlined successful process is actually implemented.

But by now SiteSell has simplified also the hiring process altogether. They selected a few Certified Webmasters, (I am not with them...), that can use the best of both worlds for those who decide to hire them in their help.

They know their job as webmasters and they use SBI! tools to gain productivity and hasten their creations (making their work less expensive): these people are recommended by SiteSell for their proven results, and with their knowledge and experience, they can provide to all interested high quality work with a modest budget. One can explore the Certified Webmaster Directory if one wishes to consider this route.


For those who never heard of Solo Build It!, there are programs called FTP (File Transfer Protocol) that move a given page from the originator (me) to the central computer (called Server) of the Host (SiteSell or any other). This is the theory. Actually I never had to bother, thanks to Welding-Site-SBI which does it for me. I do not even know exactly how it is done and I need not care.

For all other pages besides Home page, the process is much similar, in that text must be inserted in the proper space of the building page, all the other relevant items must be added and, when everything is ready, including Preview and Analysis, they are actually "built", that is transferred on the Server for everybody to see in virtual Cyberspace.

As soon as a page is "built" by Welding-Site-SBI, it can be seen on the Internet. But nobody will find it until Search Engines list it in their result pages. To start the process, the page must be "submitted" to the most important Search Engines (pg. 113).

It would be a time consuming and frustrating work to do that by hand, for every page and to every engine. I can imagine that, but I never had to do it by myself.

There is no need actually. Fortunately this work is taken care of by Welding-Site-SBI, so that I never had to bother. And the outcome is there to be seen, in the submission and results page provided by Solo Build It!.

Obviously some pages fare better than others, so that it is easy to find where more work should be concentrated to improve the rating in the listing.


With the same ease that pages are built they are edited, sometimes, as needed, even a few times the same day if necessary. The page is picked up in the Edit mode, then the modifications are introduced by copy-and-paste, previewed and the page is built again. And again, as many times as needed, until the page is "perfect". From now on it is the modified page the readers will find on the Net.

Not only that: once edited and built, the page is resubmitted to the Engines. Automatically, by Welding-Site-SBI. Can you imagine the work and the hassle involved were it to be done manually?

Graphics, from anywhere, tracker links that permit to analyze which promotions works and which not, and regular links to organize where to send readers, all these are assembled orderly within libraries, that are built one item at a time, until all needed is ready for use.

Other features.

The other features offered by Welding-Site-SBI are just as important, if not more, because they provide the author with all the data needed to keep track of the well being of the Site and of the progress or lack of it.

From Traffic statistics, showing daily performance, including the number of visitors arrived and that of the viewed pages, and which are the most and the least viewed pages, and all the others in between.

From the report on the rating given by Search Engines to each and every page, to more specialized tools that are need only later, once firmly established routines are working smoothly, it is all there, just to be put to work with the rest of Welding-Site-SBI.

There are more facilities and benefits in SBI! including an amazing Forum of helpful colleagues ready to provide from their experience to puzzling inquirers. SiteSell are always in the process of adding or improving capabilities, at no extra cost. This would not change the overview, that shows a consistent care of SiteSell for the needs and wishes of site owners, to let them use the best tools available.


This short review is aimed at showing how I could use the facilities available with Welding-Site-SBI, although being illiterate in this specialized discipline as every apprentice, and how they helped me overcome the fear and build up my Site.

My site is showing a continuous and encouraging progress. I am therefore confident that, with more work and dedicated attention, it will reach a satisfactory (for me) level of acceptable results.

* * *

Any questions or comments or feedback? Write them down and send them to us by e-mail. Click on the Contact Us button in the NavBar at top left of every page.

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