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Managing-Welding Operations is unfortunately a subject not well understood and often poorly applied in actual production environments.

It is widely accepted that this is a regrettable and costly state of affairs.

General Management may have the faulty and unjustified notion that welding is black art, unduly complex and scantily intuitive.

What is often lacking is an open attitude that recognizes the scientific base of modern welding technology.

That requires to to implement sound principles to optimize processes and to control them in real time.

Despite this serious deficiency, Managing-Welding principles are now well established.

Managing-Welding, the job for
a Welding Engineer with considerable Knowledge and Experience

They can contribute to improve the performance of welding operations by:

  • analyzing in depth production achievements,
  • reducing weld metal volume deposited,
  • decreasing weld time per weldment,
  • cutting down rejects, rework and scrap,
  • minimizing work effort,
  • eliminating useless motions and delay time.

A certain production of acceptable quality may be achieved in reasonable time.

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However, without proper Managing-Welding accountability, nobody in the organization has the slightest clue as to the real costs involved.

Nor on the measure of improvement available to realize the productive potential.

To achieve consistent results, Managing-Welding has to set up a system implementing a planned approach.

The purpose is to single out the goals capable of satisfying the needs of the company in terms of

  • quality,
  • cost,
  • production
  • and safety.

Managing-Welding must identify essential elements as resources, equipment, continuing education and training.

It must provide active role and support to ensure that the integrity of the system is maintained.

This is done by documenting, monitoring, auditing, and reporting all the aspects of welding operations.

The support and direct participation of Central Management, is essential.

That includes the commitment to initiate, implement, support and maintain a Managing-Welding system.

The development of an encouraging environment is fundamental to operational success.

All involved parties including accessory functions like maintenance and purchasing, should work together as a team for the success of the common goal.

A rationally organized Managing-Welding system should integrate harmoniously the resources of

  • design engineering,
  • manufacturing engineering,
  • manufacturing operations
  • and quality assurance.

These functions should interface with the welding control plan, in view of achieving the needed quality standard at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

The importance of regular feedback for reporting on production problems cannot be overemphasized.

That helps in defining adequate corrective actions and implementing them in the least possible time.

Total Welding Management is a formal system approach, developed by Jack R. Barckhoff, P.E., and adopted as an essential productivity tool by the American Welding Society.

General Managers of companies running welding operations would be wise to investigate how to implement Managing-Welding in their organization.

They should seek the required help and learn from AWS how to put in practice the complete system.

The economic gains to be secured by such a move should not be overlooked.

According to reported past experience with different industries they are likely to contribute a substantial improvement to the bottom line.

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See the following publication:

Total Welding Management
American Welding Society / 01-Jan-2004 / 200 pages

Note: The following is from a Commercial Company. No endorsement or recommendation is intended. Readers should check the offer against their purposes and their needs.

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