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Welding-standards are documents that govern and guide welding activities.

This is according to the American Welding Society (AWS).

Standards describe technical requirements for a material, process, product, system or service.

They give also information on equipment, methods, procedures and tests.

These are helpful to demonstrate that the requirements are being met.

"Welding-standards" is a comprehensive term that includes codes, specifications, recommended practices, classifications, methods and guides.

Differences appear in them as a consequence of different purposes pursued by their writers.

Therefore the various documents, whenever called for by a contract, although similar in content, are not interchangeable.

Codes, usually applicable to processes, explicitly indicate mandatory actions.

Specifications provide requirements, generally for products.

The voluntary character of Welding-standards becomes mandatory when so established by procurement documents, or when specified by governmental authorities having jurisdiction, for public safety, upon that type of regulated subject.

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The larger scope of "standardization", that includes of course Welding-standards, is

  • to promote compatibility and competition of products and services (think of different electrodes),
  • to improve quality and reliability at a reasonable price, and
  • to simplify products for greater usability and ease of maintenance.

With the progress of globalization and international supplies of goods and services all over the world, Welding-standards are required to be increasingly understood and applicable everywhere.

Therefore there is an ongoing effort to obtain the largest available consensus on truly international Welding-standards, issued by ISO (International Standardization Organization).

However not all international standards are written in English.

Although we cannot cover every single document that may be required, we present hereafter a list of most popular Welding-standards hoping to do a service to our readers who may look for particular answers to their problems.

Reading and learning Welding-standards is also a recommended self-improvement habit that can contribute noticeably to personal growing and professionalism.

In other pages of this Website, many other Welding-standards are available which refer to those subjects.

If however our readers cannot find what they need, they are urged to write us by e-mail.

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Most Important Welding-standards

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ANSI/AWS D1.1/D1.1M:2010
Structural Welding Code - Steel
Edition: 22nd
American Welding Society / 11-Mar-2010 / 572 pages

AWS D1.1-BI: 2008
The Official Book of D1.1 Interpretations
American Welding Society / 01-Jan-2008

AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code Steel - Reference Manual:
Code Clinic Reference Manual

American Welding Society / 2010 / 166 pages

ANSI/AWS D1.2/D1.2M:2008
Structural Welding Code - Aluminum
Edition: 5th
American Welding Society / 23-Jun-2008 / 228 pages

ANSI/AWS D1.3/D1.3M:2008
Structural Welding Code - Sheet Steel
Edition: 5th, with Errata
American Welding Society / 23-Jul-2007 / 100 pages

ANSI/AWS D1.4/D1.4M:2011
Structural Welding Code - Reinforced Steel
Edition: 7th
American Welding Society / 31-Jan-2011 / 86 pages

ANSI/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2010
Bridge Welding Code (Joint Publication with AASHTO),
Edition: 6th
American Welding Society / 18-Aug-2010 / 480 pages

ANSI/AWS D1.6/D1.6M:2007
Structural Welding Code - Stainless Steel
Edition: 2nd
American Welding Society / 04-Jan-2007 / 294 pages

ASME Section IX
2010 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section IX:
Welding and Brazing Qualifications,
Includes 2011 Addenda Reprint
American Society of Mechanical Engineers / 01-Jul-2010 / 350 pages

API Std 1104 (R2010)
Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities
20th Edition, Includes Errata 1 (2007) and 2 (2008)
American Petroleum Institute / 07-Nov-2005 / 70 pages

API Std 620
Design and Construction of Large, Welded,
Low-Pressure Storage Tanks

Eleventh Edition, Includes Addendum 1 (2009) and Addendum 2 (2010)
Edition: 11th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Feb-2008 / 254 pages
Amendments: API Std 620 Addendum 1 , API Std 620 Addendum 2

API Std 650
Welded Tanks for Oil Storage
11th Edition, Includes Addendum 1 (2008), Addendum 2 (2009), Addendum 3 (2011), Errata (October 2011)
Edition: 11th
American Petroleum Institute / 01-Jun-2007 / 376 pages
Amendments: API Std 650 Addendum 1 , API Std 650 Addendum 2
API Std 650 Addendum 3 , API Std 650 Errata

Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A, 2011 Edition
and ASNT Standard Topical Outlines for Qualification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel
(Includes ANSI/ASNT CP-105-2011)
American Society for Nondestructive Testing / 2011 / 188 pages

BS EN 13445-1:2009
Unfired pressure vessels. General
British-Adopted European Standard / 30-Sep-2009 / 44 pages

BS EN 12952-10:2002
Water-tube boilers and auxiliary installations. Requirements for safeguards against excessive pressure
British Standard / European Standard
08-Oct-2002 / 14 pages

BS EN 12953-1:2002
Shell boilers. General
British Standard / European Standard
14-Jun-2002 / 26 pages

BS EN 13480-1:2002
Metallic industrial piping. General
British-Adopted European Standard / 04-Jul-2002 / 18 pages

BS EN ISO 5817:2007
Welding. Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (beam welding excluded). Quality levels for imperfections
British Standard / European Standard / International Organization for Standardization, 31-Aug-2007, 36 pages

Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) 1950

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For an Overview of European Standards, we would like to refer you to
where you can get detailed information and advice.

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Welding-standards are not only mandatory documents. They are invaluable sources of information and know how for one's instruction and self-improvement...