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Welding-projects to nourish your passion

Welding-projects, simple and straightforward, can be realized for fun and self improvement, for one's hobby welding shop, for the house, the garden, the farm.

A free welding project may be perfect for giving you ideas to carry out, a home welding project can keep you happy, busy and active over the weekends.

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Are you ready for your Welding-projects?

Start with a small welding project, for beginner, you will add complexity once you gain experience.

If you enrolled in a welding school, you will enjoy the assistance of an experienced instructor, you may be assigned a student welding project, usually specified in a well explained welding project plan, good for gaining confidence. Or you can be associated with a project for a welding class.

If you are specializing in arc welding, you may seek a free arc welding project. A metal welding project can also involve artistic work: you may find many examples in books and when you travel, if you look around. See Welding Art Books and Video.

Only you can decide if it is a sufficiently simple, easy welding project. Generally what is available online or on selected books, can be classified as a diy (do it yourself) welding project, but some self criticism and restraint is in place to evaluate if the difficulty is commensurate with your experience.

However easy and plain, whatever you build following one of your Welding-projects has its own weight, it might come down, it might hurt somebody if it is not stable, or if it is shattered.

Let us stress once again that the most important item in all this is...

Safety First:

1 - When you actually weld your things, you should already have a strong background on equipment, maintenance and operation safety, for yourself and for whoever might be around looking at your work.

You should have learned the basics at your welding school. You should have prepared a check list for all important points to control in your equipment on a regular schedule, and implement it responsibly.

If you did not yet do it, download now at no cost from
the following document:

ANSI Safety in Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes
Document Number: AWS Z49.1-99
American Welding Society
60 pages

Then print, read and learn it! It is important for your Welding-projects.

2 - Remember, when you bring home your welding equipment and materials, you are actually playing with fire. Whatever process you may be using for your Welding-projects you are working with concentrated energy sources. If they run out of control, painful and costly damages may be caused.

Make sure you do not have around flammable or combustible materials. Keep children out of your home shop. Keep handy fire extinguishers of the recommended types for the work you are doing.

Wear personal protection accessories (helmet, mask or goggles, apron, gloves, long sleeves jacket, cap, work boots etc.) as you would use at work: the hazards are the same, but at home you may be alone with the dangers. Care for ventilation and fume extraction. Do not let negligence or laziness spoil your fun with Welding-projects.

3 - Be careful with what you build. Do not forget that you are responsible for any wrong use or misuse anybody (even a thief!) could do with your construction.

In case a personal injury arrives upon someone, who do you think will be blamed? Correct, it is you. It could be a swing for kids, or a rung ladder, or a shelf, anything: if it comes down it hurts.

Make sure it will not topple over. Stability is important. Therefore you should be careful with the source of your Welding-projects. If possible select only from those proposed by professionals.

Look for sturdy construction, light but steady. With some experience you will soon become confident. If you have friends with practical wisdom listen to their opinion.

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Materials and Processes

You should select for your Welding-projects only weldable materials like mild steel. If you have suitable equipment and at least some experience you might be able to weld or braze austenitic stainless steel, copper or aluminum of the weldable kinds.

You should be careful with the temptation to collect old scraps in a junkyard, unless the owners can show you by inexpensive x-ray fluorescence testing (see Material Identification) that every single piece selected is indeed mild steel or whatever you may be willing to work with.

If you have some welding practice and you keep getting cracks, the wrong material would be the first culprit to suspect.

You will probably work with whatever process you feel comfortable with and you have suitable equipment to operate. It would be a mistake to insist trying to apply wrong or inadequate processes to weld any material you get (i.e. too thick for the process).

In our page on Hobby and Home Welding
we expressed our views and preferences that you may look at as a guide.

We recommend that you learn the basics of any new process you may be interested to implement in a good welding school, unless you are already a skilled welder.

And also that, before you purchase any new equipment, you try to lease it for a short while to convince yourself that it meets your expectations.

Welding Projects

If you look for free sources of Welding-projects, we recommend that you limit yourselves to those provided by known and reliable sources. And that you select with caution.

We list hereafter a few sources that hopefully can be trusted, that feature, among other articles, also instructions and plans for Welding-projects. They may be ready to provide support you may need to perform your work.















You may find suggestions and comments in a forum like




A good example of plans for a Folding Chair can be found at


Examples of students work con be seen at




Additional student projects can be seen at http://faculty.icc.edu/eockerhausen/projects.asp

A list of projects are proposed at http://home.netcom.com/~dwelding/project.htm

If you are willing to share with other readers your experience with your Welding-projects, we would welcome any information you may give. Visit our new page Welding Talk and send us your comments and stories.

Here is a free welding projects and welding ideas resource you should check out.

* * *

Artistic Steel Creation

Artistic Steel Creation
[From https://www.welding-advisers.com/artistic-steel-creation.html]

Although this is not a project you would be expected to undertake, it may be interesting to look at. An Article on Raising a half sunken ship was published (7) in Issue 160 of Practical Welding Letter for December 2016.
Click on PWL#160.

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