Second Chance Opportunity

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Distance-learning is a relatively new opportunity.

It is made available by several Universities to spread knowledge.

And to remain relevant in a shrinking global academic world.

These teaching institutes started not long ago with certain tentative curricula, and following their experience, they kept improving the content and the ways of providing it.

It is becoming increasingly important especially for students located far from learning Centers.

Besides informal learning through web surfing and reading information provided by specialized websites like this one, Welding Advisers,
new formalized approaches that provide access to courses at colleges and universities have been developed and continue to improve.

Distance learning is a proper way to increase the personal baggage of knowledge and experience for those who decide that the occasion is right for self improvement.

Even if already working in the industry, enriching the curriculum with pertinent specialization may pave the way to more rewarding a career.

This page reviews information relative to Welding Education.
Continuing Education is a worthy endeavor for many persons who could not enjoy learning the disciplines of their choice at the right age.

But Distance learning may be a valid solution even for young people whose life is constrained by responsibilities that do not leave them easier educational choices.

For those interested in Distance learning selected subjects related to welding at their own pace at flexible times, the Internet accessibility of various sources offers an invaluable advantage.

Providers of Distance-learning

The Ohio State University (OSU) is renowned as an important teaching hub of welding knowledge and technology.

Therefore interested readers should first explore the page
Welding Engineering Education at a Distance at

Check also

Distance Education in MSE & WE
Materials Science and Engineering and Welding Engineering

Distance Learning Courses in
Welding Engineers(IWE) and Welding Technologists (IWT) Part 1
are offered by GSI e-Learning at

Technical Institute Distance Education

E-Weld - Distance learning tool for welding

Distance Education - Lamar Institute of Technology

Halifax Community College - Welding Technology

Distance learning Education Courses: Home Study Courses

Distance learning as a subject is dealt with by the general press.
A few examples are reported hereafter.

The Advantages of Distance Learning

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

7 Tips for Distance Learning

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